Episode 480: A New Oviraptorosaur That Lived Alongside T. rex

Episode 480: A brand new oviraptorosaur, Eoneophron, that lived alongside T. rex., the “Pharaoh’s daybreak rooster from Hell”, was described from the Hell Creek; The massive carnivore Acrocanthosaurus roamed throughout what’s now the U.S.; and an replace on the Yale Peabody Museum’s renovations


  • A brand new oviraptorosaur, Eoneophron, the “Pharaoh’s daybreak rooster from Hell.” is an in depth relative to Anzu the “rooster from Hell” supply
  • Acrocanthosaurus has definitively been present in Maryland, U.S. (Arundel Formation) supply
  • The Yale Peabody Museum is reopening this spring supply


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The dinosaur of the day: Chaoyangsaurus

  • Basal ceratopsian that lived within the Late Jurassic in what’s now Liaoning Province, China (Tuchengzi Formation)
  • Helps present that ceratopsians return to the Jurassic (earlier than earliest identified ones have been from the Early Cretaceous)
  • Appears a bit like Psittacosaurus, however with an extended face
  • Small, walked on two legs, had quills on the tail
  • Has a rostral bone, which supplies it a parrot-like beak (that’s what makes it ceratopsian, from celebration of ceratopsians episode 450)
  • Estimated to be about 3.3 ft (1 m) lengthy and weigh about 13 lb (6 kg)
  • Cranium is about 5.5 in (14 cm) lengthy
  • Had a pair cheek bones
  • Herbivorous
  • Had tightly packed cheek enamel
  • Decrease jaw much like psittacosaurs
  • Additionally had some similarities to heterodontosaurids
  • Had 5 particular, distinctive options, together with the jugal bone (on the cheek) has a clean floor on the boss
  • A part of the household Chaoyangsauridae, a few of the earliest identified marginocephalians (clade that features Pachycephalosauria and Ceratopsia)
  • Extra basal than Psittacosaurus and neoceratopsians
  • Consists of Chaoyangsaurus, Xuanhuaceratops, Yinlong, Hualianceratops, and Stenopelix
  • Household had small frills and sharp beaks
  • Kind species is Chaoyangsaurus youngi
  • Fossils present in 1976 by Cheng Zhengwu close to Chaoyang
  • Holotype is an grownup and is a partial skeleton with a cranium, and contains braincase, decrease jaws, neck bones, proper shoulder blade and proper higher arm
  • Dinosaur was talked about in a number of locations earlier than being formally named
  • Means for some time it was a nomen nudum (“bare identify”)
  • First time was in a guidebook to a museum exhibit, and written as Chaoyoungosaurus
  • In 1983 Zhao Xijin talked about Chaoyangosaurus however didn’t describe it so it was a nomen nudum
  • Additionally talked about in a paper that wasn’t revealed, and in a 1992 e book about Chinese language dinosaurs, the place Dong spelled it as Chaoyangosaurus. However once more, no formal description so nonetheless a nomen nudum
  • Formally named in 1999 when Zhao Xijin, Cheng Zhengwu, and Xu Xing described the dinosaur
  • Genus identify means “Chaoyang lizard”
  • Species identify is in honor of paleontologist C. C. Younger, the founding father of Chinese language vertebrate paleontology
  • Lived in an arid local weather
  • Different animals that lived across the identical time and place embody pterosaurs and small theropods

Enjoyable Truth:

Some animals shrink over time as a result of “recurrent inverse Cope’s rule”.

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