I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Aucasaurus (Episode 113)

Episode 113 is all about Aucasaurus, an abelisaurid that lived within the late Cretaceous in what’s now Argentina.

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On this episode, we talk about:

  • The dinosaur of the day: Aucasaurus
  • A medium-sized carnivorous theropod that reside within the late Cretaceous in what’s now Argentina
  • Present in a joint expedition in 1999 with the Museo Municipal Carmen Funes and the Pure Historical past Museum of LA
  • Named in 2002 by Coria, Chiappe, and Dingus
  • Sort species is Aucasaurus garridoi
  • Present in Auca Mahuevo, a Patagonian web site the place many sauropod eggs and embryos have been discovered
  • Identify “Auca” comes from the Mapuche language, and refers to the place it was discovered
  • The species identify “garridoi” is in honor of Alberto Garrido, who discovered the holotype
  • Most full abelisaurid that has been described to date (solely the top of the tail is lacking)
  • As a result of the specimen discovered is so full, it helped make clear the postcranial anatomy of Carnotaurus and different abelisaurs
  • Associated to Carnotaurus, however smaller
  • About 20 ft (6.1 m) lengthy
  • Had low ridges above its eyes (not horns, like Carnotaurus)
  • Had small arms, and solely two fingers (second and third digits) however they have been brief and didn’t have claws
  • Had a brief, deep-snouted cranium
  • Cranium discovered is broken, could also be as a consequence of a combat earlier than dying
  • Cranium harm most likely from one other dinosaur, and the harm is restricted to the cranium, so it most likely was attacked
  • Assault might be by combating a big herbivore, combating over meals or territory, and even tried cannibalism (like abelisaurid Majungasaurus might have performed)
  • Most likely died from its cranium harm
  • The place the fossils have been discovered was a lake, so Aucasaurus both was injured within the lake or walked to the lake with its harm and sank to the underside (both manner, due to that, terrestrial predators couldn’t get to it, which is why it’s so nicely preserved)
  • Can see Aucasaurus in Dinosaur Planet, a 2003 documentary sequence, the place a Saltasurus fell on high of Aucasaurus and crushed its cranium
  • May see Aucausaurus artwork on DeviantArt, created by Joschua Knuppe, who created an Aucausaurus mom as a part of an idea for International Dinosaur Monument, a park on a small peninsula on the Australian coast
  • Carnotaurinae is a subfamily of Abelisauridae
  • Subfamily contains Aucasaurus, Carnotaurus, and Rajasaurus
  • Enjoyable truth: There are at the very least a pair accounts of mammals consuming non-avian dinosaurs. The primary that was discovered was Deltatheridium consuming an Archaeornithoides in current day Mongolia. The mammal Deltatheridium was weasel-sized at half a foot (15cm) lengthy. The proof isn’t nice although, mainly a partial Archaeornithoides cranium was discovered which appeared to have been chewed on (or probably eaten) by the mammal. The second discovery was of a Repenomamus with a Psittacosaurus discovered preserved in its abdomen. The mammal was about 2 toes lengthy, and certain weighed between 4-6Kg (9-13lb), making it in regards to the dimension of an opossum. And in each instances the dinosaurs have been juveniles. Random different truth… The U.S. President Taft celebrating his election ate a roasted opossum. He was changing Teddy Roosevelt (who the Teddy Bear was named after) and there was a quick try to make a “Billy Possum”. It failed catastrophically. Possibly they need to have made a dinosaur stuffed animal as an alternative… Taft rex?

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