Frog Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Frog Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Frogs are charming little amphibians that are extensively beloved for his or her cuteness, for the chirps, ribbits, and croaks which they’re identified to sing out, and for his or her affiliation with the spring and summer season seasons. From beloved characters like Kermit the Frog to traditional fairytales like The Frog Prince, frogs very clearly occupy a really particular place within the hearts and storytelling traditions of human cultures around the globe.

On this article, we’ll take a look at the symbolism of the frog in addition to its function in a lot of myths and folks tales from all kinds of cultures!

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Frog symbolism and which means

One of many main issues that frogs symbolize is transformation and alter. Frogs are born within the water as eggs which hatch into tadpoles. Tadpoles are aquatic and limbless, however with time and nourishment, tadpoles develop legs and start to look and act like frogs. The tadpole represents youth, immaturity, and potential. Frogs characterize progress, expertise, and knowledge.

The frog’s life cycle is linked with the cycles of life on earth. Frog life cycles are sometimes used as instructing instruments to assist youngsters perceive the ways in which life cycles work inside nature. Like people, frogs are born as small helpless issues which develop and alter till they’re mature sufficient to supply infants of their very own which proceed this circle of life. (1)


As a result of frogs are inclined to disappear throughout the chilly winter months and reemerge in springtime, frogs are fairly often linked with spring, renewal, and rebirth. Moreover, the frog is ready to journey between land and water and is typically related to supernatural forces which transition between worlds. Frogs are fairly often linked with mystical issues corresponding to witches and fairyfolk.

With regards to fairies, frogs are quite common characters inside fairytales. In many aged fairytales, a woman who encounters a frog should kiss him to interrupt the curse which binds the human prince trapped throughout the physique of a frog. These myths join frogs with royalty and with romance. This delusion is the origin of the idiom that states that “it’s a must to kiss just a few frogs to search out your prince.” This idiom likens frogs with failed connections or “duds.” A frog can characterize suitors, the relationship course of, or the concept of not judging a ebook by its cowl. (2)

Frog Native American symbolism

Maybe, once more, as a result of frogs have a tendency to look throughout springtime, or maybe as a result of they dwell within the water, many Native American tribes join the frog with the approaching of rain. Because of this, the frog is usually an auspicious character who symbolizes renewal, progress, and revitalization. For some tribes, the frog is a robust drugs animal. (3)

In some Native American traditions, the bullfrog was mentioned to be a smaller type of a as soon as gigantic monster. The Passamaquody, for instance, consider that their tradition hero, Glooscap, as soon as needed to struggle this big bullfrog with the intention to free the folks. In accordance with legend, Glooscap got here to a village in the future asking for water. The folks of the village defined that their river was dry as a result of a monstrous bullfrog was damming it up and hoarding the recent water for himself. The monster demanded younger ladies turn into his servants in trade for water. Glooscap was livid and he fought the beast. When he slew the monster, it grew to become a water serpent which he clubbed to loss of life. Lastly, Glooscap defeated the monster which grew to become the small bullfrogs which populate waterways as we speak however can do no hurt. (4)


The Penobscot and Maliseet tribes have a legend of a lake monster that dried up a river and generated drought. In the long run, the hero saves the lands by turning the monster right into a bullfrog.

In accordance with Cree legend, Rabbit and Frog are husband and spouse. Rabbit is cowardly, however Frog encourages him to face his fears and hunt for meals. In the future, Rabbit discovered a beaver lodge, however he was too scared to enter it. When he instructed Frog, she jumped into the water and swam beneath the lodge to slay the beavers. In the long run, although, Rabbit didn’t wish to share the beaver meat with Frog, although she had caught the beavers. Frog needed to threaten him by calling out to Owl. In every episode of the story, Rabbit fails to behave, however Frog is courageous and intelligent and gives for them. Lastly, a cannibal assaults their camp and Frog and Rabbit each attempt to cover. The cannibal finds Rabbit’s hiding place, as a result of he hides in some meals which the cannibal desires to eat. Frog is wise, although, and burrows into the bottom to flee. (5)

Frog Japanese Symbolism

In China, frogs are related to wealth, prosperity, immortality, and greed. In accordance with one legend, the spouse of one of many “Eight Immortals,” that are a bunch of celestial beings, tried to steal a peach from the heavens. The girl was punished for her greed by being reworked right into a frog. On this kind, she is usually depicted with three legs, a coin in her mouth, and resting on a mattress of cash. Peaches symbolize longevity and immortality, so this determine, known as the “Cash Frog,” is linked with each of those concepts. It’s typically believed that frogs deliver luck and wealth wherever they go. It’s common for storefronts to characteristic Cash Frogs as a superstition to draw success. (6)


In Japan, the phrase for frog, “kaeru,” is pronounced the identical approach because the phrase for “return” or “come dwelling.” So, frogs are related to homecomings and are thought to characterize good luck and security for vacationers. Frog charms are sometimes given to family members within the hopes that these will assist them to search out their approach again to their houses and households. (7)

Frog Christianity symbolism

Within the Bible, frogs are mainly linked with the story of Moses and the Exodus of the Hebrews. In Exodus 8, Moses warns the pharaoh of Egypt that if he doesn’t free the Hebrews then God will unleash a plague of frogs upon him:

“Then the Lord mentioned to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, `That is what the Lord says: Let my folks go, in order that they could worship me. For those who refuse to allow them to go, I’ll plague your complete nation with frogs. The Nile will teem with frogs. They’ll come up into your palace and your bed room and onto your mattress, into the homes of your officers and in your folks, and into your ovens and kneading troughs. The frogs will go up on you and your folks and all of your officers.’” Then the Lord mentioned to Moses, “Inform Aaron, `Stretch out your hand along with your workers over the streams and canals and ponds, and make frogs come up on the land of Egypt.’” So Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt, and the frogs got here up and coated the land. However the magicians did the identical issues by their secret arts; in addition they made frogs come up on the land of Egypt. Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and mentioned, “Pray to the Lord to take the frogs away from me and my folks, and I’ll let your folks go to supply sacrifices to the Lord.” Moses mentioned to Pharaoh, “I depart to you the distinction of setting the time for me to hope for you and your officers and your folks that you just and your homes could also be rid of the frogs, aside from those who stay within the Nile.” “Tomorrow,” Pharaoh mentioned. Moses replied, “Will probably be as you say, so that you could be know there isn’t a one just like the Lord our God. The frogs will depart you and your homes, your officers and your folks; they’ll stay solely within the Nile.” After Moses and Aaron left Pharaoh, Moses cried out to the Lord concerning the frogs he had introduced on Pharaoh. And the Lord did what Moses requested. The frogs died within the homes, within the courtyards and within the fields. They have been piled into heaps, and the land reeked of them.”

— Exodus 8:1-15 (8)


So, frogs characterize each the ability and wrath of God. Though the plague of frogs was horrible and scary, it was all part of God’s plan to free the Hebrews. The frogs have been used to warn the pharaoh of God’s energy, however he wouldn’t hear and his folks suffered plagues far worse than frogs on account of his obstinance. (9)

Frog Celtic symbolism

Frogs play considerably uncommon roles in a lot of Celtic traditions. In Eire, the frog is a creature on the heart of some controversy. For hundreds of years, it has been insisted that there are not any native frogs in Eire and that every one frogs have been launched to the island by the use of outsiders. This seems to be considerably unlikely, however debate rages on over whether or not Eire has native frogs and which species these is likely to be. Due to the tumultuous historical past of Eire, frogs have come to characterize the numerous invasions and colonizations by outsiders to which the island has been subjected over the centuries. (10)


In some Celtic traditions, frogs have been linked with folks treatments, therapeutic, and prediction Frogs have been thought to alter colours when rain was close to and have been used to predict future situations. Moreover, inserting a reside frog in a single’s mouth was thought to treatment toothaches and whooping cough. (11)

Frog African symbolism

In Egypt, the frog is linked with fecundity, fertility, beginning, and renewal. It’s thought that, maybe, the frog gained this popularity due to the annual flooding of the Nile. In Egypt, a lot of life depended upon the Nile’s waters. Annually when these waters surged, frogs would multiply en masse. So, the frog could have come to be related to the cycles of those life-giving waters. This affiliation was so prevalent and robust that the Egyptians even depicted one among their oldest deities, a goddess or fertility named Heqet, as a human with the top of a frog. Amulets within the form of frogs are generally discovered amongst Egyptian artifacts and are thought to have been fertility charms. (12)


In accordance with one delusion from Africa, the frog is a creature which originated kind the unhappy story of a pair of abused youngsters. In accordance with this legend, there as soon as was a brother and sister whose mom repeatedly beat them and blamed them for all the pieces that bothered her. In the future, the kids conspired to run away from their mom and reside collectively within the woods. The kids escaped, and their mom searched excessive and low for them. She regretted treating them poorly and begged the earth and bushes to inform her the place they’d gone. The kids refused to return out, however there was no heat or meals for them within the forest. Earlier than lengthy, the 2 youngsters died of publicity. Their mom discovered them finally and begged for a second probability. Though the kids couldn’t be introduced again as people, they have been restored to life as frogs. On this kind, the kids croak a mournful wail which represents their grief for the best way they have been handled. (13)(14)

Frog in desires

Dreaming of frogs represents rejuvenation and progress. To dream of a frog signifies that one is prone to enter a interval of speedy change and that embracing these adjustments is probably going the one approach ahead.

A frog dream may additionally point out good luck or prosperity. Frog desires usually point out that luck and success awaits on the horizon.


Dreaming of a tadpole would possibly point out youth or immaturity. A tadpole dream is likely to be telling you to take your time and never get forward of your self. IT is necessary to attend till you’re prepared and skilled earlier than tackling sure challenges. Every part comes inside its correct time.

Frog encounters and omens

A frog encounter is normally an omen of success or fertility. The place careers and finance are involved, a frog encounter would possibly point out a sudden windfall on the horizon. Frog encounters point out that the time is ripe to take a leap and goal for achievement.

For rising households, a frog encounter symbolizes fertility and will point out {that a} being pregnant is on the horizon.


A frog encounter may additionally symbolize the significance of giving folks an opportunity. For those who have been to evaluate everybody you meet by their look than you would possibly discover that you’d miss out on the sweetness and uniqueness of people’ personalities. Keep in mind the story of the “Frog Prince” which tells us that exhibiting kindness and respect to folks permits them to point out us their finest selves. (15)

Frog mythology and folklore

In accordance with one Japanese folktale, two frogs set out from the faraway cities of Osaka and Kyoto. The 2 frogs set out on the identical paths from totally different ends on the identical time. Neither frog had met earlier than, however each of them confronted comparable perils on the highway and have been completely exhausted by the point they met one another on the midway level between their two cities. At this level, each frogs weren’t positive if it was worthwhile to proceed and so they every expressed a want to be taller in order that they might see down the highway and determine if the go to was price making. The frogs determined to face on their hindlegs and stretch their our bodies while holding one another for assist. What they forgot, although, was that their eyes relaxation on the tops of their heads. As they have been stretching, every frog was wanting backwards at his personal hometown with out realizing it. So, the frogs determined that since their cities regarded the identical, the journey was not price making. They returned dwelling none the wiser. (16)


Many individuals consider that frogs are a supply of warts and that dealing with a frog can provide the handler warts. This isn’t true, however it’s a shockingly frequent superstition.

The Olmec consider that the frog is a god of rebirth who consumes his personal pores and skin in a unending cycle of beginning and destruction. (17)

The Aesop’s fable of the “Frog and the Ox” depicts a frog which tries to puff himself as much as be as giant as an ox. The frog is unable to realize the scale of an ox and inflates himself till he bursts. (18)

Frog spirit animal

The frog spirit animal is linked with knowledge, persistence, and maturity. Folks with this spirit animal are particularly attuned to the cycles of life and nature. The frog spirit animal is the keeper of data related to progress and life cycles.

Folks with the frog as their spirit animal are typically smart, introverted, and mature. They could be thought of to be “outdated souls” and are affected person sufficient to attend for good issues to return their approach. (19)

Frog totem animal

The frog totem animal is related to therapeutic and creativity. Folks with this totem animal are typically inventive and free-spirited. The frog totem is a standard totem for artists, musicians, and creatives of all types.

The frog totem is a wonderful spirit information by tough transitions and therapeutic processes.


Folks with the frog as their totem animal really feel a significant drive to specific themselves creatively. Self-expression is essential to the frog totem. (20)

Frog energy animal

The frog energy animal is linked with fertility. This energy animal is an particularly potent ally for ladies and rising households. The frog’s energy helps be sure that households develop and stay wholesome. Pregnant ladies could name on this energy animal to information and defend them by being pregnant.


The frog energy animal can also be a powerful guiding power for the approaching of age course of and for getting older gracefully. Aged folks and kids alike will profit from the steering of the frog which eases you thru life’s transitions. (21)

Frog tattoo which means

Frog tattoos usually symbolize good luck, pleasure, transformation, and prosperity. Many frog tattoos will come within the type of well-liked frog characters.

A frog tattoo would possibly discuss with a lot of frog myths or fairytales. In reality, a frog tattoo would possibly symbolize fairytales themselves.

For girls particularly, a frog tattoo would possibly characterize fertility and beginning.

A Japanese frog tattoo symbolizes protected passage and homecoming.


Frogs are endlessly fascinating, charming, and lovable. Throughout all kinds of cultures, these pleasant amphibians evoke pictures of fine luck, success, and prosperity. Whereas some frog myths are damaging, it’s abundantly clear that the character of the frog shines by across the globe as a beacon of positivity and happiness.


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