Coucal Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

To the uninitiated, the Higher Coucal appears to be like like some type of giant red-eyed corvid. This resemblance is so robust, in actual fact, that Coucals are sometimes called “crow-pheasants.” With coppery brown wings, a glossy black physique, an extended tail, and a curved invoice which just about resembles that of a hen of prey, the Coucal is a hen whose true nature is tough to see. Regardless of supposedly trying like a corvid, a pheasant, or a hawk, the Coucal is, in actual fact, a species of cuckoo. In contrast to another cuckoos, the Coucal is just not a nest parasite and is as an alternative related with quite a lot of optimistic meanings and omens inside the areas of India and Southeast Asia the place they’re discovered. Coucals are additionally present in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. (1)(2)

There are literally thirty species of Coucal, however the Higher Coucal is essentially the most recognizable and is featured far more prominently in folklore and superstitions, a lot of our dialogue will concentrate on this particular hen. Proceed studying to be taught all concerning the myths, omens, and superstitions that are related with the Coucal!

Coucal Symbolism and Which means

Firstly, the Coucal is related with mistaken id. That is evidenced by the truth that while being neither crow nor pheasant, the Coucal is colloquially named for each. This “crow-pheasant” supposedly resembled a pheasant to British newcomers to India to such a level that they usually mistakenly shot Coucals and had been dissatisfied to search out that they’d not caught a recreation hen. In response to modern accounts of those occasions, the Coucal’s meat has an “evil taste” and isn’t match to be eaten. (3)

On the whole, Coucals are thought to indicate good luck. Listening to the Coucal’s distinctive name is believed to point that spirits are close by. (4)

On a variety of very restricted events, Coucals have been reported to exhibit a really uncommon conduct. In response to the choose few researchers who’ve witnessed this, some species of Coucal will really carry their younger as they fly. The father or mother hen is claimed to have been noticed greedy the younger hen by the shoulders and taking to the sky with it. This conduct is just not widespread amongst birds normally nor has it been extensively reported or described amongst Coucals. Regardless, the Coucal could also be related with parenthood, passage, or burdens. (5)

Greater Coucal with Fanned Tail
Picture by Manoj Nair from Pixabay

One widespread superstition surrounding Coucals entails their therapeutic or medicinal properties. It’s stated that Coucals possess an unbelievable and deep information of medication and therapeutic. When a Coucal’s chicks are wounded, conventional superstitions state that their mom will discover particular grasses which may heal any ailment and feed these to her younger. To profit from this, one superstitious apply concerned breaking the legs of Coucal nestlings after which ready for the mom to return and heal them. After the chicks had been supposedly healed, it was believed that their our bodies had been wealthy with medicinal herbs and may very well be eaten or changed into an oil to heal illnesses like damaged legs. Whereas this does affiliate the Coucal with therapeutic and natural information, it additionally connects these birds with the cruelty of such practices. (6)

Whereas the flesh of the Coucal is claimed to be foul in taste, that hasn’t stopped it from being traditionally used as “treatment” for tuberculosis. (7)

Higher Coucals are monogamous and far of the nest-building course of is carried out by the male of the species. Coucals have a reasonably excessive success fee for his or her nests which might be attributed to the care that they absorb elevating their younger inside thick brambles. Some Coucal species appear to exhibit a conduct which is well-known amongst Hoopoes. This protection mechanism entails nestlings, when disturbed, hissing like snakes and spraying intruders with foul-smelling excrement. This conduct connects the Coucal with dwelling protection, safety, and braveness. (8)

Coucal Native American Symbolism

Coucals themselves are usually not discovered within the Americas, however cuckoos are widespread and the Coucal is a member of the cuckoo household. For the Iroquois, the cuckoo is related to laziness. It’s because the Iroquois noticed that sure species of cuckoo are brood parasites which lay their eggs within the nests of different birds and don’t rear their younger themselves. The Coucal is just not a brood parasite, nevertheless, so it’s tough to say what meanings it’d’ve held for Native American peoples. (9)

Coucal Christianity Symbolism

Leviticus encompasses a lengthy listing of animals that are unclean and mankind is instructed by God to keep away from consuming. This listing options fairly just a few birds. Whereas the Coucal is just not listed, its supposedly “evil-tasting” meat may affiliate it with this Outdated Testomony mandate. (10)

Coucal Celtic Symbolism

Cuckoos in Celtic traditions are related with dying and with the passage between the earth and the supernatural Otherworld. The calling of the cuckoo was stated to indicate an imminent dying. Cuckoos have even been regarded as being able to predicting the size of 1’s life. (11)

Coucal in Goals

Dreaming of a Coucal is related with good luck above all else. Coucals are extensively thought to be optimistic symbols which carry luck and success wherever they go. Dreaming of a Coucal may point out that you’ll quickly catch a fortunate break or be on the receiving finish of an sudden fortune.

A Coucal dream may also signify one’s household. In contrast to many different cuckoos, Coucals are usually not brood parasites and so they commit a lot power to their younger. Dreaming of a Coucal carrying its baby may point out cooperation or help. It is very important keep household relationships to be able to depend on them in tough occasions.

Picture by Pat Wessels from Pixabay

A Coucal dream may additionally point out misjudgment. For the hunter who errors the Coucal for a pheasant, what awaits is an inedible meal. Looking a Coucal is wasteful and doesn’t profit the hunter. Be sure that the efforts that you just make in your life are certain to learn you.

Coucal Encounters and Omens

Encountering a Coucal is, once more, a really optimistic signal in line with most traditions. Coucal encounters are stated to result in good luck and nice fortune. Riches and well being are stated to comply with the Coucal.

An encounter with a Coucal may relate to therapeutic. If one is injured or distressed when a Coucal visits, then this may imply that no matter ails you’ll quickly be healed. The Coucal is claimed to carry secret information of herbs and treatments. A Coucal encounter might carry a way of renewal and restoration with it.

Encountering a Coucal nest refers to hidden issues. Coucal nests are properly hidden and are defended by the younger which inhabit them. Such a Coucal encounter acts as a reminder to point out respect for others’ secrets and techniques and to be light and sort in direction of susceptible issues.

Coucal in Mythology & Folklore

Coucal folklore is basically related with varied types of conventional drugs. Discovering sources on this lore in English is tough, however beneath are just a few tidbits which I’ve managed to place collectively about this fascinating hen.

Hindu Mythology:

Widespread folklore appears to counsel that the Higher Coucal is without doubt one of the reincarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu. Vishnu is a benevolent and divine being who seems in lots of varieties. I can’t find a definitive supply for his reference to the Coucal, nevertheless I’ve seen a variety of references to this truth, together with some which declare that in components of India it’s customary to bow to the Higher Coucal when one crosses paths with this hen. I’m not sure of how true that is, however I discovered it attention-grabbing sufficient to incorporate right here. (12)

Greater Coucal Face
Picture by kirtimaye from Pixabay

A delusion from southern India means that the unbelievable energy of the Coucal might be exploited for excellent private achieve. In response to a legend recorded in a 1906 manuscript by a British man in southern India, a Coucal could be a supply of gold for somebody with the suitable information and skill. It’s stated that if a Coucal chick is captured and chained up through an iron chain, its mom will come discover it and use a particular herb to snap the iron chain. As quickly as this secret Coucal herb touches the chain, it sill snap. The snapped chain will immediately remodel from iron into gold. (13)

Additional myths and superstitions surrounding the Coucal counsel that this hen makes use of a particular medicinal grass with miraculous properties when constructing its nest. This particular grass is claimed to be fully indistinguishable from different grasses, so a human might by no means discover or determine it. The one method to receive this grass is to take a Coucal’s nest and forged it right into a river. In response to legend, the particular grass of the Coucal will disentangle itself from the opposite grasses with a view to stream backwards towards the water’s present. That is stated to be the one approach by which this grass might be discovered and recognized.

African Mythology:

In response to one African folktale, King Sumanguru, who was a medieval king of the Sosso folks which inhabited modern-day Mali. In response to legend, Sumanguru might remodel right into a Senegalese Coucal. (14)

Senegalese Coucal
Picture by Geschenkpanda from Pixabay

Moreover, the Burchell’s Coucal is typically known as the “rainbird” in components of Africa due to a perception that these birds name most frequently when rain is coming. The South African poet, Douglas Livingstone wrote this on the “rainbird”:

“Someday you turned to me and stated “Goodbye”,
“We’re all washed up,” and “Higher we must always half.”
Then as my spirit jerked and bobbed afloat
I drowned in unreality to lie
Upon a muddy world that leaned awry
With Bubbles, weed, outdated boots and fishy dart.

Then from this depth I stood, absurd, distant,
And drifted out.
Beneath a filmy sky
I paused to hearken to my flustered coronary heart
And heard as an alternative the rainbird’s liquid observe.
I surfaced, strolling with a firmer tread
And joined the rainbird in his mournful artwork,
however because the cricket in his plastic coat,
I gaily chirruped how my love was lifeless.”

“The Rainbird” by Douglas Livingstone (15)

Coucal Spirit Animal

In case your spirit animal is the Coucal then you’re probably secretive, empathetic, and cautious. Individuals with the Coucal spirit animal are usually very protecting of their family members and are most snug after they really feel that the issues which matter to them are correctly guarded and guarded.

The Coucal spirit animal could also be present in introverted folks, however this animal is actually not shy. Individuals with this spirit animal wish to concentrate on just a few necessary relationships, nevertheless they take pleasure in expressing themselves and don’t maintain again from sharing their true ideas.

The Coucal spirit animal is a nurturer and likes to look after issues. Individuals with this spirit animal are usually particularly drawn to gardening and cooking as hobbies, as a result of these hobbies enable them to are inclined to others. The Coucal spirit animal is curious, clever, and likes to be taught new issues.

Coucal Totem Animal

The Coucal totem animal is related with secret information. Individuals with this totem animal are inclined to insightful, reserved, and shrewd. The Coucal totem animal enjoys finding out and accumulating helpful info. This totem animal might be trusted with secrets and techniques, because it by no means shares them or offers them up.

Individuals with the Coucal totem animal are inclined to strive new issues usually and luxuriate in a spread of hobbies. This helps fulfill their thirst for information.

Coucal Energy Animal

The Coucal energy animal is related to progress and therapeutic. It’s stated that the Coucal has the facility to heal any ailment. Individuals with this energy animal have a miraculous contact which rejuvenates all who expertise it. Individuals with this energy animal will probably be drawn to therapeutic careers.

Coucal Tattoo Which means

A Coucal tattoo may be chosen to signify luck, therapeutic, drugs, or sacred information. For a person of the Hindu religion, a Coucal tattoo could also be tied to Vishnu.

Greater Coucal in Tree
Photograph by Prathishkanna on Unsplash

The Coucal as a tattoo topic may also be tied with custom, steering, and perception.


The Coucal’s distinctive and strange look is second solely to the wealthy and eccentric assortment of myths and beliefs which have sprung up round this gorgeous hen. With piercing eyes and hanging colours, the Coucal is a hen which appears to carry information past human understanding. Maybe that is why so many imagine that this unbelievable animal holds the key to therapeutic treatments and even alchemy!

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