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This week, in America, they celebrated the annual vacation of Thanksgiving. It’s a day when tens of millions of people come collectively to have a good time the defeat of their historical enemies within the well-known battle ‘Dinosaurs vs Area’ (gained by area in a TKO). They do that by sacrificing and consuming the highly-derived remnants of their former foes (Turkeys).

Right here within the UK, now we have our personal lengthy standing custom mixing palaeontology and this explicit Galliforme. I’m in fact referring to Turkey Dinosaurs.

I’d argue that there isn’t any higher show of the recognition of non-avian dinosaurs than the truth that we actually form the processed stays of different animals to appear to be them, and actually imagine this makes them style higher. Go forward, take a survey of any populous the world over, and provides them a selection between common turkey nuggets and turkey dinosaurs. The dinosaurs will win each single time.

It’s solely proper that, as a palaeontologist, I present a perspective on this fascinating department of dinosaurian life from a purely scientific perspective.


The turkey dinosaurs diverged from their widespread nugget ancestors in 1992. The earliest proof for them might be present in Britain, the place specimens have been completely preserved within the well-known lagerstätten (web site of outstanding preservation), your nan’s freezer.

From these finds three distinct species might be clearly recognized. They possess very totally different morphologies, however DNA evaluation confirms them as being one singular genus, Dinonuggetus. Although this can be stunning, it’s surprisingly widespread in nature. In any case, all home canine breeds, regardless of how totally different they seem, belong to at least one singular species, Canis familiaris.

A labelled diagram of a Tyrannosaurus shaped Turkey Dinosaur. Labels read: Arms reduced to bumps. Entirely upright bipedal posture. Thicc thighs.

Essentially the most generally pictured Turkey Dinosaurs are the Tyrannosaur morph. This species seems at first to be just like the Cretaceous period theropod dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex. Nonetheless, there are a variety of variations.

The clearest distinction is within the animal’s posture. D. trexi stands bipedally virtually like a human, its spine attaching on the base of the cranium and working kind of straight down. The animal props its tail on the bottom to help this posture in the same technique to a Kangaroo.

A skeletal drawing of Tyrannosaurus rex. The labels read: Powerful jaws. Head aligned with body. Highly reduced arms. Large athletic legs. Long tail held up off ground for balance.

T. rex against this stands extra horizontally, holding its head out aligned with the spine, slightly than awkwardly at 90 levels to it. This permits the animal to be a way more environment friendly hunter, with  the tail held out for steadiness as an alternative of dragging painfully alongside the bottom.

This possible goes an extended technique to explaining why T. rex was an apex predator on the high of the meals chain, while D. trexi has zero pure defences in opposition to being smothered in ketchup and eaten by youngsters.

A drawing of a Stegosaurus shaped turkey nugget. The labels read: Row of bumpy plates. Rounded thagomizers. Lil quadrupedal legs.

Very like its bipedal relative, D. stegosauri holds some hanging resemblances to a non-avian dinosaur, Stegosaurus.

Each have rows of plates alongside their backs, although their features differ. In Stegosaurus, the precise use of the plates isn’t identified for sure, however possible theories point out that they may very well be for show.

The plates are lined in traces of blood vessels, indicating they supported dwelling tissue on the bone. This tissue might have been brightly colored, used for attracting mates or intimidating predators. It has even been instructed that some stegosaurs present a level of sexual dimorphism within the form and measurement of those plates.

One other oft quoted idea is that Stegosaurus might have used these plates for thermoregulation, pumping blood into them to chill down or be used for heating like photo voltaic panels.

A skeletal drawing of Stegosaurus. The labels read: Two alternating rows of large plates. Four thagomizers (spikes) on tail. Back legs longer than front. Small head.

If D. stegosauri had advanced these plates for thermoregulation, they appear to do a spectacularly poor job. Research present that in their lifetimes, the inner physique temperature of Dinonuggetus varies by an astonishing 90oc, from actually frozen to roasting sizzling. That is removed from the perfect staple of homeostasis most animals attempt for.

A drawing of a Triceratops shaped turkey nugget. The labels read: Horn(s?). Frill: For display or defence? Short rounded tail.

The ultimate species variant is one other quadruped, D. ceratopsi, as soon as once more named for the prehistoric reptile it mimics.

Most of the ceratopsian dinosaurs, just like the well-known Triceratops, possess giant facial horns that can be utilized in competitors for mates. Regardless of usually being proven as squaring off in opposition to a big carnivore, the first use of those horns would have been in opposition to others of the identical species.

The positioning of the 2 giant horns above the attention would have allowed the animals to successfully lock collectively in a contest of energy. Quite a few Triceratops specimens present proof of this brutal preventing etched into their skulls, reminiscent of gouge marks throughout their frills brought on by the glancing blows of horns.

A skeletal drawing of Triceratops. The labels read: Large frill. Three facial horns. Beaked mouth.

It’s troublesome to inform precisely what number of horns D. ceratopsi possessed or the way it might need used them, because of the animal being virtually totally two-dimensional.


In 2021 there was a sudden improve within the variety of Turkey Dinosaurs within the dinner ecosystem. Nonetheless, genetic evaluation revealed one thing outstanding. The brand new morphs had been truly a part of a totally new genus; Veganuggetus.

A vital precept in palaeontology is convergent evolution. This occurs when utterly totally different teams of animals evolve remarkably related options to fight the identical environmental challenges.

A typical instance is the streamlined physique form advanced by sharks and ichthyosaurs. Their our bodies look remarkably related, regardless of one being a chondrichthyan and the opposite being a reptile.

And so, almost 30 years after Turkey nuggets advanced on this path, Quorn nuggets had been seen to evolve a dinosaurian physique plan (Turkey dinosaurs in fact being that uncommon instance of a creature in nature that evolves to not turn into extra environment friendly at consuming meals, however as an alternative to turn into extra environment friendly at being eaten).

Remarkably, this convergence happened regardless of the 2 teams not even being a part of the identical kingdom of life. Tissue pattern research show that Dinonuggetus are inside animalia, whereas Veganuggetus fall inside the fungi. This makes the truth that they style an identical much more astounding.

What drove this sudden diversification occasion? In contrast to most animal evolution, pushed by adjustments in local weather, habitat, sexual choice, or availability of meals, the Quorn Diversification of 2021 was pushed totally on account of a single occasion, specifically a drunken message to a serious company by an Irish girl. That is the primary and solely identified case of a DM slide leading to a serious ecological transition.

Pure choice

Two of the newer organisms look remarkably just like the well-known species, and have been named accordingly; Veganuggetus trexi and V. stegosauri. However, a outstanding new species additionally appeared right now.

A drawing of a sauropod shaped nugget. The labels read: Large body. Long neck. Oddly short tail.

There’s a false impression that Dinonuggestus had a long-necked species, harking back to the large sauropod dinosaurs. Nonetheless, no such creature had ever existed. It’s a palaeo-snack instance of the famed Mandela Impact. Nonetheless, Veganuggetus does have a such a morphotype, V. sauropodi.

The lengthy necks of sauropod dinosaurs are used to successfully feed on vegetation few different animals can attain. The aim of the lengthy neck in V. sauropodi is completely unknown. No species of nugget-dinosaur has a functioning digestive system and even mouth, so it will don’t have any must evolve any specialised feeding mechanism.

A skeletal drawing of a Cetiosaurus. The labels read: Massively long neck. Four columnar legs. Equally long tail for balance.

Being so giant meant sauropod dinosaurs required giant quantities of meals to outlive, elevating questions of how any surroundings might maintain a number of species collectively, one thing the fossil report reveals did occur. Evaluation of their tooth and skulls present that the sauropods advanced ‘area of interest partitioning’, which means they specialised in consuming totally different sorts of foliage, avoiding direct competitors with one another and permitting for peaceable co-existence. V. sauropodi usually are not seen to partake in any area of interest partitioning, as all of them share the very same tooth morphology. None.


Although all species of Dinonuggetus and Veganuggetus are seen to be extraordinarily poorly tailored for survival, someway they proceed to thrive within the fashionable ecosystem. That is possible resulting from them being what scientists name ‘a bit moreish’. Curiously they’re often present in mixed-species herds, a behaviour that fossilised trackways recommend might also have occurred in herbivorous dinosaurs too.

Their resemblance to creatures that died 66 million years in the past continues to rightly fascinate youngsters and millennials alike. Time will inform if new morphs will emerge in time, and what branches of life they might mimic. In any case, dinosaurs existed for over 160 million years, and we at present know of over 700 species. Who’s to say we gained’t find yourself with nugget types of all of them?

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