The Haolonggood Nasutoceratops Dinosaur Mannequin

The Haolonggood Nasutoceratops dinosaur fashions are in inventory at The whole lot Dinosaur. YanQing the blue/gray Nasutoceratops is on the market together with HuaRong the brown-coloured model. The Haolonggood vary of dinosaurs consists of different ceratopsians akin to Pachyrhinosaurus and Pentaceratops,

Haolonggood Nasutoceratops dinosaur model.
A gorgeous Nasutoceratops dinosaur mannequin (Haolonggood).

To view the vary of Haolonggood dinosaur fashions accessible: Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions.

Nasutoceratops (N. titusi) was formally described in 2013 (Sampson et al). It’s considered a basal centrosaurine and dates from the late Campanian stage of the Cretaceous. It roamed what’s now often known as Utah round 76 to 75 million years in the past.

To learn The whole lot Dinosaur’s weblog publish concerning the discovery of this dinosaur: A New Massive-nosed Centrosaurine from Utah.

The Haolonggood Nasutoceratops Dinosaur Fashions

Each the Nasutoceratops figures are equipped with The whole lot Dinosaur Nasutoceratops reality sheets. Every mannequin measures 17 cm lengthy, and that lovely neck frill is a few 7.5 cm off the bottom. The size reported for these figures are 1:35. Nonetheless, with a physique size estimated at below 5 metres, we at The whole lot Dinosaur would counsel a scale of round 1:27 or 1:30 is perhaps extra acceptable.

The Haolonggood Nastutoceratops dinosaur model.
The Haolonggood Nasutoceratops dinosaur mannequin (YanQing). Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur.

Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur

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