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“Prehistoric Planet” Illustrated by Younger Artist

The second collection of “Prehistoric Planet” has not too long ago concluded, the final episode “North America” having been broadcast yesterday on Apple+TV. The programmes have proved to be immensely fashionable with dinosaur followers and pure historical past movie viewers. The 5 episodes within the collection have achieved an viewers ranking of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The programmes have additionally impressed plenty of prehistoric animal followers to create drawings of the dinosaurs featured. For instance, younger artist Caldey despatched in a powerful illustration of a Qianzhousaurus concentrating intently because it hunted prey.

Theropod dinosaur drawn by Caldey.
An exquisite illustration of a theropod dinosaur stalking prey. Image credit score: Caldey.

Image credit score: Caldey

“Prehistoric Planet” Qianzhousaurus and Corythoraptor

In a fantastically crafted scene, a feminine Qianzhousaurus stalks a flock of Corythoraptors in a Late Cretaceous forest. The primary hunt is unsuccessful and the Corythoraptors escape. Nonetheless, with the method of a storm, the percentages flip within the favour of the hunter and this intelligent theropod is ready to catch her quarry.

Feathered dinosaur illustration (Caldey).
An exquisite illustration exhibiting the variety of theropod dinosaurs. Image credit score: Caldey.

Image credit score: Caldey

Qianzhousaurus though a Late Cretaceous tyrannosaur, was not intently associated to Tyrannosaurus rex. It has been labeled as a member of the Alioramini tribe of long-snouted tyrannosaurs inside the Tyrannosauridae. Corythoraptor is an oviraptorid. Oviraptorids appear to have been significantly ample within the Late Cretaceous of China.

To view fashions and replicas of Qianzhousaurus and different Asian dinosaurs: PNSO Dinosaur Fashions and Figures.

“Prehistoric Planet” has continued to thrill, entertain and inform.

A spokesperson from All the things Dinosaur commented:

“Thanks Caldey for sending in your gorgeous illustrations. We hope you loved watching the 5 tv programmes. We now have printed out the drawings and put them on show in our workplace and warehouse.”

Go to All the things Dinosaur’s web site: All the things Dinosaur.

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