Episode 493: T. rex Intelligence and Kallie Moore from PBS Eons

Episode 493: T. rex Intelligence and Kallie Moore from PBS Eons. Tyrannosaurus rex and different dinosaur brains didn’t fill their complete cranium. Plus Kallie Moore joins from the unbelievable YouTube channel PBS Eons and shares how the challenge began and the way it’s going.


  • T. rex was not almost as sensible as a baboon, based on a brand new examine of dinosaur intelligence based mostly on mind measurement and neuron counts supply


Kallie Moore, the Collections Supervisor/Fossil Librarian on the College of Montana Paleontology Heart, co-host of the YouTube channel PBS Eons, and govt producer for the documentary Why Dinosaurs? Observe her on Instagram @fossil_librarian


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The dinosaur of the day: Xiaosaurus

  • Ornithischian dinosaur that lived within the center Jurassic in what’s now Sichuan, China (Xiashaximiao Formation)
  • Herbivorous, and frivolously constructed
  • On the small facet for a dinosaur
  • Estimated to be about one meter lengthy (over 3 ft)
  • Femur (thighbone) is 11 cm (4.3 in) lengthy
  • Walked on two legs, had a protracted tail, brief arms, muscular legs, had a small head
  • Had leaf-shaped enamel
  • Two people present in 1979 and 1980
  • Named in 1983 by Dong Zhiming and Tang Zilu
  • Sort species is Xiaosaurus dashanpensis
  • Genus title Xiaosaurus means “daybreak lizard”
  • Genus title refers back to the age of the dinosaur
  • Species title refers to Dashanpu, the township close to the place the fossils had been discovered
  • Holotype is a partial skeleton with a jaw fragment with a tooth, neck and tail bones, an higher arm bone, a partial left thighbone, and a whole proper leg
  • Second skeleton discovered features a proper thighbone, vertebrae, a phalanx (finger or toe bone), a rib, two enamel
  • Peng Guanzhao reclassified Agilisaurus multidens as Xiaosaurus multidens in 1992, however this wasn’t accepted
  • Xiaosaurus multidens later grew to become Hexinlusaurus
  • Too fragmentary to simply labeled, and typically regarded as a nomen dubium. A 2005 examine discovered it to be legitimate and to be Ornithischia incertae sedis (so some form of ornithischian)
  • Lived in a lush forest
  • Different dinosaurs that lived across the similar time and place embody ornithischians like Hexinlusaurus and Agilisaurus, sauropods comparable to Abrosaurus, Dashanpusaurus, Omeisaurus (recognized for its actually lengthy neck), Shunosaurus (recognized for having a tail membership), theropods such because the megalosaurids Kaijiangosaurus and Leshansaurus (and lots of different forms of theropods), stegosaurs like Bashanosaurus and Huayangosaurus (had pointy spikes on their backs)
  • Different animals that lived across the similar time and place embody fish, amphibians, turtles, crocodiles, and pterosaurs

Enjoyable Reality:

A brand new “titan” reptile was simply named from the Triassic, but it surely’s not a titanosaur. It’s the “titanic fish” Ichthyotitan, which can have been the dimensions of a blue whale!

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