Do All Cats Get Hairballs? Is It Typical?

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When you’re a cat proprietor, you’ve in all probability had the displeasure of watching your cat hack up a hairball on the brand new carpet, or possibly you haven’t. When you would assume that throwing up a hairball could be simply part of being a cat, it’s not.

So, ought to cats produce hairballs? Do all cats get hairballs? The stunning reply is not any; not each cat breed has hairballs. Are you confused but? By no means concern; we’ll offer you every little thing we learn about hairballs in cats beneath.

Do All Cats Get Hairballs?

No, all cats don’t get hairballs. In truth, in case your cat doesn’t throw up hairballs, that’s an incredible factor and means the cat is more healthy than most. It’s because your cat isn’t swallowing as a lot hair when grooming itself.

Not swallowing a lot fur means the cat is at much less danger of creating an obstruction that causes the hairball.

Ought to a Cat Get Hairballs?

No, it’s not required for a cat to supply hairballs; your cat ought to solely get two or three a yr if any. In case your cat is continually throwing up hairballs, it’s an indication that they’re swallowing an excessive amount of hair, and it’s essential take steps to determine why they’re shedding a lot.

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Can a Cat Die Due to Hairballs?

Sure, a cat may choke on a hairball since it’s an obstruction. Whereas throwing up hairballs is commonly considered only a common a part of being a cat, it may be harmful. In case your furry good friend is continually coughing up hairballs, it’s time to make an appointment together with your vet.

As a minimum, it’s essential begin grooming your cat extra typically, even when it means taking the cat to knowledgeable groomer.

Can You Make Your Cat Throw Up a Hairball?

In actuality, you possibly can’t make your cat throw up a hairball. If the hairball doesn’t come up by itself, then the cat in all probability has an obstruction, and it’s essential get it to the vet as quickly as doable for therapy. You can even give your cat meals particularly for hairball prevention since it would stop the cat from creating hairballs.

Wrap Up

Cats get hairballs, however not each cat does. It’s uncommon for a cat to produce a hairball greater than two to a few instances a yr. In case your cat continuously has hairballs, it’s in all probability greatest to get it to a vet for a analysis and therapy of the issue. It’s often as a result of the cat is swallowing an excessive amount of hair when grooming, however it’s higher to get your pet checked simply to be secure.

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