Associates of Haystack Rock Awarded The 2023 O’Brien Prize For Refuge Associates — The Nationwide Wildlife Refuge Affiliation

The Midtown Interpretive Kiosk undertaking is an revolutionary initiative that may function a beacon of data and conservation locally. The kiosk, that includes three instructional panels nestled inside a three-sided aluminum construction, shall be positioned at a bustling seaside entry level in mid-town Cannon Seaside. This location attracts over 75,000 guests every summer season, making it the proper spot to encourage and educate guests in regards to the refuge.

The Associates of Haystack Rock are dedicated to training and outreach, and their work has drawn an astonishing 400,000 guests worldwide to their beloved refuge every year. They host mesmerizing wildlife viewing occasions, present important literature in regards to the refuge to native companies and hospitality companions, and assist numerous refuge-related instructional packages. Their annual conservation lecture collection gathers specialists and fanatics who delve into urgent matters within the realm of conservation, making certain that the spirit of preservation reaches all corners of the neighborhood.

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