Have Closing Fantasy 14 modders lastly gone too far?

Look there is not any approach of sugar-coating this. A mod has lately hit the Closing Fantasy 14 scene and it is onerous to look away from. Courtesy of Grym , the Epic of Alexander raid has been modified eternally. Whether or not that is for higher or for worse is as much as you to determine.

First posted to Twitter and the Closing Fantasy 14 mod archive late final week, the mod caught the eye of many within the Closing Fantasy 14 neighborhood. It provides further ‘property’ to Good Alexander’s in-game mannequin which might be, properly, phallic in nature.

Within the mod description it is written that it is “an edit to Good Alexander’s mannequin to make him much more excellent. Devoted to everybody who joked about eager to f**ok this man, go forth and have enjoyable. Impacts each the glowing and non-glowing variations of Good Alexander’s mannequin.”

This, as referenced above, is a love letter to those that have been thirsting over the Good Alexander boss struggle within the Epic of Alexander raid. This content material, added within the Shadowbringers growth, has confirmed considerably difficult for sure parts of the neighborhood to study and overcome since its launch. Nonetheless, because of Grym’s mod, maybe there’s now extra incentive than ever earlier than to achieve that remaining boss in all his glory. His morning glory, even.

It should be mentioned the mod itself is a masterclass in expectation subversion, with the Good Alexander transition cinematic taking part in usually, till the digital camera pulls again and also you get this hilarious frontal shot of the entire bundle. It even glows! When Good Alexander turns white and will get his angel wings his balls and tip glow. I imply c’mon, that is fairly good.

We attempt to stability issues right here at VG247 between critical information and foolish neighborhood tales, and that is the proper instance of the latter. Modding will not be precisely inspired by the builders on Closing Fantasy 14, however in my coronary heart I do know that Yoshi-P would approve of this if he ever noticed it.

He is confirmed to be an understanding man – giving us all per week to play the Elden Ring DLC earlier than Dawntrail’s launch. From this we are able to collect the he understands what the FF14 neighborhood is all about – and this Good Alexander mod might itself be the proper illustration of what the neighborhood’s desires and wishes we have seen in a while. We salute you, mod creator.

References to the modder have been eliminated upon request.

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