Can Cats and Infants Be Buddies? (Warning: Cuteness Overload Inside!)

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Certainly one of my son’s first phrases was “kitty.” On the time, my mum or dad’s had a cat named, fittingly, Kitty. As quickly as he may crawl, my son would chase after the cat to the most effective of his capability. Fortunately for him, Kitty has reached her senior years already and didn’t appear to thoughts his uncoordinated toddler palms. Unluckily for me, this friendship (and the dangerously laidback perspective of Kitty) led to me following the 2 of them round loads.

Kitty might not have cared when my son picked her up the other way up, however I’m certain that wasn’t the most suitable choice for her 15-year-old joints.

When my son was 1, he found a black cat hiding within the storm drain on the native park. The cat shared Kitty’s hazardously laidback temperament and spent the remainder of the journey following my toddling son round—who made each try and scoop the cat into his lap. Subsequent factor I do know, I’m the proud pet mum or dad of a brand new feline, who we named Binx. So in my expertise, cats and infants can completely be buddies!

Can Cats and Infants Be Buddies?

If my son and his kitties are any proof, cats and infants can completely be buddies. In fact, there are at all times some complexities to those relationships. Infants don’t perceive cats, and cats don’t at all times perceive infants. For that reason, supervising infants and cats is significant—as it’s with any animal. You don’t need the cat hurting the child, however you additionally don’t need the child hurting the cat.

Retaining a cat could also be a bit extra difficult in case you have a child, however it isn’t unimaginable. Introducing your child and cat collectively is a crucial milestone to nurture their relationship. Nonetheless, there are a number of different components to control, too.

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Introducing Cats and Infants

Introducing cats and infants isn’t terribly troublesome. Nonetheless, it’s an essential first step to restrict attainable adverse reactions. The very last thing you need is for the primary impression to be a dangerous one.

Whether or not you carry the cat dwelling or the child, it’s best to put aside a quiet time for introductions. Your routine could also be thrown for a loop and you might have a lot of tourists coming and going. Subsequently, it’s best to attempt to put aside stress-free time, particularly out of your feline’s standpoint. You don’t need the cat associating the child with stress.

Attempt to solely have you ever, the child, and the cat within the room for the introduction. Having an additional helper will be helpful, however you don’t need to crowd the feline.

Subsequent, give your cat a baby-related merchandise to discover. Your cat might not come as much as the child throughout this introductory assembly. Nonetheless, in case you have a blanket or piece of child clothes, the feline can sniff the blanket and discover it with out coming as much as the child. This course of permits the cat to get used to the child slowly. Don’t pressure the method.

When you’ve given the cat the chance to discover the child, you possibly can go about your regular routine with one caveat—don’t go away the child and cat unsupervised. The cat might determine to work together with the child at any time. Nonetheless, cats can inadvertently suffocate the child by laying too near their face. In fact, smaller infants are extra in danger, particularly if they will’t transfer their head.

All the time train your cat to remain off of the child’s sleeping space—regardless of which one is in the home first. Older cats have to be educated earlier than the child is born. Newer cats will be educated as quickly as you get them. Merely discourage them from entering into the crib or different sleeping floor, eradicating the cat if it does crawl into the crib. All the time limit the cat’s entry to the child’s room, particularly when the child is in it.

Nonetheless, this coaching generally is a useful backup (and it prevents cat hair from build up in your child’s crib, too).

Vital Issues

On prime of the introduction, there are another components it’s worthwhile to contemplate when you might have a child and a cat in the identical family. These components aren’t laborious to manage, however they will pose a danger to the cat or child should you don’t contemplate them.

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You must by no means go away your cat within the room alone with the child. As we’ve said, the cat can by accident lay on the child’s face and even subsequent to their face, doubtlessly inflicting respiratory points. Every time your child is unattended (like when sleeping), shut the door to stop entry for the cat and make sure the cat isn’t hiding beneath the crib or dresser.

Fortunately, your child gained’t be left unattended all that a lot. Subsequently, the principle dangers come when the child is asleep.

Even when supervised, make sure you watch the child and cat intently. These buddies might not at all times perceive one another, which might result in accidents.


You’ll want to maintain your cat clear and flea-free, particularly with a child in the home. All the time guarantee your cat is vaccinated and maintains common screenings. Whereas diseases can’t often leap from cat to child, it isn’t unimaginable. Maintain the litter field clear and away from the child, too.

All the time throw away your child’s soiled diapers as quickly as attainable. Whereas not all cats will mess with soiled diapers, some will shred them. This mess is the very last thing you need to clear up.

Toddlers and Cats

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In some ways, toddlers and cats have a extra difficult relationship than infants and cats. Toddlers typically act a bit wild, making all types of various noises and erratic actions. Cats typically see these as prey-like, which might result in scratches. Coaching your cat to solely play with toys can assist forestall these misunderstandings—however not at all times.

Toddlers additionally prefer to mimic adults when interacting with cats. Nonetheless, this isn’t at all times sensible resulting from their small dimension. Toddlers might attempt to decide up the cat, as they’ve most likely seen adults decide up cats. Their small dimension and uncoordinated palms put the cat and them in danger for damage. Subsequently, it’s best to train your toddler how one can work together with cats rigorously and with out choosing them up.

You’ll want to enable the cat to flee and conceal if they need. Giving the cat someplace to flee prevents them from feeling cornered. Even a tall cat home or raised perch can assist with this with out utterly sectioning off a “baby-free” a part of the home.

For those who can, put the cat’s meals and different wants behind a gate or on a raised floor. In case your toddler tries to play along with your cat each time they go into the litterbox, your cat could use the lavatory someplace else. All the time go away a number of exit factors in order that your cat can escape in case your toddler takes a sudden curiosity.

For youthful cats, attempt to put on them out to stop them from attempting to “play” along with your toddler. Accidents are sure to occur. Nonetheless, a number of scratches and accidents can rapidly result in the toddler avoiding the cat and even not liking cats in any respect.


Cats and infants can completely be buddies if my son and Binx are any instance. Nonetheless, this relationship generally is a bit complicated and infrequently includes loads of intervention on our half. Subsequently, it’s essential to look at your cat and child (or toddler) work together and never enable them round one another unsupervised. Coaching the cat to work together accurately with the kid and vice versa is significant to serving to their relationship flourish.

Above all, you need to be affected person. Your cat and child might not grow to be greatest buddies in a single day. Nonetheless, if correct care is taken in the beginning, their relationship can flourish as they get older.

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