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By Alicia Kort
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So that you need to deliver a pup into your property for the primary time. Congratulations! It’s a giant resolution to make and one which prompts others, equivalent to the best way to decide what sort of canine it’s best to select to undertake. It’s an necessary alternative as a result of sure canine breeds are higher suited to first-time pet mother and father than others.

We’ve give you a listing of 15 canine breeds which are good for first-timers. These canine are sensible, adaptable, affectionate, trainable, pleasant, and require a low to medium quantity of train. All of those qualities are necessary as a result of they set you and your canine up for achievement as you navigate bringing a furry pal into your property.

Remember, although, that simply because a breed is meant to exhibit sure qualities doesn’t imply that each canine of that breed will. Particular person canine can act and behave in a different way than their breed. Not discovering the canine you’re searching for? Contemplate these small, medium, and large-sized canine breeds.

Good Canine For First-Time Pet Mother and father

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1. Combined-Breed Canine

Combined-breed canine from rescues or animal shelters could make nice companions to first-time pet mother and father. When you undertake a canine after they’re already an grownup, they’ve settled firmly into their persona, so you understand the canine you deliver dwelling might be just like the one you met within the shelter. The employees or their foster guardian(s) can advise you on what your new pup wants by way of meals, water, and train — data that breeders gained’t at all times provide you with, particularly for those who’re getting a pet. Shelter employees and foster mother and father have gotten to know their pups, although, and usually need what’s greatest for them, so they’re there to assist. After settling into their new dwelling for a couple of weeks, a rescue pup will begin to calm down and may turn out to be extra energetic and playful.

Weight: 5 to 65 kilos

Sensible pup

Reasonable power


white bichon frise dog rests head on womans shoulder

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2. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is an enthralling canine with curly white hair who goals to impress and weighs as much as 18 kilos. Extraordinarily clever and trainable, Bichons like to study new methods and present them off to anybody who will watch them. They’re good first canine as a result of they’re affectionate and have low-shedding coats. Some individuals take into account them hypoallergenic, however that doesn’t imply the canine guardian is off the hook for grooming — they nonetheless have to be brushed and bathed frequently. Bichons are apartment-friendly pups and don’t thoughts residing in a extra compact house (if something, they most likely desire being nearer to you). They do want common train and playtime, nevertheless. Potential pet mother and father ought to needless to say this breed is vulnerable to separation anxiousness and doesn’t prefer to be left alone, so that they’re greatest suited to homebodies.

Weight: 7 to 13 kilos


Sensible pup

Velcro canine

Labrador Retriever on beach

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3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers, nicknamed “Labs,” are candy, pleasant, and energetic companions. Labs are giant breed canine who can weigh as much as 80 kilos and have yellow, chocolate, or black coats. They’re nice pets for first-time canine mother and father as a result of they’re straightforward to coach, desirous to please, and affected person. These pups usually have jobs on search-and-rescue groups or as service canine; they’re happiest after they have a job to do and are mentally stimulated, so that they want toys and video games to maintain them from changing into bored and thus harmful. Though Labs have the proper temperament for first-time canine mother and father, they require about two hours of train per day. Their coats require weekly brushing, however their water resistant double-layer fur doesn’t shed loads.

Weight: 55 to 80 kilos

Playful pup

Reasonable power

Wanting to please

happy Papillon dog held by first time owner

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4. Papillon

The Papillon, whose massive butterfly-like ears make you marvel if this tiny pup will spontaneously take flight, is a toy canine that’s lovey-dovey, good with youngsters, and adaptable. They prefer to be round their people on a regular basis and are vulnerable to separation anxiousness. Papillons solely weigh as much as 10 kilos, however they will typically be a bit of overconfident about their measurement, so pet mother and father might want to keep watch over them round greater animals and younger youngsters who’re nonetheless studying the best way to work together with canine. Regardless of their diminutive stature, these pups want loads of train and playtime, each indoors and outdoor. Their silky, lengthy fur must be monitored for matting, however their fur is barely a single coat, so that they don’t want as a lot brushing and grooming as different breeds.

Weight: 5 to 10 kilos

Sensible pup


Reasonable power

border terrier on leash with owner

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5. Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a small, wiry pup who can weigh as much as 15.5 kilos. Identified for having an “otter face,” the Border Terrier is characterised as a warmhearted, athletic explorer. This breed requires a half hour a day of train and must be walked on a leash as a result of they’ve a powerful prey drive and in any other case may take off. The Border Terrier additionally enjoys digging, so if the pet guardian has a fenced-in yard, the fence ought to go down not less than 1.5 toes. This candy pup has a wiry outer coat and delicate undercoat. Along with requiring common grooming, this breed does have heavy shedding seasons, and other people might want to put aside time for brushing.

Weight: 11 to fifteen kilos

Digger / chaser

Reasonable power

Sensible pup

Young woman petting Japanese Chin on fountain

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6. Japanese Chin

At first look, the Japanese Chin seems to be like a pup who lived a lavish way of life as soon as upon a time — and that’s true. Japanese Chins had been royal companions and lap-dogs in each Japan and Nice Britain. Their flattened faces, massive eyes, and surprisingly lengthy ears make this pup, who tops out at 9 kilos, seem so noble. This breed is an effective first-time canine companion as a result of although they require common walks, they don’t want a ton of train — in truth, it’s not advisable to take them on hikes or jogs as a result of they’re not constructed for it. They’ve been described as cat-like and a bit of cussed, so that they could be a bit onerous to win over when you first deliver them dwelling and introduce them to family members.

Weight: 4 to 11 kilos


Low power


American Cocker Spaniel with chicken toy

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7. American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel has an extended, silky coat and expressive puppy-dog eyes. If this breed seems to be a bit of acquainted to you, it’s as a result of Girl from Disney’s Girl and the Tramp is modeled after an American Cocker Spaniel. Weighing as much as 30 kilos, the American Cocker Spaniel is a small however loyal companion. They’re extremely affectionate, adaptable, affected person, and delicate round youngsters and different pets, so that they’re a terrific choose for first-time pet mother and father. The American Cocker Spaniel is delicate and doesn’t reply effectively to harsh reprimands. Despite the fact that they’re a part of the sporting group, they solely want as much as an hour of train a day. First-time canine mother and father ought to go for a pet minimize for this breed as a result of when their hair is lengthy, it requires a variety of specialised care.

Weight: 20 to 30 kilos


Reasonable power

Sensible pup

large bernese mountain dog and woman cuddle outdoors

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8. Bernese Mountain Canine

The Bernese Mountain Canine weighs as much as 110 kilos and seems pleasant with built-in smiles on their faces. These are devoted, easy-going pups with excessive ranges of persistence and trainability. They’re good with youngsters and different canine, which makes them a terrific choose for first-time mother and father. These clever, family-friendly canine are typically obedient, and, regardless of their standing as working canine, they require a average quantity of train. They need to ideally have a yard to run round in however are additionally glad being taken on mountaineering adventures, lengthy walks, or enjoying a rousing sport of fetch for at least half-hour a day. Essentially the most high-maintenance a part of proudly owning a Bernese Mountain Canine is taking good care of their double coat. They shed loads, particularly when it will get hotter, and so they’ll have to be brushed as soon as per week.

Weight: 90 to 130 kilos


Sensible pup

Reasonable power

Basenji standing at lake in fall

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9. Basenji

The Basenji is a barkless searching African canine who has gained over the hearts of many as a candy household companion. Boasting clever eyes and glossy, delicate fur, Basenjis are low-maintenance with regards to grooming and pleasant, making them best first-time pets. This breed can weigh as much as 24 kilos and so they’re comparatively quiet, although they’re not soundless; they do chortle to let you understand precisely what they’re pondering. What could be a problem for first-time pet mother and father is coaching Basenjis. They’ve minds of their very own and may be cussed, so it’s advisable to take them to a doggy obedience class to get some additional assist on this enviornment. This former searching canine is medium-energy and wishes loads of fetch time within the yard and lengthy walks.

Weight: 21 to 24 kilos


Reasonable power


Basset hound sitting on a deck in front of tree

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10. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are doting canine well-known for his or her unhappy puppy-dog eyes, lengthy ears, eager sense of odor, and low-slung physique that weighs as much as 75 kilos. They’re additionally famously good canine for first-time canine mother and father. Wanting to please and comparatively chill, the Basset Hound doesn’t require as a lot train as different breeds on this listing. They like low-speed, longer walks with many alternatives to make use of their monitoring skills. Their quick coat can also be low-maintenance, however they are going to want common brushing periods to maintain their shedding underneath management. The principle factor to contemplate with a Basset Hound is that they are often tough to coach, so first-time canine mother and father may need to put money into obedience lessons.

Weight: 40 to 75 kilos

Wanting to please

Low power


Whippet puppy lying on dog bed

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11. Whippet

The Whippet seems to be like a mini-Greyhound and has the racehorse pace to match. This breed can weigh as much as 40 kilos and boasts an extended arched neck, massive chest, slim waist, and lengthy highly effective legs. First-time canine mother and father could be a bit of nervous about bringing a bonafide sprinter into their dwelling, however Whippets are calm and relaxed at dwelling. This breed is glad to twist up on the sofa whilst you make amends for your favourite present. They nonetheless want bursts of operating and play a couple of instances per week, so a fenced yard is good, although additionally they do effectively in residences with journeys to the canine park. Their coats are quick and simple to look after — they simply require occasional brushing and bathing to stay wholesome.

Weight: 20 to 35 kilos



Sensible pup

Chihuahua in woman's lap in apartment

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12. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a pint-sized pup, solely weighing as much as six kilos, who’s devoted and loving. Chihuahuas desire to spend all of their time with their pet mother and father, so it’s excellent that they match simply in purses, backpacks, and luggage. This pup likes to play, however it’s necessary for pet mother and father to not overexert them on lengthy walks. The Chihuahua makes first-time pet for small-space dwellers. They’re too small to work together with young children, so that they’d be happiest with a household with out youngsters or seniors. Chihuahuas may be both short- or long-haired, which require completely different ranges of grooming.

Weight: 2 to 7 kilos

Velcro canine


Low power

13. Cavapoo

The Cavapoo is a mixture of the Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, weighing as much as 20 kilos and boasting a curly coat. This affectionate and playful pup has a temperament that makes them a terrific alternative for first-time canine mother and father. They’re straightforward to coach, intention to please, and are relaxed when not in play mode. The Cavapoo has the Poodle’s low-shed, almost hypoallergenic fur. The curly coat requires common brushing, or painful mats can happen. This breed enjoys common walks, fetch, and different play, however they need to be supervised round younger youngsters as a result of these canine are small and may be extra simply injured.

Weight: 8 to twenty kilos

Sensible pup



large greyhound walks with new dog parent on beach

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14. Greyhound

The Greyhound has an analogous temperament to the Whippet, however they’re taller and weigh extra; they will weigh as much as 70 kilos and attain as much as 30 inches in peak on the shoulder. Similar to the Whippet, these canine make nice first-time pets for pet mother and father. They’re content material to relax at dwelling however prefer to get their power out in bursts by enjoying ball or getting their zoomies out in a fenced house. The breed has a historical past of unbiased pondering. They’re used to working with people quite than for them, to allow them to be tough and irritating to coach. Greyhound adopted as a pet, must be socialized instantly with youngsters and different pets.

Weight: 60 to 80 kilos

Low power

Digger / chaser


Schnoodle standing in park

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15. Schnoodle

The Schnoodle is a mixture between the Schnauzer and Poodle and has been round for the reason that Nineteen Eighties. Just like the Cavapoo, the Schnoodle has such low-shedding curly hair that they’re typically thought-about hypoallergenic, however they nonetheless have to be brushed incessantly and groomed each six weeks. The Schnoodle can differ broadly in measurement although: They will weigh as little as 5 kilos and as a lot as 70 kilos. Small Schnoodles are extra content material with house life, may be extra anxious round youngsters, and like to spend time in your lap, whereas giant Schnoodles want extra space to roam and are larger power.

Weight: 5 to 70 kilos

Excessive power


Sensible pup

Ought to I undertake an grownup canine?

There are a variety of advantages to rescuing an grownup (or senior) canine from a shelter. Their personalities are largely set in stone, and the shelter can advise you as to what their habits is like within the shelter, so that you mainly get a how-to information about your canine.

As a result of your potential canine has hung out within the shelter, they’ve probably acquired some coaching and may even be house-trained, so it’s possible you’ll not have to show them as a lot in your house. Coaching a canine may be difficult, particularly if they’re a breed with an independence streak. When you aren’t in a position to prepare your canine at dwelling, it’s best to pay for obedience lessons.

Ought to I get a pet?

All of us agree that puppies are lovely, however they’re additionally a ton of labor. Puppies might not be a sensible choice for first-time canine mother and father as a result of they’re demanding and may have a variety of issues. Pet mother and father may battle with home coaching, instructing them to sleep of their crates, barking, these sharp little pet tooth, and obedience. Puppies usually get into the stuff you don’t need them to get into — sneakers, garments, rest room paper, and trash. It’s like taking care of a extra harmful toddler.

Able to undertake? Discover your excellent pet or canine on adoptapet.com.

Breeds to Keep away from

Including a canine into your property could be a massive adjustment to your every day routine. Walks, playtime, and feeding instances are actually on the agenda. A number of the worst canine breeds for first-time canine mother and father embrace high-energy working canine breeds like Huskies, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Aussies, Cattle Canine, and Border Collies. These are all nice breeds, however they require a number of hours of train a day and develop disruptive and harmful in the event that they don’t get the train they want. They’re additionally independent-minded and may be very cussed, so they’re higher for knowledgeable pet mother and father.

Alicia Kort is a author and editor residing in Brooklyn. She’s at present the senior commerce editor at Condo Remedy. She’s been revealed in StyleCaster, Electrical Literature, Newsweek, InterviewBrooklyn journal and extra. In her free time, she runs, reads, and spends time together with her dog-nieces, Maya and Girl, and her cat-niece, Pepper.

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