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Rebor Dinosaur Fashions within the Every little thing Dinosaur Publication

Two Rebor dinosaur fashions function within the newest Every little thing Dinosaur buyer publication. The publication supplies info on new mannequin arrivals. It additionally lets clients find out about product re-stocking. On this case, extra inventory of the favored Rebor T. rex “Kiss” Mountain determine had arrived.

Rebor dinosaur models.
The Rebor Saurophaganax “Badlands” dinosaur mannequin (left) and the re-stocked Rebor T. rex “Kiss” Mountain (proper),

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Rebor Dinosaur Fashions

The 2 Rebor dinosaur fashions to function within the publication are each theropods. The publication offered Every little thing Dinosaur subscribers and clients with the chance to buy the Rebor Saurophaganax maximus determine within the “Badlands” color scheme.

Rebor "Badlands" Saurophaganax model
The Rebor Saurophaganax maximus has a versatile tail, movable arms and an articulated decrease jaw. The “Badlands” color variant is seen right here in lateral view. Image credit score: Every little thing Dinosaur.

Image credit score: Every little thing Dinosaur

The current arrival of extra inventory of the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss” Mountain was additionally publicised. This dinosaur determine has lips. It has been launched alongside a counterpart mannequin referred to as “Tusk”. These figures spotlight a present debate in palaeontology about whether or not dinosaurs had lips or not.

Rebor "Kiss" and Rebor "Tusk" T. rex figures.
Some mannequin producers have mirrored the present scientific debate by producing replicas with lips in addition to lipless types such because the current Rebor “Kiss” and “Tusk” figures.

To learn a current article concerning the lips versus lipless debate: Dinosaurs Had Lips – New Proof.

Rebor T. rex “Kiss” Mountain Mannequin

The Rebor T. rex “Kiss” Mountain determine is an outstanding reproduction. It’s a 1:35 scale T. rex with an articulated decrease jaw, articulated arms and a poseable tail. The mannequin is provided with a transparent plastic assist stand. Every little thing Dinosaur additionally sends out a Tyrannosaurus rex reality sheet with purchases.

To view the vary of Rebor prehistoric animal replicas accessible from Every little thing Dinosaur: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Replicas and Figures.

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