Blyth’s Hornbill. The one hornbill in and round New Guinea

Blyth’s Hornbill is a standard chook in New Guinea. It’s the solely species of hornbill that happens there. Its distribution stretches from the islands of Halmahera and Bacan within the west, by means of the non-mountainous areas of New Guinea to the Solomon islands. This one is a male. Within the late afternoon he sat within the prime of a tree lengthy sufficient to be photographed. We had simply landed on the island of Waigeo off the north-western tip of New Guinea.

Generally often known as Papuan Hornbill (which might incorrectly suggest a distribution restricted to New Giuinea and its quick offshore islands), this species has the scientific title Rhyticeros plicatus. Nonetheless, it was, for many years, Aceros plicatus.

Apparently, crinkles on the casque are added on the price of 1 per yr till there are about six. Then older wrinkles start to interrupt off. This male has 5 or 6 so far as I can see. The feminine has a black neck; she is walled into the nest by mud as in all hornbills.

The hornbill was named for Edward Blyth (1810 –1873), the impecunious and extremely unlucky curator from 1841 to 1863 of the museum of the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Calcutta.

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