Episode 382: New stegosaurs, alvarezsaurids, and dinosaur accidents

Episode 382 is all about Avaceratops, a small ceratopsian that will have lived alongside Zuul and Dromaeosaurus.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • A brand new very early stegosaur, Bashanosaurus primitivus, was named from Chongqing, China supply
  • A brand new alvarezsaurid from Uzbekistan, Dzharaonyx eski, was described together with its fascinating small palms supply
  • An Amurosaurus seems to have damaged its wrist after falling, nevertheless it survived for at the very least just a few months supply
  • Utilizing a brand new sort of CT scan, researchers discovered the T. rex nicknamed Tristan Otto in all probability had an an infection in its jaw supply
  • Researchers discovered 4 pathologies in sauropod ribs present in Chongqing, China supply
  • An evaluation of B-rex recognized some situations that helped to protect delicate tissue in its bones supply
  • A photographer took some enjoyable photographs of squirrels “taking part in” with dinosaur toys supply
  • Capcom has a brand new sport about preventing dinosaurs, referred to as Exoprimal supply
  • Skyhook Video games has a Dino Safari DLC for mowing the garden in Dino Safari park supply

The dinosaur of the day: Avaceratops

  • Ceratopsian that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Montana, U.S. (Judith River Formation)
  • Appeared like different ceratopsians, walked on all fours, had a cumbersome physique and lengthy tail, and a beak, and frill on its head
  • Had a brief, fan-shaped frill
  • Small and herbivorous
  • Initially estimated to be 7.5 ft (2.3 m) lengthy
  • In 2010 Gregory Paul estimated it to be 13 ft (4 m) lengthy and weigh 1 tonne
  • Kind species is Avaceratops lammersi
  • Described in 1986 by Peter Dodson
  • Fossils present in 1981 by fossil vendor Eddy Cole on Careless Creek Ranch, owned by Arthur Lammers
  • Fossils had been scattered on a prehistoric stream mattress
  • Most likely buried after its physique was swept downstream by a present
  • Peter Dodson regarded on the fossils in Cole’s fossil store when visiting in 1982, and so they had been absolutely excavated in 1984
  • First ceratopsid named since Pachyrhinosaurus (named in 1950)
  • Genus identify is in honor of Ava Cole, Eddy Cole’s spouse
  • Species identify is in honor of the Lammers household
  • In 1990, George Olshevsky up to date the identify to Avaceratops lammersorum (plural, because it referred to a couple folks), however Dodson objected (singular also can seek advice from a single household identify)
  • In 1990, Thomas Lehman referred Avaceratops to Monoclonius, however was not accepted
  • Holotype features a partial skeleton with the decrease cranium, vertebrae, shoulder girdle, and many of the forelimbs and hindlimbs
  • Skeleton might be a juvenile or subadult
  • Pankalski and Dodson described a second cranium in 1999, of a bigger specimen
  • However a 2010 research by Michael Ryan and others discovered “it’ll by no means be potential to definitively assign” that cranium to Avaceratops, for the reason that holotype is a juvenile with out distinctive characters, and the second cranium, presumably of an grownup, seems too totally different, and it’s laborious to know in the event that they’re associated with out having a development sequence
  • Additionally stated that regardless that Avaceratops didn’t have any distinctive characters, “the specimen can’t be attributed to every other identified centrosaurine, and so the genus can’t be synonymized or declared a nomen dubium”
  • Sister taxon to Nasutoceratops
  • Different dinosaurs that lived across the similar time and place embrace the ceratopsid Medusaceratops and the hadrosaur Probrachylophosaurus

Enjoyable Reality:
Even within the Cretaceous, dinosaurs had been generally the meals of different animals.


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