Episode 398: Fossil looking with Cameron Muskelly

Episode 398: Fossil looking with Cameron Muskelly. What to deliver with you & find out how to discover fossils (whether or not or not you might have a level in paleontology)

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Cameron Muskelly, an avocational paleontologist/geologist and paleontology educator based mostly in Georgia. He’s a researcher, lecturer, and fossil collector, and an professional in Appalachian geology. Comply with him on twitter @PaleoCameron or on YouTube at Paleo101 



The dinosaur of the day: Itemirus

  • Dromaeosaur theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Uzbekistan (Bissekty Formation)
  • Depicted as having an extended tail, snout with enamel, sharp claws, and feathers on the physique
  • Solely a small broken fossil braincase has been discovered
  • Present in 1958 close to the village of Itemir
  • Kind species is Itemirus medullaris
  • Described in 1976 by Sergei Kurzanov
  • Genus title refers to Itemir
  • Species title refers back to the medulla oblongata, the mind half encased within the partial braincase
  • A 2014 examine by Hans-Dieter Sues and Alexander Averianov tentatively referred cranial bones, enamel, and vertebrae present in the identical formation to Itemirus

Enjoyable Reality:

Opposite to fashionable perception, fossils don’t require thousands and thousands of years to kind.

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