Episode 422: High 22 Dinosaur Discoveries of 2022

Episode 422: High 22 Dinosaur Discoveries of 2022

Episode 422: High 22 Dinosaur Discoveries of 2022. Dinosaur delicate tissues, fossilized accidents, wonderful new herbivores, an especially essential carnivore, and way more


  • Greatest delicate tissue: Dakota the Edmontosaurus mummy supply
  • Greatest delicate tissue honorable point out #1: Dinosaur intestines supply
  • Greatest delicate tissue honorable point out #2: Sauropod pores and skin (goosebumps) supply
  • Greatest paleopathology examine: Dolly the sauropod respiratory an infection supply
  • Earliest sauropod of the 12 months: Mbiresaurus supply
  • Largest megaraptorid of the 12 months: Maip supply
  • Retaining the talk going: Torosaurus thought of legitimate supply
  • Largest films/exhibits of the 12 months: Jurassic World: Dominion and Prehistoric Planet supply
  • Most misunderstood dinosaur: Dodo supply
  • Our favourite new section: The
    Dinosaur Connection Problem: Connecting dinosaurs to sandwiches supply
  • Greatest information for Ubirajara followers in Brazil: Ubirajara returning to Brazil supply
  • Greatest dinosaur embryo: Child Yingliang supply
  • Greatest early thyreophoran: Jakapil supply
  • Greatest stegosaur: New stegosaur Bashanosaurus supply
  • Furthest reaching dinosaur story: glass beads on the moon from craters that hit earth supply
  • Greatest T. rex examine(s): Displays at SVP that Tyrannosaurs had tiny arms earlier than that they had large heads supply
  • Smallest sauropod of the 12 months: Ibirania supply
  • Greatest new herbivore: Stegouros supply
  • Greatest new herbivore honorable point out: Ankylosaur: Yuxisaurus supply
  • Greatest new carnivore: New carcharodontosaurid Meraxes supply
  • BONUS: Stromer’s Riddle however with mosasaurs supply


The dinosaur of the day: Hanssuesia

  • Pachycephalosaurid that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Alberta (Dinosaur Park Formation, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Oldman Formation) and Montana (Judith River Formation)
  • Appeared much like Pachycephalosaurus, walked on two legs, had brief arms, lengthy tail, had a dome on high of the cranium
  • Estimated to be 7.9 ft (2.4 m) lengthy
  • Sort species is Hanssuesia sternbergi
  • Named based mostly on a cranium dome
  • Had a thick cranium roof, like different pachycephalosaurs
  • Had distinctive options, together with the entrance of the dome was as vast within the entrance because it was within the again
  • Initially named Troodon sternbergi by Barnum Brown and Erich Schlaiker in 1943
  • Discovered the holotype to symbolize a virtually absolutely grownup particular person
  • Species title is in honor of Charles M. Sternberg, who discovered the fossil in 1928 in southern Alberta
  • Within the 1943 description, Brown and Schlaikjer wrote it was “A slightly massive species”
  • In 1945, Charles M. Sternberg referred Troodon sternbergi to Stegoceras sternbergi
  • Additionally has been referred to Gravitholus previously
  • Named by Robert Sullivan in 2003
  • Genus title is in honor of paleontologist Hans-Dieter Sues for his work on pachycephalosaurs
  • Sullivan talked about that Stegoceras had, maybe unintentionally, develop into a “wastebasket taxon” for small to medium sized pachycephalosaurs present in North America
  • Word: Sullivan in the identical paper the place he named Hanssuesia additionally synonymized Ornatotholus with Stegoceras (so he each lumped and cut up)
  • Sullivan wrote: “Brown and Schlaikjer (1943) have been largely right of their characterization and evaluation of this taxon, and it’s to their credit score that the species is herein resurrected” (but it surely was exhausting to characterize till extra specimens have been discovered)
  • Brown and Schlaikjer thought that there was particular person variation, adjustments in progress, and variations in gender, inside Stegoceras (therefore the variations within the people discovered)
  • Six referred specimens, along with the holotype, which might be largely frontoparietals (entrance of the cranium)
  • Nonetheless some debate in regards to the validity of Hanssuesia
  • Ryan Schott and David Evans had beforehand argued that Hanssuesia was Stegoceras, and that the variations within the dome have been as a consequence of ontogeny (modified because it grew)
  • In 2020, an summary by Aaron D. Dyer, and Mark J. Powers within the Canadian Society of Vertebrate Paleontology urged Gravitholus and Hanssuesia to be synonymous with Stegoceras

Enjoyable Truth:

Garret’s favourite: It’s unlikely that dinosaurs had venom, however a few of them could have been poisonous. Sabrina’s favourite: Some dinosaurs had “stomach buttons”.

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