Putting in a Cat-Proof Fence – Making Your Yard Secure for Your Cats

Putting in a Cat-Proof Fence – Making Your Yard Secure for Your Cats

Conserving your cat secure and safe in your yard is essential. You’ll need to know that they’re secure whereas getting their train and unable to flee.

Positive, some cats stay comfortable lives as outside cats that wander across the neighborhood earlier than returning residence.

However many breeds are too naïve or nervous to be allowed to roam freely. Even when your cat is a breed well-suited to exploration, components akin to the place you reside (busy roads, predators) would possibly imply you need to hold them secure in your backyard as an alternative.

So, let’s take a look at the choices for a cat-proof fence to assist hold your kitty from leaving the confines of your regulated outside house, the place they’re much safer.

Which Supplies Are Good for a Cat-Proof Fence?

The supplies you select are essential for making a cat-proof fence. Go for sturdy, weather-resistant supplies that may face up to your cat’s persistent makes an attempt to flee.

Many houses have wood fences as a result of they’re straightforward to put in and look nice. Nonetheless, wooden is among the worst supplies for cat fences as a result of cats can dig their claws into it, making it simpler for them to climb up and over, even when the fence is tall.

As a substitute, there are two supplies you possibly can use for a fence if you wish to make it cat-proof:

  • Steel – Utilizing sheet steel fence panels is a method of getting a troublesome and sturdy fence that your cat can’t climb. Nonetheless, for steel to be an appropriate choice, the fence panels are often produced from light-weight aluminum, and except correctly secured, they will trigger noise in excessive winds. It’s additionally not probably the most visually interesting choice and may be dear.
  • PVC – PVC plastics are a less expensive different and might look good when painted appropriately. In addition they stop your cat from climbing over simply and are low-maintenance.

Nonetheless, not everybody has the funds to interchange their fence utterly, and it’s not usually you’re ranging from scratch. You’ll possible be searching for methods to cat-proof your current fence – and you are able to do this in a number of methods.

Cat-Proofing Current Fences

oscillot cat containment system with wood fence and rollers

If you have already got a fence in place, there are a number of modifications you may make to cat-proof it.

Add Peak

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Cats are glorious jumpers, so rising the peak of your fence is a basic step in cat-proofing.

Cats can climb simply, so including top alone isn’t at all times sufficient. You would possibly deter your cat, however whether it is relentless about climbing up and over, it’s worthwhile to make sure that any extensions use a fabric your cat can’t get its claws into.

You’ll additionally want to recollect your native legal guidelines on fence top, particularly when you have neighbors – going above a sure top won’t be permitted. It’s additionally a good suggestion to talk to your neighbors in case you plan on extending your fence, even simply as a courtesy. Most individuals will perceive in case you clarify that you simply’re defending your cat.

Add a Cat Fence Topper

oscillot cat fence rollers containment

Including a cat fence topper is among the simplest methods to cat-proof your fence.

There are totally different sorts of toppers you possibly can use. Cheaper choices embrace cat spikes (not the friendliest on your cat) or extension poles that lean again over your yard, with mesh panels between them.

However in order for you a comparatively discreet choice in order that your yard doesn’t purchase that military-prison aesthetic, cat rollers could be extra appropriate.

The Oscillot is a well-liked alternative for this objective. This method consists of rotating paddles put in on the highest of your fence.

When your cat tries to climb the fence, the paddles spin, stopping them from getting a grip and making it inconceivable for them to climb over.

Putting it on high of the fence additionally makes it a two-way cat-proof fence that stops your cat from escaping. That’s as a result of it’ll additionally stop different cats (and even different animals) from climbing into your yard in the event that they’re curious or aggressive.

It’s not nearly ensuring your cat can’t wander away to discover the skin world – it’s additionally about ensuring the skin world can’t come to your cat and trigger any bother, too!

Shut Gaps

oscillot cat containment system with wood fence and rollers

Examine your fence for gaps or holes that your cat might squeeze by. Patch up any openings with extra fencing materials, boards, or mesh to make sure your cat can not escape.

It’s no good spending cash on a topper in case you depart a spot that your cat can get by – and they are often very efficient at squeezing by tight areas.

Don’t overlook this step. In case your cat has a behavior of digging beneath gaps to squeeze by, you’ll want to search out methods to dam entry to these weaknesses and plug the holes themselves.

Take away ‘Ladders’

Cat Containment Fence One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat Harry Ragdoll Cat Simon

Cats are resourceful and can use something they will to climb over a fence. Take away any objects close to the fence that might act as a ‘ladder,’ together with trash cans or storage bins. Conserving these things away from the fence line will make it tougher on your cat to flee.

Bushes are one other problem, too – you’ll want to chop again any branches your cat might use to recover from the fence. If that’s not one thing you’re comfortable doing, you possibly can additionally take a look at cat-proofing the tree. You may purchase steel surrounds for the trunk so your cat can’t get a grip and climb up it.

Distract Your Cat

Cat Containment Fence One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat Harry Ragdoll Cat Simon 3

Typically, the easiest way to maintain your cat contained in the yard is by making the yard extra engaging than the skin world.

Present loads of leisure and stimulation on your cat within the yard, akin to climbing buildings, toys, and shaded areas to lounge in.

A cheerful, occupied cat is much less more likely to try an escape, lowering the necessity to fear an excessive amount of about cat-proofing the fence.

In fact, something might distract your cat and get it occupied with climbing—a rival cat from a neighbor or a chook touchdown on high of the fence. So distractions can assist, however don’t rely solely on them.

In Abstract


There are a lot of methods so as to add a cat-proof fence to your property, and there are often loads of good choices that don’t contain the expense and energy of changing your current fence.

Nonetheless, it’s worthwhile to just be sure you are cat-proofing the remainder of the backyard too – if there are any ‘ladders’ that your cat can use, pure or in any other case, then transferring or eradicating these ought to be one of many first steps to assist comprise your kitty.

Including a cat fence topper is commonly the easiest way to make sure your cat can’t escape over the fence, and the Oscillot system is among the higher choices if it’s appropriate on your current set up. It’s discreet however extremely efficient and can assist hold your cat in and different cats or animals out.

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