It will be tempting to inform everybody to go purchase a ticket proper now and hotfoot it to KwaZulu-Natal for 2 weeks with Wild Tomorrow (and when you’re an artist, a photographer, a poet, or just a dreamer, then it’s best to think about it when you can), however I additionally took away a broader message.

We undergo many issues in life, and every of us lives a unique life. There are locations you’ll go that I by no means will. It’s possible you’ll dwell most of your life in a faraway metropolis I yearn to go to however by no means will, with your individual goals and fears, ecstasies and heartbreak. We are able to every solely dwell one life. However by holding our eyes and our hearts open, and by making artwork in any approach we are able to, I hope we are able to let one another in to our personal subjective experiences, and see somewhat bit by one another’s eyes, and dwell somewhat little bit of one another’s lives, and seize some essence of the fleeting moments in time that make us who we’re, and eventually perceive each other.

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