Episode 408: A brand new tiny-armed, gigantic, megapredator

Episode 408: A brand new tiny-armed, gigantic, megapredator. The amazingly full new theropod, Meraxes gigas; Extra Deinonychus consuming Tenontosaurus; the smallest ever ornithopod; dinosaur opals; and far more.

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  • A brand new carcharodontosaurid with tiny arms, Meraxes gigas, helps present that each one large-headed carnivores had comparatively small arms supply
  • Gastroliths and Deinonychus enamel have been discovered related to April the Tenontosaurus supply
  • Scientists appeared on the progress of the smallest (however not but named) ornithopod that lived in what’s now Spain supply
  • An opalized fossil could also be a brand new dinosaur species supply
  • The Australian Opal Centre hosts an annual dinosaur fossil dig supply
  • Ubirajara is being returned to Brazil supply
  • Podokesaurus holyokensis turned the official state dinosaur of Massachusetts supply
  • Delaware has a state dinosaur, Dryptosaurus supply
  • There are seven lacking sculptures from Crystal Palace Dinosaurs supply
  • Lottie, the Triceratops statue from Louisville, Kentucky received a makeover supply
  • NBC is making a brand new pure historical past sequence present known as Surviving Earth supply
  • Stephen Fry is internet hosting Dinosaur — with Stephen Fry, a 4 half sequence about dinosaurs within the Jurassic and Cretaceous supply
  • You’ll be able to play Dinosaur Fossil Hunter on Steam supply
  • Video games Radar printed a listing of the ten finest dinosaur video games supply



The dinosaur of the day: Zapalasaurus

  • Diplodocoid sauropod that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Neuquén Province, Argentina (La Amarga Formation)
  • Regarded like different sauropods, with a protracted neck and tail, and columnar legs
  • In all probability had a protracted neck that it might swing in an arc like form, to assist it eat a lot of crops from one spot
  • Had neural spines that appeared brief in comparison with different diplodocoids
  • Caudal (tail) vertebrae doubled in size within the first 20 vertebrae
  • Herbivorous
  • Sort species is Zapalasaurus bonapartei
  • Described by Leonardo Salgado and others in 2006
  • Fossils present in a 1995-1996 expedition, below route of José Bonaparte
  • Genus title is for the town of Zapala, which is about 50 mi (80 km) from the place the fossils have been discovered
  • Genus title means “Zapala lizard”
  • Species title in honor of José Bonaparte, who collected the fossils
  • Holotype is an incomplete skeleton (vertebrae, elements of the femur and tibia, pubis, a part of a rib, and extra)
  • Helps present there was extra range than beforehand considered basal diplodocoids
  • Different animals that lived across the similar time and place embody Amargasaurus, Amargatitanis (sauropod), Ligabueino (theropod), stegosaurs, pterosaurs, crocodylomorphs, mammals

Enjoyable Truth:

Some dinosaurs had “stomach buttons”.

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