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The whole lot Dinosaur E-newsletter Options New PNSO Figures

The three new for 2023 PNSO carcharodontosaurid figures function within the newest The whole lot Dinosaur publication. The 1:35 scale, Sci-Artwork Lucas the Giganotosaurus options because the headline merchandise. It’s supported by Mungo the Meraxes and the PNSO Mapusaurus determine (Mila).

Everything Dinosaur newsletter,.
The brand new for 2023 PNSO 1:35 scale Giganotosaurus mannequin options within the newest The whole lot Dinosaur buyer publication.

Members of the Carcharodontosauridae Household

All three of the brand new PNSO theropod figures signify members of the Carcharodontosauridae household. All three, Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus and Meraxes are recognized from fossils present in Argentina. Nonetheless, most palaeontologists are assured that these super-sized predators weren’t coeval. By way of geological age, Giganotosaurus (G. carolinii) is the oldest. Mapusaurus (M. roseae) might be geologically youthful than Meraxes gigas.

All three fashions function within the newest The whole lot Dinosaur publication.

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Carcharodontosaurid figures feature in Everything Dinosaur newsletter.
Two PNSO carcharodontosaurids – Mila the Mapusaurus and Mungo the Meraxes function within the newest The whole lot Dinosaur publication.

Sinraptor and Styracosaurus within the The whole lot Dinosaur E-newsletter

In addition to updating subscribers on new fashions, the The whole lot Dinosaur publication informs prospects in regards to the restocking of already launched gadgets that had lately bought out. For instance, our newest PNSO cargo additionally included the Sinraptor and Styracosaurus figures.

PNSO Sinraptor and Styracosaurus dinosaur models.
Extra inventory of Xinchuan the Sinraptor determine and the PNSO Anthony the Styracosaurus mannequin have arrived.

Xinchuan the Sinraptor and Anthony the Styracosaurus have proved to be extraordinarily in style with mannequin collectors and dinosaur followers. The whole lot Dinosaur crew members had been in a position to co-ordinate the cargo of latest theropod figures with the manufacturing unit producing extra Sinraptor and Styracosaurus figures.

A spokesperson commented:

“The PNSO vary is intensive and we had been delighted to herald some favorite figures together with the most recent releases.”

To view the vary of PNSO prehistoric animal fashions and figures obtainable from The whole lot Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animal Fashions.

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