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Cronopio Dentiacutus (Saber Tooth Squirrel)

Fast Info:

  • Lived in late cretaceous interval (145 million to 66 million years in the past)
  • 4-6 inches lengthy
  • Had lengthy canine enamel
  • Lived in north Patagonia
Creator: Frank Markussen


In 2006 a gaggle of paleontologists with the management of Guillermo Rougier discovered the stays of a small mammal that appears like a saber tooth squirrel. The mammal was named Cronopio Dentiacutus, with dentiacutus which means sharp-toothed and cronopio being the extinct genus. The stays discovered are within the north Patagonia area in Argentina they usually’re uncommon for the reason that bones are small and fragile. Two sculls have been discovered however not many of those mammal fossils exist at this time. It took years for the paleontologists to unearth the stays embedded in historical rocks.

Bodily Traits

It’s estimated that the “saber tooth squirrel” was about 4-6 inches lengthy. It had an extended skinny mouth with lengthy canine enamel. It’s believed its eating regimen consisted of worms and bugs. The mammal was described by Guillermo Rougier to appear to be the squirrel within the film “Ice Age” referred to as Scrat.

Different prehistoric marsupials you may discover fascinating that have been saber tooth are the Thylacosmilus which lived in a special period and have been a lot larger however had lengthy canine enamel identical to the Cronopio Dentiacutus.


Saber Tooth Squirrel Photos

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