A New Carnotaurus sastrei Illustration is Commissioned

All the pieces Dinosaur has commissioned a brand new drawing of Carnotaurus sastrei. The abelisaurid drawing will likely be used within the firm’s up to date Carnotaurus truth sheet. The Carnotaurus truth sheet is distributed out with gross sales of Carnotaurus fashions and figures.

A drawing of Carnotaurus sastrei
All the pieces Dinosaur has commissioned a brand new drawing of a Carnotaurus (C. sastrei). Image credit score: All the pieces Dinosaur.

Image credit score: All the pieces Dinosaur

Carnotaurus sastrei

This massive theropod was named and described in 1985 by José Fernando Bonaparte. Bonaparte was a particularly influential determine within the growth of palaeontology in South America. He’s accountable for the scientific description of quite a few dinosaurs from Patagonia, and he impressed a brand new technology of Argentinian palaeontologists.

The Carnotaurus illustration was impressed by the CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Carnotaurus sastrei determine. This common dinosaur mannequin was launched in 2019.

The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Deluxe Carnotaurus.
The CollectA Age of Dinosaurs 1:40 scale deluxe Carnotaurus dinosaur mannequin.

To view the CollectA Deluxe mannequin vary: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Fashions.

All the pieces Dinosaur Truth Sheets

A spokesperson for All the pieces Dinosaur defined that for the overwhelming majority of fashions and figures that the corporate provides a free truth sheet about that prehistoric animal is distributed out. A whole bunch of truth sheets have been researched and written.

The spokesperson added:

“We proceed so as to add to our free truth sheet stock. The final two new truth sheets we launched had been for the tyrannosaur Alectrosaurus and the South American theropod Megaraptor namunhuaiquii. We fee illustrations of prehistoric animals reminiscent of Carnotaurus and this drawing will likely be used to replace the dimensions drawing on our Carnotaurus truth sheet.”

The All the pieces Dinosaur web site: All the pieces Dinosaur’s Web site.

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