Crested and Proud – 10,000 Birds

A crest is a “comb or tuft of feathers, fur, or pores and skin on the top of a fowl or different animal”. Birds use them for show functions – they are often both recumbent (not noticeable when not erect) or recursive (noticeable in all states). Fairly a couple of fowl species have crests. In actual fact, crests happen in at the least 20 of the 30 orders of extant birds, and in all main teams of passerines.

Crests are fabricated from feathers. Their predominant use is to show – both to speak with different members of the species or to scare different species, as a raised crest makes the fowl seem bigger.

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For a lot of species, their crest appears to be one thing not value mentioning – for instance, Eurasian Hoopoe, the Secretary, the Galah, the Northern Lapwing, or the Gray-crowned Crane. For others, they proudly make the crest a part of their title – and are thus a lot simpler to establish for me simply by wanting on the file names of my fowl pictures … and are the one species that actually match the weblog title of “Crested and Proud”. Thus, let`s have a look at a few of these.

Crested Myna (Shanghai, China)



Black Crested Bulbul (Nonggang, China)


Crested Barbet (Letaba, Bateleur, Kruger Park, South Africa)



Crested Bunting (Nonggang, China)



Crested Dove (someplace in Australia)

Crested Finchbill (Tengchong, China)



Crested Flameback (Taman Negara, Malaysia)


Crested Francolin (Ndumo, South Africa)

Crested Goshawk (Shanghai, China)



Crested Honey-buzzard (Nanhui, China)



Crested Kingfisher (HongAn, China)


Crested Lark (Delhi, India)


Crested Serpent Eagle (Yunnan and Guangxi, China)


Gray Crested Tit (Wawushan, Mengbishan, China)


Crested Tit-Warbler (Mengbishan, China)



European Crested Tit (Visselhoevede, Germany)

Nice Crested Grebe (Shanghai, China)


Lengthy-Crested Eagle (Drakensberg, South Africa)

Better Crested Tern (Nanhui, China)


Hair-crested Drongo (Nanhui, China)




Purple-crested Turaco (Mkuze, South Africa)





Sulfur-crested Cockatoo (Brisbane, Australia)



White Crested Helmet Shrike (Mkuze, South Africa)


White-crested Laughingthrush (Hongbenghe, China)


Comb-crested Jacana (Brisbane, Australia)

Goldcrest (Shanghai, China)



Firecrest (Bannetzer Moor, Germany)



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