Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions Because of Arrive

Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions Set to Arrive

The primary cargo of Haolonggood dinosaur fashions is because of arrive on the All the things Dinosaur warehouse on Wednesday, twentieth September (2023). A spokesperson from the UK-based mail order firm defined that the cargo had cleared customs. Transport had been organized to ship the Haolonggood dinosaur fashions to All the things Dinosaur. The fashions ought to be on-line and out there on the market, both late on the twentieth or by early Thursday morning (twenty first).

Haolonggood dinosaur models due into stock.
The cargo of Haolonggood fashions has cleared UK customs and is scheduled to reach at All the things Dinosaur’s warehouse on Wednesday, September twentieth (2023). Image credit score: All the things Dinosaur.

Image credit score: All the things Dinosaur

For details about Haolonggood dinosaur fashions and different prehistoric animal figures stocked by All the things Dinosaur: Electronic mail All the things Dinosaur.

Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions

In whole, there can be nineteen totally different Haolonggood dinosaur fashions delivered.

Right here is the total listing:

  • Dicraeosaurus (Yunmi).
  • Nasutoceratops (Huarong) and Nasutoceratops (Yanqing).
  • Ouranosaurus (Wuwei) and Ouranosaurus (Wuju).
  • Tianzhenosaurus (Shixiou) and Tianzhenosaurus (Yangxiong).
  • Pentaceratops (Lioutang) and Pentaceratops (Likui).
  • Apatosaurus (Shijing) and Apatosaurus (Huangxin).
  • Wuerhosaurus (Shiyong) and Wuerhosaurus (Jiaoting).
  • Pachyrhinosaurus (Ivfang) and Pachyrhinosaurus (Guosheng).
  • Edmontonia (Jiezhen) and Edmontonia (Jiebao).
  • Allosaurus (Yangzhi) and Allosaurus (Suochao).
Haolonggood dinosaur models (Allosaurus figures).
The Haolonggood Allosaurus dinosaur fashions (Allosaurus Yangzhi and Suochao).

Haolonggood Allosaurus Figures

Haolonggood are likely to create two color variants of every prehistoric animal mannequin that they manufacture. The image (above) reveals the brand new Haolonggood Allosaurus figures. The mannequin on the left is Suochao, while the blue Allosaurus on the appropriate of the picture is Yangzhi. Each these Allosaurus fashions can be in inventory at All the things Dinosaur.

The spokesperson commented that this was a considerable cargo and group members would do all they may to make sure the figures have been out there on the market on the corporate’s web site as shortly as doable.

To view the vary of prehistoric animal fashions and figures out there from All the things Dinosaur: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Fashions and Figures.

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