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Weighing lower than 6 kilos, a Chihuahua matches simply within the arms of his household. However don’t be fooled: He’s small solely in stature, not persona. Chihuahuas are feisty, loyal, opinionated and (let’s simply name it what it’s!) relatively filled with themselves. Maybe their satisfaction immediately comes from their esteemed heritage. The Chihuahua’s predecessors, in spite of everything, had been thought-about sacred.

The place did the Chihuahua come from

Though the tales of the breed’s starting are cloudy, historians usually agree that the Chihuahua originated in what’s now Mexico, probably descended from historical Techichi canine. Famend for serving sacred functions and providing friendship, Chihuahuas had been well-liked with the Aztecs; Montezuma II apparently had lots of. Early Chihuahuas had been honored, sacrificed, mummified and buried with their house owners. One in all their supposed duties was to assist deceased house owners cross safely into the world of the lifeless. And whereas Aztecs could have held early Chihuahuas in esteem, in addition they could have eaten some. Eek!

Tips on how to prepare a Chihuahua

two chihuahuas in purse
The Chihuahua’s small dimension makes him a straightforward journey companion, however that doesn’t imply he needs to be carried round all day. ©Chris Stein/Getty Photographs

As of late, most Chihuahuas retain their ancestral lofty air and have a tendency to consider they’re the star of the household. Though a Toy breed, the Chihuahua has a terrier-esque persona: He’s confident, self-governing, spirited and typically reckless. He typically reserves his affection for one particular particular person. Most Chihuahuas definitely gained’t run up bouncing and slobbering kisses on strangers.