23 FUN & INTERESTING Information About Turkeys! (2022)

23 FUN & INTERESTING Information About Turkeys! (2022)

When most individuals consider turkeys, they instantly consider Thanksgiving. However there’s extra to those unimaginable birds than feasting on them each November.


At present, you’ll be taught 23 FUN info about turkeys!


We’re going to talk about many issues, corresponding to their attention-grabbing historical past, excessive ranges of intelligence, distinctive bodily options, and even how one can distinguish their poop. 🙂 And ensure to make it to the top to be taught if consuming turkey really makes you sleepy.


#1. Turkeys had been ALMOST our nationwide chook!

fun facts about turkeys


Because the story goes, Benjamin Franklin most well-liked the Wild Turkey to the Bald Eagle because the nationwide chook of the US! So is that this fable really true?


Properly, in a letter to his daughter Franklin lamented the number of the occasional rubbish and carrion-eating Bald Eagle because the nation’s consultant, because it was not the respectable consultant he had hoped for! The Bald Eagle, he remarked, was lazy and a thief. Franklin didn’t like that they’d wait for one more eagle to seize lunch after which ambush it to steal the catch for his grasping self!


Furthermore, Franklin stated the turkey was clever, protecting of its territory, and would fearlessly assault any perceived risk. In each manner, he thought it was a greater icon for the US. However he by no means really proposed this thought to anybody besides in a letter to his daughter, which is what triggered the parable.


#2. Home turkeys are a lot bigger than wild ones.

turkey facts - wild vs domestic



Home turkeys which might be raised for meals are roughly double their authentic measurement. It’s because they’ve been bred to have outsized breasts to supply extra meals. In actual fact, they’re so massive that home turkeys can’t fly like their wild airborne counterparts.


As well as, home turkeys have a tough time mating due to their measurement, and most business turkey producers depend on synthetic insemination to fertilize turkey eggs.


Lastly, domesticated sorts of turkey have been intentionally bred to be fully white. It’s because white birds don’t have pores and skin colours beneath the feathers, so the chook is extra constant and engaging within the retailer.


#3. How the turkey obtained its identify is attention-grabbing!


So, someplace between 4,000 and a couple of,000 years in the past, the Mayans/Aztecs domesticated the South Mexico Wild Turkey for meals. They used it for non secular sacrifice and feasts, and it’s the foundation for our fashionable home turkey.


Someday later, Spanish Conquistadors obtained to the New World and introduced these domesticated birds, which weren’t referred to as turkeys but, again to Europe. As soon as in Europe, the turkeys turned standard and had been equated with guinea fowls, which had been introduced over from Africa. On the time, the Guinea Fowls had been mistakenly referred to as “Turkey cocks” since they had been initially introduced over by Turkish Merchants, utterly ignoring their African origin. Nonetheless, since they had been related to Guinea Fowls, the identify “Turkey cocks” caught, and ultimately, it was shortened to “turkey.”


Curiously, round 1608, settlers got here to North America and introduced domesticated turkeys to North America, discovering near-identical birds already current! The identify caught and was additionally utilized to the native (authentic) selection. Speak about miscommunication!


#4. Male turkeys have beards!

interesting facts about turkeys


Curiously, male turkeys have chest beards that develop repeatedly from their faces. These beards develop between three and 5 inches per yr, typically reaching a size of seven inches or extra!


Since turkeys are birds, these beards aren’t really product of hair. As an alternative, they’re specialised feathers referred to as mesofiloplumes and are primarily used for attracting mates.


#5. Just one gender of turkey gobbles!


Solely male turkeys make the well-known gobble name. This sound is used to announce themselves to females whereas competing with different males for the women’ consideration. Different turkey sounds embrace purrs (principally females), yelps, kee-kees, clicking noises, cackles, clucks, putts, and kutts.


#6. Turkeys have bizarre stuff on their faces!

fun turkey facts for kids

Have you ever ever seemed carefully on the face of a turkey? It has some actually outstanding (others say gross) options referred to as caruncles. Relying in your standpoint, these bulgy bits on the pinnacle seem like warts, mini-brains, or intestines. 🙂


Curiously, each sexes have caruncles. Females usually keep a non-descript pink colour. However for males, the caruncles will be both crimson or blue, relying on their temper!


#7. Turkeys have one thing dangling off their neck!


The dangly flesh that hangs off the entrance of a turkeys neck known as a wattle. Each sexes have wattles, they usually can change colours relying on the temper, as additional blood will rush into them to seem brilliant crimson for optimum visible influence. Conversely, in the event that they turn into scared by a predator, the blood will rush out of the wattle and seem blue.


Wattles additionally assist launch warmth from a turkey’s physique on a scorching day!


#8. What’s that factor on a turkeys beak?

turkey facts for kids and adults


Each female and male turkeys have snoods, that are one other type of caruncle. Male turkey’s snoods prolong over the beak and are primarily dangly, decorative fleshy appendages.


The size of them displays the animal’s good well being for mating functions. Longer snoods additionally point out larger ranges of testosterone within the chook. Snoods will also be used to foretell the winner of a contest between two males when combating.


#9. The legs of turkeys are harmful!


Males have sharp boney protrusions on their legs, making efficient weapons throughout fight. Native People even used to make use of them as the purpose for his or her arrows. Who knew that consuming a turkey leg may very well be so harmful? 🙂


#10. Turkeys are (principally) vegetarians.

interesting facts about turkeys


Turkeys are virtually solely ground-foraging birds, which implies they eat their meals from the bottom. They exist primarily as vegetarians, as most of their meals consists of acorns, nuts, grass, seeds, and many others. However, they are going to gladly eat bugs and different small invertebrates when accessible.


#11. Wild Turkeys can fly!

fun facts about turkeys


Wild Turkeys wish to roost in bushes at evening, so to stand up there, they want the flexibility to fly! And for such a big chook, they will fly a shocking distance, between a half and a full mile. They will additionally fly sooner than you suppose and attain speeds as much as 50 mph.


#12. Turkeys may also run quick!


Turkeys can run at shocking speeds of 15-25 miles per hour on the bottom. When you irritate one, they will undoubtedly outrun you, so keep cool and don’t do something threatening, otherwise you’ll virtually actually remorse it. 🙂


#13. Child turkeys don’t hatch on the similar time.


When a hen is able to make little turkeys, she’ll lay about 10 to 12 eggs, one egg per day, over about two weeks. The eggs will incubate for about 28 days earlier than hatching, which means the 10-12 chicks will hatch sequentially over about two weeks.


Child turkeys, additionally referred to as poults, are thought of precocial and nidifugous, which implies they’re pretty developed when they’re born and might go away the nest instantly. This can be a good factor as a result of poults are preyed upon by a big number of predators, together with snakes, raccoons, skunks, and lots of several types of birds of prey.


#14. A turkey’s head is type of like a temper ring.


A turkey’s head is extremely distinctive, and as we simply realized, it features a snood, a wattle, and caruncles. Curiously, these options change colour primarily based on pleasure, worry, or aggression stage.


If it’s brilliant crimson, which means blood is speeding in, so again away slowly as a result of they’re within the temper for a battle or readying to assault. Blue typically means the blood has left and that the turkey is scared.


#15. Turkeys have been to the Moon!


The primary meal eaten on the Moon, when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Ed “Buzz” Aldrin landed there in 1969, was roasted turkey and the entire trimmings from specifically ready foil-sealed meals packets from NASA.


Touchdown a spacecraft on the Lunar floor was terrifying as a result of they didn’t know if it was a stable rock or an enormous bowl of mud into which they’d sink. So, after they landed safely, it was an excellent cause to have a Thanksgiving-type meal on the 20th of July, 1969!


#16. They virtually went extinct TWICE!

This turkey truth is miserable. Sadly, turkeys have practically gone extinct twice due to people.


The primary time was within the early 1800s after they practically vanished resulting from overhunting and habitat loss. As settlers relentlessly chopped down forests for lumber to construct houses, cities, and cities, turkeys disappeared together with the bushes. After which it occurred once more within the Nineteen Thirties when turkeys had been practically hunted to extirpation as a result of it was thought they had been limitless and capable of assist any stage of searching.


It took cautious shepherding and administration to deliver them again from simply 200,000 birds to the present inhabitants of seven.5 million Wild Turkeys. That is considered one of the crucial profitable inhabitants recoveries ever.


#17. Turkeys are smarter than you suppose.


This truth about turkeys could shock you, and that’s that turkeys are extremely smart in lots of respects. For instance, they will map out and keep in mind particulars of their house vary, about 1,000 acres of land.


Moreover, in case you’re affected person and take note of them, they turn into acquainted like pet canine! Every day you go to, they are going to transfer just a little nearer to you till they resolve you might be acceptable, after which they’re fairly pleasant. However remember this takes time, and they should make the choice for themselves.


#18. Their eyesight is best than you suppose.


Though it’s not so good as an eagle, turkeys have unimaginable imaginative and prescient. They will see at the very least thrice higher than people when it comes to distance and backbone. On prime of that, they will see practically 270 levels, so little or no head motion is critical to look at all the things round them.


#19. Their listening to is best than you suppose.


Turkeys don’t have ears you’d acknowledge since they’re small holes behind the eyes. However, they will hear sounds within the subsonic frequencies past the vary of people as much as a mile away.


Mixed with their extraordinary imaginative and prescient, intelligence, and velocity, Wild Turkeys are extremely onerous for predators to catch.


#20. Gobblers, toms, and jennies are all Turkey Terminology.


Subsequent time you speak about turkeys, you may impress your folks through the use of the proper phrases. 🙂

  • Gobblers or toms: grownup males
  • Jennies: juvenile females
  • Rafter, gang, or mob: a bunch of turkeys
  • Bachelors: a bunch of male turkeys at first of the mating season


#21. This turkey truth is a bit gross.


Curiously, poop can inform you a large number a few turkey when it isn’t in sight. For instance, the larger the dung’s diameter, the older the turkey normally is.


Additionally, the design of the feces tells you if the turkey is male or feminine.

  • Males make a poop that appears just like the letter “J.”
  • Females wish to make just a little swirly form that will qualify them for a part-time job at Dairy Queen. However strive not to consider this turkey truth subsequent time you go to DQ.


Click on HERE for a PDF information that will help you resolve the turkey dung dilemma (contains photos!). 🙂


#22. The presidential turkey pardon!


Yearly, the present United States President grants a pardon to 2 birds (a presidential turkey and a vice-presidential turkey) simply earlier than Thanksgiving. The chosen birds reside the remainder of their lives on farms and are sometimes accessible to most of the people to greet, go to, and {photograph}.


Whereas some declare that official Presidential pardons for turkeys began in 1989 with the presidency of George H. W. Bush, unofficial presidential pardons had been granted a fortunate turkey every year a lot earlier. Some data even declare pardons had been issued as early because the 1830s!


Contemplating that round 46 million turkeys are killed every year for Thanksgiving, the chances of being given a presidential pardon is 1 in 23 million. 🙂


#23. Consuming turkey DOES NOT make you sleepy.


I’m positive you could have heard that supposedly consuming turkey on Thanksgiving makes you go to sleep. And sure, after all, it comprises that notorious amino acid named tryptophan, which might have a chilled impact.


However the issue is that you just’d must eat an unimaginable quantity of turkey and nothing else to get sufficient tryptophan to acquire an impact. That lethargy that overtakes you after Thanksgiving is extra probably attributable to all the surplus carbs from the crust of mini-marshmallow-topped candy potatoes, stuffing, and a surprisingly great amount of alcohol.


What’s your favourite truth about turkeys?


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