Enhancing Toolbox: How one can Rescue a Flared-out Picture

Enhancing Toolbox: How one can Rescue a Flared-out Picture

By Charlotte Reeves

Have you ever ever tried taking pictures with backlight and ended up with a picture that’s “flared-out”? This could occur when direct daylight hits the top glass component of your lens and messes with the optics inside, providing you with a very vivid, low distinction picture – typically with flare “artifacts” – circles of color or rainbows.

Whereas I do not thoughts a little bit managed flare in a backlit picture, the distinction and brightness can destroy the picture – if you do not know repair it within the modifying course of! It is tempting to only use the Dehaze slider in Lightroom to “repair” the problem, however on this video I will additionally present you what you must do to make the picture look it is best, BEFORE you even contact that slider.

I will additionally present you do away with the cussed crimson color solid that usually persists in black fur after “fixing” a flared-out picture. HINT: It is best to handle this in Photoshop as a substitute of Lightroom.

So subsequent time you find yourself with a flared-out picture, you possibly can repair it as a substitute of giving up and tossing it out!

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