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Survey: Do individuals select cats in another way primarily based upon their persona kind?

Have you ever ever questioned why some individuals are drawn to sure cat breeds? Is it only a matter of non-public choice, or does it have one thing to do with their general persona kind? In keeping with current analysis we carried out, there could also be an attention-grabbing correlation between the Myers Briggs persona sorts and the kind of cat breed that an individual is most certainly to decide on. We carried out a survey to uncover the hyperlink between the 2, and we have now some fascinating outcomes!

What’s the Myers Briggs Kind Indicator (MBTI)?

The Myers Briggs Kind Indicator (MBTI) is a well-liked system for measuring and classifying completely different persona traits and it’s been round for the reason that 1940’s. The system is predicated on 4 key elements: extroversion versus introversion (E or I), sensing versus instinct (S or N), feeling versus pondering (F or T), and judging versus perceiving (J or P). By way of our survey, we sought to uncover how these classes may affect an individual’s alternative of cat breed.

Our Survey Outcomes

We surveyed greater than 300 people with completely different persona sorts based on the Myers Briggs framework. We requested them which sort of cat breed they would like as a pet, they usually may solely select one. Primarily based on their responses, we separated the outcomes into 4 particular teams: extroverted-introverted (E vs. I), intuiting-sensing (N vs. S), thinking-feeling (T vs. F), and judging-perceiving (J vs. P). Out of our respondents, 41% acknowledged that they knew their official Myers Briggs kind whereas the remaining 59% chosen a kind primarily based on the detailed descriptions supplied.

Domestic shorthair is all around favorite cat

It seems from our survey that people with completely different Myers Briggs persona sorts are inclined to desire completely different cat breeds as pets. Nevertheless, the vast majority of respondents confirmed a choice for home shorthair cats, regardless of their persona kind. This end result might point out a shift in attitudes in direction of purebred cats as a consider cat choice relatively than persona.

In keeping with the survey, INTJ and INFJ had been the most typical sorts, making up 31% of cat homeowners. The least widespread sorts had been ESTP and ESFJ. It’s value noting that 4 sorts, particularly INFJ, INTJ, INFP, and ISTJ, comprising principally introverts and “J’s,” account for greater than 50% of cat homeowners.

Most Fashionable Breeds

In our survey, we included the ten commonest breeds of cats and requested every respondent which one was their favourite. The next is a really temporary description of every cat breed and what persona traits they’re finest identified for. Word that every one cats are completely different and you could have a cat that behaves in another way than what’s famous right here.

Total the most well-liked cats, no matter Myers Briggs Character Kind had been:

  • Home Shorthair
  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll
  • Home long-haired cats
  • American Shorthair
  • Siamese

Favorite cat breeds

Which persona sorts are most drawn to every cat breed?

The next is a listing of the breeds we survey and which sort(s) was most drawn to it:

  • Home Shorthair is most cherished by INTJ
  • American Shorthair is most cherished by INFJ
  • Home Longhair is most cherished by INFJ
  • Maine Coon is most cherished by INFP, INFJ, INTJ, ISTJ and ESFJ
  • Siamese is most cherished by INFP
  • Russian Blue ismost love by INFP
  • Ragdoll is most cherished by INFJ
  • Bengal is most cherished by ENTP, INFP, ISTJ
  • Bombay is most cherished by ISTJ
  • Persian is most cherished by ISFP

High 10 Breeds And Breed Character Descriptions

Domestic shorthair catHome Shorthair

These cats are blended breeds which have brief coats. They’re identified for his or her adaptability, easy-going nature, and low upkeep. The home shorthair is most appreciated by INTJ’s.


American shorthair catAmerican Shorthair

This cat breed is in style for his or her sturdy physique and ability in looking. In addition they have a pleasant and playful persona, which makes them appropriate as pets for households. These cats are a favourite of INFJ’s.


Domestic longhair catHome Longhair

These cats are blended breed cats which have lengthy furry coats. They’re identified for his or her affectionate nature and exquisite, fluffy look. INFJ’s additionally have a tendency to understand the home longhair cat.


Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon

These cats are identified for his or her massive dimension, lengthy fur, and delicate personalities. They’re typically known as “light giants” and make nice companion animals. Maine Coons are universally cherished by a lot of the sorts, however particularly by INFP, INFJ, INTJ, ISTJ and ESFJ.


Siamese catSiamese

Identified for his or her distinctive coloring and blue eyes, Siamese cats are talkative, energetic personalities. They’re extremely smart, energetic, and social. The kind that loves Siamese cats essentially the most is INFP.


Russian Blue CatRussian Blue

Their lovely blue-gray coat and impartial nature are hallmarks of the Russian Blue cat. They’re loyal and affectionate with their homeowners. These cats are additionally most appreciated by INFPs.


Ragdoll catRagdoll

Ragdolls are known as so due to their light and docile nature, in addition to their relaxed and floppy posture.They’re extremely social and affectionate. INFJ is the kind that’s most drawn towards the ragdoll cat.


Bengal catBengal

Their wild, unique look and playful personalities are hallmarks of the Bengal cat breed. They’re extraordinarily energetic and require a whole lot of train and a focus. ENTPs, INFPs and ISTJs are the personalities most drawn towards this energetic cat breed.


Bombay catBombay

These cats are identified for his or her smooth, black coat and affectionate nature. They’re extremely smart and make nice companions. ISTJs are extremely drawn to the Bombay cat.


white persian cat



Their lengthy, fluffy fur and peaceable temperament are widespread traits that make Persian cats a well-liked breed. They’re extremely social and love consideration. Whereas certainly one of America’s favourite cat breeds, the gorgeous and candy Persian cat didn’t high our checklist. Many respondents gave the impression to be extra fascinated by cats that weren’t purebred.

Breaking Down Every Human Character Kind & Their Favourite Cats

Right here we broke down every human persona kind to look at how they differ and the way these variations manifest in choice for various cat breeds. In some circumstances, there have been stark variations. Learn on to see how our survey respondents answered.

Introversion vs. Extroversion

Introversion (I)

What they’re like: Introverted people desire to give attention to their inner world of ideas and emotions. They are usually reserved, reflective, and energized by solitude and introspection. Introverts made up a whopping 72% of the respondents!
Favourite Cat Breeds: Home shorthair, Maine Coon, and ragdoll. Solely introverts wrote in decisions that weren’t an possibility together with “All cats,” “all rescue cats,” “tabby cats,” and “blended breed.”

Extroversion (E)

What they’re like: Extroverted individuals prefer to give attention to the exterior world of individuals and actions. They are usually outgoing, talkative, and energized by social interactions. Extroverts comprised 28% of the cat homeowners surveyed.
Favourite Cat Breeds: Maine Coon, home shorthair, home longhair, ragdoll, and American Shorthair/Siamese.

Between the introverts and extroverts, introverts had 3 times the illustration in our survey than extroverts. This will likely affirm among the stereotypes of cat individuals being extra introverted.

Intuiting vs. Sensing

Intuiting (N)

What they’re like: Intuiting individuals desire to give attention to the summary and theoretical. They’re normally imaginative, modern, and fascinated by new prospects and concepts. 68% of these surveyed had been “intuiting” sorts.
Favourite Cat Breeds: The preferred breeds they chose had been home shorthair, Maine Coon, American shorthair/home longhair, ragdoll, and Siamese. Greater than double the respondents are N (intuiting) and like home shorthair cats.

Sensing (S)

What they’re like: Sensing people give attention to the concrete and that which is tangible. They are usually sensible, real looking, and fascinated by details and particulars.
Favourite Cat Breeds: For “sensing” sorts, the most well-liked breeds had been home shorthair, Maine Coon, ragdoll, home longhair, and American Shorthair.

Between instinct and sensing, twice as many individuals mentioned they had been intuiting relatively than sensing. Given the sensitivity of cats and their subtleties, it could make sense that individuals who have extra intuiting tendencies respect the subtleties of cats.

Considering vs. Feeling

Considering (T)

What they’re like: Considering people desire to make selections primarily based on logic and goal evaluation and comprised 44% of respondents. They are usually important, rational, and fascinated by cause-and-effect relationships.
Favourite Cat Breeds: For “pondering” sorts, the most well-liked breeds had been home shorthair, Maine Coon, ragdoll, home longhair, and American Shorthair.

Feeling (F)

What they’re like: 56% of respondents famous they’re “feeling” people who prefer to make selections primarily based on values and subjective emotions. They are usually empathetic, compassionate, and fascinated by concord and interpersonal relationships.
Favourite Cat Breeds: For “feeling” sorts, the most well-liked breeds had been home shorthair, Maine Coon, American shorthair, home longhair, ragdoll and Siamese.

This class was virtually evenly break up between pondering and feeling sorts. It’s not shocking that “feeling” sorts appear to be drawn towards the candy nature of Maine Coons and ragdoll cats.

Judging vs. Perceiving

Judging (J)

What they’re like: Judging people have a choice to plan and arrange their lives and 65% of respondents mentioned they had been “judging” sorts. They are usually decisive, goal-oriented, and like construction and order.
Favourite Cat Breeds: For “judging” sorts, the most well-liked breeds had been home shorthair, Maine Coon, home longhair, ragdoll, American Shorthair, and Siamese.

Perceiving (P)

What they’re like: Perceiving sorts desire to be versatile and spontaneous they usually represented 35% of respondents. They are usually adaptable, and curious and like to maintain their choices open. Given this, it’s not shocking to study that these with a “P” of their kind had essentially the most selection of their preferences – they love all types of cats!
Favourite Cat Breeds: For “perceiving” individuals, the most well-liked breeds had been home shorthair, Maine Coon, American Shorthair, ragdoll, Bengal, Siamese, and home longhair. And when you think about the spontaneous nature of “perceiving” sorts, it’s additionally not shocking that they respect much less predictable cats just like the Bengal and Siamese greater than different sorts.

Please take word
It’s vital to notice that these are simply generalizations, and people can exhibit traits from a number of classes relying on the scenario and context. Individuals may additionally fall someplace in between every kind. The examples finest characterize somebody who’s on one finish of the spectrum or the opposite. The MBTI is supposed to be a device for self-awareness and private progress, relatively than a definitive measure of persona.

Does Age Play a Position in Cat Breed Desire?

Since we gathered knowledge on respondents’ age, we thought it may be attention-grabbing to see if there have been any variations in cat choice by age. The age distribution of respondents was pretty even, with the vast majority of respondents falling between ages 30-70.

age distribution of study participants


Amongst completely different age teams, the home shorthair was the highest contender all-around. Right here is how favourite cat breed is damaged down by age:

  • 20’s – Home Longhair
  • 30’s – Maine Coon
  • 40’s – Home Shorthair
  • 50’s – Home Shorthair
  • 60’s – Home Shorthair/American Shorthair
  • 70’s – Home Shorthair

Does Gender Play A Position In Cat Breed Desire?

Nearly all of respondents had been feminine at 87% and solely 10% of respondents had been male. The opposite 3% didn’t determine as both. Feminine respondents most well-liked home shorthair, Maine Coons, ragdolls, home longhairs, and American Shorthairs, whereas male respondents most well-liked home shorthairs, Maine Coons, Russian Blues, and American Shorthair cats. The remaining respondents recognized as “different” and most well-liked Maine Coon cats.

Gender of people who took cat survey

Breed Desire by Every of the 16 Myers Briggs Varieties

Wish to discover out which cat breeds match your persona? Take a look at the persona descriptions and see which cat breeds every kind was most drawn towards.

ISTJ – The Inspector

Described as: Sensible, accountable, organized, and reliable. They worth stability and custom.
Cat choice: Home Shorthair, Maine Coon and a wide range of different cats together with ragdoll
American Shorthair, Bengal, Bombay, and Siamese.

ISFJ – The Protector

Described as: Heat-hearted, accountable, and devoted. They’ve a powerful need to be of service to others.
Cat choice: Home Shorthair

INFJ – The Counselor

Described as: Compassionate, artistic, and insightful. They’re identified for his or her potential to grasp individuals and see the large image.
Cat choice: American Shorthair first after which a tie amongst home longhair, home shorthair and Maine Coon and ragdoll cats.

INTJ – The Mastermind

Described as: Analytical, strategic, and impartial. They’re identified for his or her potential to see patterns and create modern options.
Cat choice: They’ve a powerful proclivity for home shorthair cats after which Maine Coons, ragdolls, and American shorthair cats.

ISTP – The Craftsman

Described as: Logical, adaptable, and action-oriented. They take pleasure in hands-on experiences and fixing sensible issues.
Cat choice: No sturdy choice. The ISTP didn’t present a powerful liking for anybody explicit breed of cat. In essence, they love all cats equally.

ISFP – The Composer

Described as: Delicate, creative, and empathetic. They’ve a powerful appreciation for magnificence and luxuriate in artistic expression.
Cat choice: This group has a slight choice for home shorthair and Maine Coon cats.

INFP – The Healer

Described as: Idealistic, artistic, and caring. They’re pushed by their values and have a powerful sense of goal. This group doesn’t observe guidelines as they wrote in additional solutions than every other kind.
Cat choice: Home Shorthair and Maine Coon cats are first on their checklist. Then they’d curiosity in nearly each kind of cat together with the American Shorthair, Siamese, Russian Blue, Bengal, ragdoll, and “Tabby” (although tabby just isn’t a cat breed, however relatively a coat sample).

INTP – The Architect

Described as: Logical, analytical, and curious. They take pleasure in exploring new concepts and ideas.
Cat choice: Home Longhair and ragdoll cats.

ESTP – The Dynamo

Described as: Spontaneous, energetic, and action-oriented. They take pleasure in taking dangers and dwelling within the second.
Cat choice: No clear alternative – they like all cats.

ESFP – The Performer

Described as: Enjoyable-loving, outgoing, and spontaneous. They take pleasure in socializing and bringing pleasure to others.
Cat choice: No clear alternative, however they like Bengals, Maine Coons, blended breeds, ragdolls, and the Serengeti (Bengal and Oriental Shorthair combine).

ENFP – The Champion

Described as: Enthusiastic, artistic, and empathetic. They’ve a pure expertise for connecting with others and provoking change.
Cat choice: American Shorthair and Russian Blue.

ENTP – The Visionary

Described as: Curious, analytical, and imaginative. They take pleasure in exploring new concepts and difficult the established order.
Cat choice: Bengal.

ESTJ – The Supervisor

Described as: Environment friendly, organized, and accountable. They’ve a pure expertise for managing and main others.
Cat choice: Burmese and ragdoll.

ESFJ – The Supplier

Described as: Form-hearted, outgoing, and sensible. They’ve a powerful need to create concord and help others.
Cat choice: Maine Coon and home longhair cats.

ENFJ – The Trainer

Described as: Charismatic, empathetic, and provoking. They’ve a pure expertise for bringing out the perfect in others and main with imaginative and prescient.
Cat choice: Slight choice for Siamese, but in addition likes a wide range of different cats

ENTJ – The Commander

Described as: Strategic, formidable, and assured. They’ve a pure expertise for main and organizing individuals to attain their objectives.
Cat choice: Home Shorthair and Maine Coon

Myers Briggs personality types and cat preferences

Selecting The Proper Cat For Your Character

So how do you select the suitable cat in your persona? Assume lengthy and onerous about your life-style and your potential to decide to pet possession. Regardless of the breed, you could have the ability to present in your cat each financially and emotionally. Some cats, like Bengals, require a whole lot of train. So if you happen to’re not energetic, a Bengal might not suit your life-style. Likewise, if you happen to love the look of a fluffy cat, ensure you’re ready to handle their coats. Matted fur may be actually painful in your cat so common grooming appointments and different upkeep are normally required. This may be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, it’s vital to notice that whereas sure breeds are identified for a wide range of traits, it’s not a assure – removed from it. So earlier than adopting a cat, make sure that the cat is drawn to you as a lot as you might be drawn towards it. Selecting a cat is a lifelong dedication – so select properly and luxuriate in your furry companion!


Wish to study extra about particular cat breeds and their personalities? Take a look at 5 of the Most Laidback Cat Breeds or get extra details about Maine Coon cats or Ragdoll cats.


Word: This survey and its outcomes are for leisure functions solely. A very powerful choice when selecting so as to add a cat to your loved ones is that you just and the cat share a heartfelt connection.

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