Does Your Cat Care About You? Science Tells Us They Do!

It looks like you’re greater than a mere meals supply on your cat: analysis tells us that cats see homeowners as a supply of security and friendship. Merely put, cats care for his or her homeowners even when they don’t appear to be it. 

You are saying that your cat does pay attention if you name them? They’re deliberately ignoring you, analysis claims.

Analysis printed in Present Biology says that attachments between cats and their homeowners are comparable with these shaped with canines and infants with their caregivers.

Within the experiment, the researcher put a cat in an space with its proprietor for two minutes. The proprietor then left for 2 minutes and returned for another 2 minutes. The researchers then examined the cat’s response to its homeowners to know what sort of attachment cats must their homeowners and located two sorts: safe and insecure attachments.

Safe attachments recommend that the topic totally believes their caregiver will take care of them and feels snug exploring their setting.

Cats with safe attachment to their homeowners greet them proprietor after which return to no matter they’re doing.

Alternatively, cats with insecure attachments have a tendency to point out anxiousness towards their caregivers. Indicators of cats with insecure attachments are twitching tails and avoiding their homeowners after they return.

The analysis found that about 64% of the cats have been securely connected to their homeowners. That is corresponding to what’s been seen in canines and kids.

So what are the tell-tale indicators that your cat cares for you? Learn on to seek out out!

Methods Your Cat Exhibits That They Care For You

Ways Your Cat Shows That They Care For You

Cats have many feelings, together with a desire to be round us and to understand our existence. Cats have an appreciation for {our relationships} and even take care of us.

Cats are distinctive personalities, like individuals. Cats derive pleasure, safety, and luxury from their connections with individuals. Nonetheless, some cats are extra affectionate than others, or they are much showier.

No matter persona your cat has, there are at all times indicators to inform whether or not your cat. Listed below are some that let you know your cat cares for you.

Sluggish Blinking

Slow Blinking

There’s a saying, “eyes are the home windows to at least one’s soul.” With some animals, eye contact means aggression. Nonetheless, cats use eye contact with their individuals to point out care and can straight look into the eyes of these they belief.

You realize your cat loves you after they make eye contact and gradual blinks. That is thought of a feline method to kiss, and you may slowly blink again to point out that you simply additionally take care of them.



Your cat would possibly bump their head towards you or rub its cheeks towards you to point out love. This social motion is developed in kittenhood via headbutting different kitties and their mother.

Headbutting signifies that your cat marks as considered one of its personal. Headbutting helps cats bond with one another and is finished to people to point out love.



Cats groom different cats of their colony as a show of affection, and this habits can be performed with individuals they belief. Felines will lick their individuals or permit them to brush their coats.

Grooming builds a bond between a cat and a human. Simply be watchful for speedy tail swishing and pay attention for any growling or hissing, as an excessive amount of speeding could be overstimulating for cats.



Kneading is a habits that begins in kittenhood and is expounded to nursing. This motion is believed to carry consolation and endorphins to the mind.

Relaxed and cozy cats will knead if you delicately. In some circumstances, cats knead to organize a sleeping space, which is taken into account an inherent motion.



Felines normally give quick, silent meows after we converse slowly and softly to them, they usually really feel snug. If the meows get louder and drawn out, that may be a signal that your cat has had sufficient speaking communication.



Felines normally purr to point out contentment when they’re resting close to you or if you’re cuddling them. They may additionally purr when nervous, however that is regularly seen with unfavorable physique cues comparable to laying their ears again, inserting their head down, fast tail-swishing, or hiding.

Greeting You on the Door

Cat Greeting You at the Door

Greeting their homeowners on the door can be one-way cats inform their homeowners they “miss you.” That is normally adopted by strolling between your legs. Often, it is accompanied by meowing and “rattle-tail” habits, the place your cat will shake their tail swiftly.

That is your cat’s manner of welcoming you house. They could even be telling you one thing else like they’re able to eat, want contemporary water, or that you will need to clear their litter field, so be sure to examine this stuff.

Following You

Your Cat Following You

Cats are mentioned to observe their homeowners. It resembles the greeting at your entrance door, the place they observe behind you and wish to be in your neighborhood always.

Tail Language

Tail Language

Cats use their tails to point out their homeowners that they care. A cheerful cat will maintain their tail upright with a hook on the finish. They could regularly wag their tail back and forth. Typically, they will even rattle their tail whereas strolling beside you.

Bringing You Presents

Bringing You Gifts

Cats are hunters in nature. Cats will present these looking expertise by preying on rats (and maybe small birds when permitted to walk outdoors) and convey them again as “presents.”

Your cat needs to offer you presents as tokens of affection. You might discover these items disgusting, however it signifies love. Inside cats are reported to do that with toys as a result of they can’t chase outdoors the house.

Stomach Up

Belly Up

Exhibiting their stomach is taken into account the final word signal of belief for a feline. Cats solely relaxation on their backs and reveal their bellies when of their most snug state.

This isn’t an invite to therapeutic massage your cat’s abdomen, although! They’re merely telling you that they really feel snug and protected sufficient to reveal maybe their most susceptible physique components. In the event you go in for the stomach rub, take care, as your feline might strike again with a chew or scratch.

Final Phrases

These findings assist unmask the misperception that felines are unsociable and don’t really feel strongly linked to their homeowners.

The fault is on us as a result of we measure cats on the identical bar we use for canines. Most cats look to their homeowners as a supply of safety and security. House owners should bear in mind this. How homeowners behave can have a direct impact on their cats’ actions.

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