25 Forms of Birds Widespread at Disney World! (w/ footage)

Over the previous few years, our household has been to Disney World in Florida A LOT. 

birds at disney world that you can see

However as an avid birder from Ohio, going to Disney World doesn’t simply imply footage with Mickey or driving Pirates of the Caribbean. It means we’re heading someplace with a lot of new birds to see and observe!!


However is it doable to see WILD birds whereas visiting Disney World?


The brief reply is YES! When you keep alert and listen, there are extra birds round than most individuals would count on. Under, you will discover a record of 25 totally different WILD birds that I’ve personally seen over my years visiting Disney. And no, Donald and Daisy Duck DO NOT rely. ?


  • Most of the birds beneath are simply seen hanging out round individuals on the parks. A few of the different species will be tougher to find, and chances are you’ll must get up early to stroll across the waterways and quieter areas close to the resorts.

#1. Home Sparrow

common disney world birds


Home Sparrows are an invasive species (initially from the Center East) and are actually one of the crucial plentiful and widespread birds in Florida (and the world)! They owe their success to their means to adapt and reside close to people. In contrast to most different birds, they LOVE grains and are generally seen consuming human meals, akin to Mickey pretzels and popcorn.


Home Sparrows are seen in all places in Disney, serving to to scrub up the parks as they scoop up leftover meals in all places they’ll. At the same time as I sort this within the foyer of the Seaside Membership resort, I can see two Home Sparrows on the garden. ?


#2. Widespread Grackle

birds at disney world


Similar to the Home Sparrow, these daring birds are seen in all places inside Disney World. I’ve even seen them raiding parked strollers on the lookout for meals!


Widespread Grackles are one of the crucial resourceful birds present in Florida. Their favourite meals are grains, akin to corn and rice, and they’re identified to assemble in monumental flocks in farm fields rising these crops. As well as, in addition they eat all kinds of seeds, acorns, fruits, bugs, spiders, frogs, fish, mice, different birds, and even rubbish!


#3. Boat-tailed Grackle

birds you can see at disney world


When you go to Disney World, it helps to be taught to determine the variations between a Widespread Grackle and Boat-Tailed Grackle, as each of those birds are widespread right here. Probably the most important giveaway is the big V-shaped tail of the Boat-Tailed Grackle and the way totally different the females look from the male.


Boat-tailed Grackles readily benefit from people for meals and safety from predators. For instance, when our household visits Disney World, I see them in giant numbers, hanging out round busy meals areas trying to scavenge leftover popcorn, pretzels, and french fries.


#4. Fish Crow

common disney world birds


Fish Crows are one of the crucial widespread birds that I see each time we go to Disney World. They get pleasure from consuming human meals, so you’ll be able to see them at each inns and parks scavenging for each stray snack.


Fish Crows are smaller than the American Crow, however this may be arduous to distinguish. The first manner for me to determine a Fish Crow is their nasally calls and sounds, that are totally different from the American Crow. And belief me, you shouldn’t have any downside listening to these loud and noisy birds, particularly within the mornings!


#5. Mallard

Common ducks in disney world


My guess is that you’re already aware of the Mallard. These geese are one of the crucial widespread birds discovered at Disney World!


Each lake or physique of water appears to have a number of Mallards swimming round. We even discovered them by the pool at our resort. Most of those geese are very courageous round individuals and can even sit below your desk as you eat, ready for bread or popcorn to fall down.


#6. Limpkin


These water birds are extremely entertaining, particularly as they “run” throughout the land to get to the water. Limpkins are pretty vocal and loud and feast on apple snails.


One of the simplest ways to see these birds at Disney is to get up early and stroll alongside the various canals and water areas. I’ve seen them typically round the lake on the Seaside and Yacht Membership and Boardwalk Space.


#7. Mourning Dove

mourning doves disney world


Mourning Doves are widespread at just a few of the parks and inns, however you’ll almost definitely must look on roofs or hear for his or her singing within the early night. They’re additionally generally seen on the bottom in quieter areas, which is the place they do most of their feeding.


#8. Nice Egret

great egret

Nice Egrets are one of the crucial beautiful birds discovered round Disney World.


They particularly placed on a present throughout breeding season once they develop lengthy feathery plumes referred to as aigrettes, that are held up throughout courtship shows. These lovely white birds are widespread within the many waterways that move by way of Disney. I at all times see them flying overhead too.


#9. Turkey Vulture

common vultures in disney world


As soon as what to search for, it’s simple to identify these vultures whereas they’re flying round Disney. Search for a big raptor hovering within the sky making wobbly circles, whose wings are raised excessive sufficient to seem like the letter “V.” It’s thought that this flying type helps them glide at low altitudes, which retains them near the bottom to scent for meals.


Each time we go to Magic Kingdom, I at all times appear to see at the least one Turkey Vulture within the sky. One time, there have been 8 circling the citadel at Magic Kingdom. I used to be just a little apprehensive one thing occurred to Cinderella since these vultures use their sense of scent to detect carrion!


#10. White Ibis

white ibis


These social water birds don’t prefer to be alone. Along with feeding, in addition they nest collectively in giant colonies, fly in flocks, and even take group baths! White Ibises usually forage collectively in shallow wetlands, on the lookout for crustaceans and bugs.


These birds are “Goofy” trying however very entertaining to look at. I see them continuously across the parks and resorts. In case you are at Animal Kingdom within the night, you’ll be able to even spot them roosting collectively alongside the waterways.


#11. Northern Cardinal

northern cardinal


Indisputably, the Northern Cardinal is among the hottest birds round. However they’re shyer than many different birds on this record, so that you most likely gained’t see them on the parks or in the course of the day when there are many individuals round.


If you wish to see a Northern Cardinal, it’s best to get up early and stroll across the resorts, because it’s widespread to see them flying from shrub to shrub or singing from a excessive vantage level.


#12. Northern Mockingbird

northern mockingbird

These charismatic birds are NOT simple to overlook at Disney!

First, Northern Mockingbirds LOVE to sing, and so they virtually by no means cease throughout sure occasions of the 12 months. As well as, Northern Mockingbirds have daring personalities. For instance, it’s widespread for them to harass different birds by flying slowly round them after which approaching with their wings up, exhibiting off their white wing patches.


I’ve seen many Northern Mockingbirds at Disney by waking up and strolling across the resorts within the morning.


#13. Purple-Bellied Woodpecker


Purple-bellied Woodpeckers are simply noticed round Disney World within the mornings round a few of the greater timber and wooded areas. One other nice approach to discover these birds is to be taught their calls! Hear for a rolling “churr-churr-churr.”


Purple-bellied Woodpeckers are one among my FAVORITE birds to see. I feel they’re completely attractive with their black and white barred backs. However this woodpecker’s title will be complicated since their bellies don’t truly include a lot pink coloring apart from an vague pink wash.


#14. Osprey

disney world birds, eagles, ospreys


If you consider an Osprey, it’s best to consider fish as a result of that’s what these birds eat 99% of the time. Even Osprey’s talons are tailored for catching fish. When you take an in depth look, you will note they’re extraordinarily curved and intersect when absolutely closed, which makes them excellent for holding onto slippery fish!


Due to their specialised weight-reduction plan, you’ll virtually at all times discover Ospreys dwelling, breeding, and elevating their younger round water at Disney World. They’re particularly energetic within the mornings!


#15. Blue Jay

blue jay


Some individuals dislike Blue Jays, however I really like their daring personalities. Their excessive intelligence makes them attention-grabbing to watch, to not point out their plumage is beautiful.


These birds are seen most frequently in Disney World within the mornings close to barely wooded areas. And since Blue Jays are additionally very noisy, be certain to hear for them! The commonest vocalization that I hear is their alarm name, which sounds prefer it’s saying “jeer.”


#16. Double Crested Cormorant

double crested cormorant


Double-crested Cormorants are distinctive trying, with many individuals pondering they seem like a cross between a loon and a goose. These professional divers eat virtually completely fish, which they catch underwater with their completely tailored hooked payments.


One of many BEST methods to seek out these water birds round Disney is to search for them on land with their wings unfold out. Double-crested Cormorants don’t have waterproof feathers, so after swimming, they need to dry them.


#17. Nice Blue Heron

great blue heron

Nice Blue Herons are simple to see in Disney World since there may be a lot water!


More often than not, they are going to both be immobile or transferring very slowly by way of the water, on the lookout for prey. However watch them carefully as a result of when a chance presents itself, these herons will strike rapidly and ferociously to seize one thing to eat. Widespread meals embrace fish, frogs, reptiles, small mammals, and even different birds.


Additionally, be certain to look at the skies in Disney for a flying Nice Blue Heron. Look for a LARGE chicken that folds its neck into an “S” form and has its legs trailing straight behind.


#18. Purple-shouldered Hawk

Kinds of birds of prey at disney world


Purple-tailed Hawks are most likely essentially the most seen raptor round Disney World, together with the Osprey. These birds of prey are primarily forest dwellers. Their favourite locations are woods with an open higher cover since this additional area permits them to hunt extra effectively.


It’s widespread to listen to a Purple-shouldered Hawk earlier than you see one. Hear for a loud name that feels like “kee-ahh,” which is usually repeated a number of occasions.


#19. Snowy Egret

snowy egret


Snowy Egrets are widespread in Florida, however I often have a tough time discovering them round Disney. However I virtually ALWAYS see them hanging out on the hippo enclosure at Animal Kingdom.


Apparently, these water birds will breed with different heron species, akin to equally sized birds like Tricolored Herons, Little Blue Herons, and Cattle Egrets. So in case you see a heron that you would be able to’t appear to determine, it could be a hybrid!


#20. Tricolored Heron

tricolored heron


With all of the water that surrounds Disney, wading birds just like the Tricolored Heron are widespread. Though I at all times appear to have hassle discovering Tricolored Herons. However, similar to the Snowy Egret, I usually see them by the hippo enclosure at Animal Kingdom.


#21. Swallow-tailed Kite

swallow tailed kite

These birds are unmistakable when flying round Disney World!


First, seeing the big forked tail is a lifeless giveaway that you just’re watching a Swallow-tailed Kite. As well as, these raptors are extremely acrobatic and carry out all types of aerial turns, rolls, and dives!


Sadly, Swallow-tailed Kites should not in Florida lengthy. After just a few months of elevating their younger throughout summer season, they migrate again to South America for the winter.


#22. Inexperienced Heron

green heron


This small water chicken is discovered round Disney World in any moist habitat that features a lot of vegetation, which gives locations for them to remain hidden. You’ll most frequently see them foraging at daybreak or nightfall, as they like to remain out of sight throughout a lot of the day.


Inexperienced Herons are extra secretive than a few of the different wading birds, however with a lot water round, they are often noticed alongside the shores. Taking one of many boat transportation rides is an effective way to search for them.


#23. Downy Woodpecker

species of birds in disney world


Downy Woodpeckers are one of the crucial widespread birds in Florida! You most likely acknowledge them, as they’re seen in most backyards throughout North America.


When you get up early and stroll round a few of the wooded areas round Disney World, you shouldn’t have any issues discovering one among these woodpeckers.


#24. European Starling

european starling


European Starlings are generally discovered round individuals. With that being stated, that Disney World is an ideal spot to seek out these birds! Their means to adapt to human growth and eat virtually something is uncanny to virtually no different species.


However do you know starlings aren’t even native to Florida? Again in 1890, 100 starlings had been introduced over from Europe and launched in New York Metropolis’s Central Park. The remainder is historical past as starlings simply conquered the continent, alongside the best way out-competing a lot of our lovely native birds.


#25. Bald Eagle

eagles at disney world

The Bald Eagle might be essentially the most recognizable chicken at Disney World!


The perfect locations to seek out them are round giant our bodies of water, akin to Bay Lake. The rationale for that is that Bald Eagles principally eat fish!


What birds have you ever seen at Disney World?


These 25 birds are only a begin, as many extra dozens of species have been noticed round Disney. For instance, on our final journey, I used to be in a position to spot a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in some timber close to the Seaside Membership!


Please be certain to depart a COMMENT beneath, letting us know which species you’ve got seen and WHERE?


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