Episode 384: Sauropods did not stroll like elephants

Episode 384 is all about Adeopapposaurus, a sauropodomorph that lived within the Early Jurassic in what’s now San Juan, Argentina.

We additionally interview Thomas Halliday, a paleobiologist who focuses on mammal evolution and phylogenetics.  His analysis additionally consists of renaissance paleontology, faunal networks,  and decolonizing paleontology. And he’s the creator of the e-book, “Otherlands: A World within the Making”

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • New Early Cretaceous tracks from Spain present theropods operating almost 30 miles per hour supply
  • A brand new examine discovered that sauropods walked in a diagonal couplet sample supply
  • A mannequin of Thecodontosaurus helps to indicate how sauropods shifted from bipedal to quadrupedal supply
  • Lots of of dinosaur fossils and footprints have been present in a clay mine in Mazovia, Poland supply
  • The Bureau of Land Administration launched a report on the broken dinosaur tracks from Mill Canyon, Utah supply
  • The Pure Historical past Museum in London is searching for a associate to show Dippy supply
  • The Kids’s Museum of Indianapolis has a brand new Dinosphere present supply
  • The Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Artwork Village in Oakdale, Connecticut opened for the season supply
  • Dinosaur Kingdom park is now deliberate to open in Monroe, New Jersey supply
  • A shopping mall in Livingston Scotland has a number of dinosaurs fabricated from about half one million LEGO bricks supply
  • Nicolas Cage hasn’t been refunded for the Tarbosaurus cranium he purchased at public sale that was repatriated to Mongolia supply

The dinosaur of the day: Adeopapposaurus

  • Sauropodomorph that lived within the Early Jurassic in what’s now San Juan, Argentina (Cañón del Colorado Formation)
  • Appeared like different sauropodomorphs, with an extended neck, small head, lengthy tail, walked on two legs
  • Estimated to be about 10 ft (3 m) lengthy
  • Herbivorous
  • In all probability had a keratinous beak
  • One of many first identified to have a decrease and higher invoice
  • Decrease jaw was about 10% shorter than the higher jaw, which gave it a slight overbite
  • Kind species is Adeopapposaurus mognai
  • Named in 2009 by Ricardo Martinez
  • Genus title means “far consuming lizard” and refers to its lengthy neck
  • Species title refers back to the Mogna locality in San Juan Province, the place the fossils have been discovered
  • Holotype features a cranium, vertebrae, pelvic girdle, forelimbs, and incomplete hindlimbs
  • Recognized from 4 partial skeletons and two partial skulls
  • Just like Massospondylus
  • First considered Massospondylus
  • Had a gracile femur
  • Had brief forelimbs
  • Had a “gracile and delicate” humerus

Enjoyable Reality:
Dinosaurs get via early growth remarkably sooner than people.


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