Madagascar is a really distinctive biodiversity hotspot. Greater than 80% of its wildlife are endemic, which means these particular species can solely be discovered on the island. Nevertheless, much like the challenges dealing with the fauna and flora of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, Madagascar’s distinctive biodiversity can also be beneath pressing menace from deforestation, searching and the unlawful commerce in wildlife.

Annic’s favorite species is the monkey, however it’s in fact onerous to decide on a favourite amongst the various unbelievable animals she’s had the chance to see within the wild in Madagascar, and to get to know by David Attenborough’s many documentaries and television sequence. Madagascar’s lemurs are an apparent favorite. They’re primates, an order that features monkeys, apes and people. There are roughly 32 several types of lemurs in existence at present, all discovered solely in Madagascar. Annic notably loves her nation’s very particular sifaka (all of that are threatened or endangered), and in addition its unbelievable baobab timber.

Annic is grateful that her mentor,  Louis Buckworth, a board member of Wild Tomorrow Fund, launched her to founders Wendy and John. “I’m honored to be a part of Wild Tomorrow Fund and thrilled to have the chance to make use of my expertise in enterprise administration and accounting for the advantage of wildlife”, stated Annic.

Annic is one busy and type woman! Along with working for Wild Tomorrow Fund, she can also be an entrepreneur and the founding father of Avana for Madagascar, a mission serving to younger youngsters and ladies to enhance their high quality of life by training, empowerment and well being consciousness. She hopes to be taught extra about non-profit administration and administration at Wild Tomorrow Fund, and apply these expertise to convey extra assist for her mission in Madagascar. She can also be dreaming of the potential for a Wild Tomorrow Fund Madagascar sooner or later in our future.

Welcome Annic!

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