Starfield’s newest must-have mod transforms boring house battles into frenetic and intense clashes

If, like me, your Starfield character prides themselves on being one of many prime pilots within the Settled Programs and has lowered scores of ships to wreckage, a brand new mod appears like an amazing addition to your load order.

Whereas the house battles within the vanilla model of Bethesda’s interstellar RPG can typically make for a problem – particularly in case you’re outnumbered three or 4 to at least one – they only as usually go away slightly to be desired. Fortunately for these looking for extra of a thrill from their skirmishes within the stars, modder AshkaariElesaan’s newest work appears to ship simply that.

Dubbed ‘APOGEE – Starship Fight Overhaul’, their mod is designed to supply a considerable overhaul of Starfield ship fight system, with the intention of “making for a way more intense expertise” by “emphasising larger engagement speeds and new tools choices”.

“Balancing and diversification of engines make (ship) constructing selections extra significant,” AshkaariElesaan writes of their adjustments, “and a bunch of recent weapons designed for accuracy by quantity of fireplace will help (you) in coping with enemy ships, which at the moment are rather more able to avoiding and evading incoming hearth.”

Along with making the every engine you add to your ship issue into its prime pace and throwing new useful manoeuvring thrusters – smaller engines designed to extend your craft’s mobility – into your constructing toolkit, the mod additionally ensures that the entire components supplied by the sport completely different ship producers have extra distinct and various stats and results.

“Now not will a single producer dominate as the target most suitable option,” the modder writes, “you’re inspired to look at all of the choices and select which elements present essentially the most advantages to what your starship wants.”

Within the weapons division, you’ll discover extra auto-lasers and gatling cannons good for taking out nippy little fighters at your disposal, in addition to vanilla laser and ballistic armaments that’ve been buffed to make them simply as efficient as particle beams.

If you’d like an concept of the sort of impact all of those adjustments can have on battles, you possibly can try this showcase video.

Plus, for many who need much more ship-building choices to play with, it appears like AshkaariElesaan’s mod can be utilized alongside the reactor and ship module-focused components of gpgpgpgp2019’s ‘Ship Fight Overhaul – Modular ESMs’.

So, hop into your pilot’s seat and search out some spacers to blow to smithereens!

For those who’re eager to learn extra about Starfield, remember to try our protection of its newest patches and must-have mods, in addition to our chat with the practice fanatic who swapped all of its ships for Thomas the Tank Engine.

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