After hours of getting ready to fail Helldivers 2’s newest main order, it looks like gamers are getting conflicting reviews as to whether or not they even have

Uh, okay, so that is gonna be a bizarre one. After Helldivers 2 have spent the final little bit all getting ready to fail the sport’s newest main order – doubtless resulting from all the points that’ve been plaguing the sport this week – it appears to be like like they’re now getting conflicting reviews as to whether or not they have or not.

Yeah, they’re simply as confused as you might be. And I do not simply imply the parents who’ve been having to hope that the sport’s mechs will sometime grow to be fool proof. Although, to be trustworthy, given the issues that’ve been afflicting the sport’s galactic battle liberation percentages, this may not be that shocking.

Now that the clock’s run out on the key order to liberate each Fori Prime and Zagon Prime, gamers have been posting their heartfelt reactions to not having managed to perform it. Execpt, the notifications they’re getting appear to be saying two various things on a case by case foundation.

For each participant posting that they’ve gotten an alert saying that the key order’s been failed, there are simply as many sharing ones they appear to have gotten which declare that the group has truly succeded in conducting the order. The sport’s official Discord server is filled with people who’re having the identical issues occur and are naturally simply as miffed.

It is a breaking story and we’ll replace it with extra information ASAP.

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