10 Birds That Are BLUE Discovered In Maine! (ID GUIDE)

Did you see a BLUE chicken in Maine?

Common Blue Birds in Maine

In that case, I’m certain you’re questioning what sort of chicken it was! Fortunately, you should utilize the information under that can assist you determine it out.

And let me make clear, “Once I say blue birds, I imply birds which can be partly or completely blue.” Surprisingly, there are 10 blue birds in Maine that we are going to be taking a look at on this information

I’ve included data on women and men of every species. However please observe that MOST male species are bluer than females. Typically the feminine is extra reasonably blue or a special coloration completely.

There are 10 birds in Maine which can be thought-about “blue.”

#1. Blue Jay

Blue Birds species that live in Maine

Figuring out Traits:

  • Backs are coated in stunning blue feathers with black bars all through. Underparts are white.
  • Their head is surrounded by a black necklace that has a blue crest on prime.
  • Men and women look the identical.

Some individuals dislike Blue Jays, however I really like their daring personalities. Their excessive intelligence makes these birds fascinating to look at, to not point out their plumage is gorgeous.

Blue Jay Vary Map

blue jay range map

Usually, they go to feeders noisily, becoming as a lot meals as doable of their throat sacks after which leaving shortly to cache their bounty. My favourite meals to make use of are complete peanuts, as Blue Jays are one of many solely birds that may crack open the shells to entry the within! You may also use sunflower seeds and corn to draw them.

These birds are additionally glorious mimics and steadily imitate hawks. They’re so good it’s laborious to inform the distinction between which chicken is current. It’s thought that jays do that to deceive different birds into believing a hawk is current. Not a foul plan if you wish to get a chicken feeder all to your self!

Blue Jays are one of many noisier birds in Maine you’ll hear.

The most typical vocalization that I hear is their alarm name, which sounds prefer it’s saying “jeer.

#2. Barn Swallow

Types of Blue Birds that live in Maine

Figuring out Traits:

  • Small chicken with a flat head, skinny invoice, pointed wings, thick neck, and fork-like tail.
  • Each sexes are related placing metallic blue, rusty brown underparts, rufous coloured brow, and throat. White spots on the tail are sometimes seen throughout flight. Females are as daring in colours.

These blue birds are sometimes present in Maine in open fields, meadows, pond marshes, or coastal waters.

Barn Swallow Vary Map

barn swallow range map

Barn Swallows favor to eat bigger bugs relatively than consuming teams of smaller ones. Subsequently, they primarily feed near water or the bottom catching bugs in mid-air.

This blue chicken doesn’t sometimes ever come to chicken feeders. However it’s possible you’ll get fortunate in the event you pass over eggshells or oyster shells on a platform feeder. These meals assist of their digestion.

One fascinating truth about Barn Swallows is usually; an unmated male will kill younger birds in a nest to interrupt up the parenting Barn Swallow couple. Then the unmated male will get along with the feminine.

Each women and men sing an extended warbler tune filled with warbling notes and mechanical sounds. Pay attention under.

#3. Cliff Swallow

cliff swallow pic

Figuring out Traits:

  • Small head, rounded physique, and sq. tail.
  • Each sexes look related with darkish blue on backs and crowns, rust-colored faces, darkish wings, orangeish rump, and white underparts.
  • Whiteish tan mark above invoice, which typically is brown.

If you happen to see a flock of birds which can be blue in Maine, it could also be a bunch of Cliff Swallows!

These social birds are present in massive flocks, typically round in numerous habitats. They like grasslands, cities, and river edges however are many instances seen round bridges. Additionally they prefer to keep away from forests and deserts.

Cliff Swallow Vary Map

cliff swallow range map

This species sometimes builds mud nests on cliffs. However now, due to so many artifical buildings, in addition they make their nest beneath bridges and overpasses.

The Cliff Swallow primarily forages for meals within the air in flocks as much as over 1,000 people in the course of the day.

Cliff swallows songs are odd sounding with grinding sounds and squeaks. It sort of seems like if somebody was twisty a balloon and attempting to make a balloon animal. Pay attention under.


#4. Belted Kingfisher

belted king fisher pic

Figuring out Traits:

  • Each sexes are bluish-gray with white across the neck and underparts—lengthy mohawk feathered crown with an extended invoice.
  • Females are blue-gray and white and have extra brilliant colours than males. Females even have a rust-colored stomach.
  • Males are blue-gray with a white band on their neck and a blue-gray band on their breast.

This species will get the award for being one of many coolest-looking birds which can be blue in Maine. Its distinct excessive crown feathers and huge lengthy invoice on its tiny physique ought to enable you to shortly determine them.

Belted Kingfishers are present in water habitats virtually in every single place.

Fortuitously, you possibly can appeal to them to your yard when you’ve got a pond or goldfish pool.

Belted King Fisher Vary Map

belted king fisher range map

You will see that the Belted Kingfisher close to the perimeters of water like lakes, rivers, or ponds. From right here, they hunt their prey by diving from their perch to get fish from the water.

These birds don’t have a tune however give mechanical rattles as calls, typically even for the slightest factor. If frightened, they’ve been recognized to let loose a scream. Pay attention under to their name.

#5. Indigo Bunting

indigo bunting pic

Figuring out Traits:

  • Males are completely blue with striped wings and silver payments.
  • Females are brownish with a streaked white breast. Solely slightly little bit of blue on wings, tail, or rump.

Indigo Buntings are stunningly stunning blue birds in Maine. No marvel they’re often known as the Blue Canary.

Indigo Bunting Vary Map

indigo bunting range map

In summer time, search for this species in open woodlands like edges of woods or forests. They might even be alongside roads or water sources. In winter, they’re extra probably in grasslands, lawns, shrubs, and timber.

Fortunately, you possibly can appeal to these blue beauties to your yard with nyjer thistle seed. They like bugs, so you could possibly additionally strive stay mealworms.

Surprisingly, this chicken migrates at night time by following the celebrities. They’ll do that as a result of they possess an inner clock that helps them alter their angle to the star’s orientation within the sky.

Male Indigo Buntings sing over 200 songs in an hour at daybreak. Pay attention under to their high-pitched notes which can be sharp however clear.

#6. Purple Martin

purple martin pic

Figuring out Traits:

  • Bigger swallow, with a barely hooked invoice, lengthy tapered wings, and quick forked tails.
  • Males are a deep blueish purple with brownish-black wings and tails.
  • Females are duller in coloration, white stomach, and grey on the top and chest.

You might be most likely considering, “Why is a Purple Martin in an article about blue birds?”

Good query.

It’s as a result of they’re primarily extra blue than purple!

This chicken’s habitat is broad, and so they favor an open space so long as it’s by a lake or pond.

Purple Martin Vary Map

purple martin range map

Purple Martins favor to eat bugs year-round and are swift flyers. They glide and make massive circles within the air as they catch prey. They’ll fly as excessive as 500 toes within the air.

To draw these species strive placing out a Purple Martin birdhouse in the course of the breeding season. It’s best to make certain it has a guard to guard the eggs from predators. This species enjoys consuming damaged eggshells, which helps their digestion.

Each sexes sing songs. The male songs are a deep gurgling warbler “tee, tee, tee.” Feminine songs are extra joyful.


#7. Tree Swallow

tree swallow pic

Figuring out Traits:

  • Small chicken with a tiny invoice.
  • Males are greenish-blue on upperparts, lengthy and pointy black wings, and white on the stomach.
  • Females are usually not as brilliant in coloration and brown higher elements.

You’ll sometimes discover Tree Swallows by our bodies of water in shorelines, marshes, or fields, the place they breed and may discover tons of bugs to feed on. This species will even bathe by flying over the water, skimming their our bodies on the floor, and shaking off the droplets.

Tree Swallow Vary Map

tree swallow range map

This blue chicken prefers to eat bugs, however they go to backyards with fruit shrubs, similar to Mayberry.

After breeding season, Tree Swallows collect in massive teams as much as a whole bunch of 1000’s emigrate and molt.

Each women and men sing a cheerful however shrill tune. Pay attention under.

#8. Little Blue Heron

little blue heron

Figuring out Traits:

  • Adults have a slate-gray physique and a purple-maroon head and neck.
  • Juveniles throughout their first 12 months, these herons are completely white!
  • Search for a two-toned invoice, whatever the chicken’s age, which is grey with a black tip.

Little Blue Herons are blue wading birds in Maine present in shallow wetlands.

They’re affected person hunters and can keep immobile for lengthy intervals, ready for prey to move by them. Whereas ready, they maintain their daggerlike invoice pointed downwards to be ready for the second a fish, amphibian, insect, or crustacean seems.

Little Blue Heron Vary Map

little blue heron range map

As you possibly can see above, juvenile Little Blue Herons look completely totally different than adults! It’s thought that these birds tailored this white plumage to be tolerated by Snowy Egrets, who catch extra fish. Hanging out with massive flocks of white herons additionally most likely helps with avoiding predators. ????

Little Blue Herons are largely silent, however it’s doable to listen to them squeaking when alarmed. Additionally they emit numerous screams and croaks whereas nesting at a colony.

#9. Black-throated Blue Warbler

black throated blue warbler pic

Figuring out Traits:

  • Males are bigger warblers with a small invoice—deep blue on upperparts and white beneath, with a black face and throat.
  • Females are greenish-gray throughout; some have tints of blue on their wings or tail feathers.
  • Each sexes have a white sq. patch on their wings, which can assist to determine them.

This blue chicken (males solely) is present in japanese Maine, and within the winters, they migrate south to the Caribbean. And who wouldn’t wish to do this!

Black-throated Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler range map

You’ll sometimes discover Black-throated Blue Warblers within the forests foraging on low twigs in search of spiders or caterpillars.

Males sing to defend their territory and chase off different males. The songs are thick rising notes. Pay attention under.

#10. Japanese Bluebird

eastern bluebird

Figuring out Traits:

  • Males are vibrant blue with a rusty chest and throat, which makes them comparatively simple to determine.
  • Females look related, however the colours are extra subdued.

Few birds are as fairly as an Japanese Bluebird. Due to their cheerful disposition and wonderful magnificence, these birds are at all times a pleasure to see, each for birders and non-birders alike!

These bluebirds are widespread in Maine and are present in open areas. Search for them in meadows, fields, cemeteries, golf programs, parks, backyards, and even Christmas tree farms!

Japanese Bluebird Vary Map

eastern bluebird range map

The first food regimen of the Japanese Bluebird modifications with the seasons. Throughout hotter months, bugs caught on the bottom are their main supply of diet, similar to beetles, crickets, and spiders. Nonetheless, when bugs go away in winter, their food regimen switches to fruit and berries discovered on timber.

Associated Article:

These birds have a gorgeous name. Pay attention for a liquid-sounding warbling tune that consists of 1—3 notes, which is usually given a number of instances in a row. You may also hearken to Japanese Bluebirds by urgent play under!

Do you want extra assist figuring out a blue chicken you may have seen?

In that case, this area information ought to give you the option that can assist you.

Which of those blue birds have you ever seen earlier than in Maine?

Go away a remark under!

The vary maps above had been generously shared with permission from The Birds of the World, printed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I exploit their web site typically to study new details about birds.

To study extra about different birds that stay close to you, try these guides!

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