Every thing Dinosaur Weblog Posts our 2023 Favourites (Half 1)

At Every thing Dinosaur, we try to publish up an article on this weblog web site each single day.  This may be fairly a problem contemplating all our different actions and initiatives.  Nevertheless, on account of our work on this weblog we’ve got managed to compile an enormous quantity of knowledge, articles and options chronicling (for essentially the most half), advances within the Earth sciences and new fossil discoveries together with analysis into prehistoric animals.

We thought it might be fascinating to look again at a few of our weblog posts this yr and record the highest ten favorite and hottest posts.

Right here is a component one, numbers ten to 6 overlaying January to June.

It was an action-packed January for Every thing Dinosaur. The corporate was awarded Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award as soon as once more, there was a cyber incident at Royal Mail, and we mentioned Carboniferous suction feeders. Nevertheless, it was an excellent pterosaur fossil from southern Germany that caught the attention.

Balaenognathus Life Reconstruction
A life reconstruction of the newly described pterosaur Balaenognathus maeuseri. Image credit score: Megan Jacobs

To examine this discovery (Balaenognathus maeuseri): A New Pterosaur Species is Described.

February Frogspawn

In February a child Torosaurus mannequin was reunited with its mum, Mojo fashions took centre stage and the Rebor Deinosuchus figures arrived. We wrote articles in regards to the larynx of Pinacosaurus, easy methods to depart a overview and uncommon dinosaur footsteps. For the primary time, frogs spawned within the workplace pond in February.

An influence of local weather change: Frogspawn within the Workplace Pond.

Dinosaurs Had Lips

On the finish of March, we printed an article summarising a brand new scientific paper that postulated that dinosaurs had lips. The lips versus lipless debate has existed for greater than a century. Early depictions of dinosaurs gave them lips like extant lizards. When it got here to depicting dinosaurs similar to Tyrannosaurus rex in early movies, the lips had been ditched in order that cinema goers may see their tooth. The tooth on present made the dinosaurs extra horrifying. Film monsters bearing their large tooth turned a recurrent theme that’s nonetheless seen in motion pictures in the present day. Nevertheless, this new paper got here firmly down in help of lips on theropod dinosaurs.

It additionally gave us the chance to show the wonderful art work of Mark Witton.

Tyrannosaurus rex had lips.
A juvenile Edmontosaurus disappears into the big, lipped mouth of Tyrannosaurus. Image credit score: Mark Witton.

Discover the article right here: Tyrannosaurus rex Had Lips!

High Every thing Dinosaur Weblog Posts (April to June 2023)

In April we mentioned T. rex mind dimension, took into inventory new CollectA figures, new employees coaching and praised the Wyoming “Jurassic Fest”. One among our highlights was the article that examined newly printed analysis on marine reptiles. The examine centered on the big variety of swimming kinds adopted by Mesozoic marine reptiles.

To learn this publish: Mapping Marine Reptiles.

Ichthyosaur jaw.
A museum exhibit exhibiting the jaw of a giant ichthyosaur. These “fish lizards” figured prominently within the College of Bristol examine. Image credit score: Every thing Dinosaur.

Image credit score: Every thing Dinosaur

Schleich mannequin retirements had been mentioned in Might together with new Nanmu Studio and PNSO mannequin releases. A uncommon letter penned by Mary Anning discovering a house and a New York prehistoric animal exhibit thriller was solved. Nevertheless, our spotlight was the chance to go to the brand new April the Tenontosaurus exhibit on the Manchester Museum.

Right here is the article: Superb Tenontosaurus Fossils On Show.

It appears acceptable to say April the Tenontosaurus when reviewing our weblog posts from Might 2023.

A New Armoured Dinosaur – Vectipelta barretti

Dinosaur drawings, new fashions and quickly metamorphosising frogs featured in June. Crew members obtained to go to the astonishing Patagotitan exhibition on the London Pure Historical past Museum. This supplies an acceptable segway into our favorite publish of that month. A brand new species of armoured dinosaur was named. Vectipelta barretti honours Professor Paul Barrett of the Pure Historical past Museum.

Vectipelta life reconstruction.
Vectipelta life reconstruction. Image credit score: Stuart Pond.

The Vectipelta article: Armoured Dinosaur Honours Museum Professor.

Dinosaur followers can count on additional new dinosaur bulletins from Wealden Group strata.

We hope you loved studying these weblog posts as a lot as we loved researching and writing them. Half two documenting July to December 2023 will likely be printed shortly.

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