Fascinating Charges – Angel Canine Diary

“Charges are very attention-grabbing,” says Money. He ought to know, he has been to financial system faculty, they realized loads about attention-grabbing charges there. When charges are low, spending will likely be excessive, and that’s good for the financial system. Money realized that low charges make the monetary merry-go-round spin quicker and everybody has jobs. On high of that, everybody can borrow loads and purchase stuff and companies which can create extra jobs, which can create extra revenue!

Excessive charges are unhealthy, as a result of canines can’t borrow and spend cash on larger canine homes, higher canine beds and companies like private cooks and backscratchers. Then canines go with out jobs and revenue.

If attention-grabbing charges are so necessary, it appears to me that we must always simply repair the charges low then. Why not make them unfavourable? Imaging how wealthy we’d be?

Sure, charges are attention-grabbing. Or was it rates of interest? I don’t know, I didn’t go to financial system faculty.

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