PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus Coming into Inventory

PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus Coming into Inventory

The brand new for late 2023 PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus, a duplicate of a metriacanthosaurid theropod is coming into inventory at Every part Dinosaur. The Yangchuanosaurus determine shall be in inventory in a number of weeks. The Yangchuanosaurus is the newest theropod to be introduced in PNSO’s mid-size mannequin vary.

Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus
The brand new for late 2023 Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus from PNSO. Yangchuanosaurus has been categorized as a metriacanthosaurid theropod dinosaur.

PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus

Named and described in 1978 (Dong et al), Yangchuanosaurus was a member of the Allosauroidea superfamily. It was an apex predator, with some palaeontologists estimating that this dinosaur reached lengths in extra of ten metres. The brand new for 2023 Yangchuanosaurus is extra sensibly proportioned. The mannequin measures 22.5 cm in size.

Yangchuanosaurus model measurements.
The metriacanthosaurid theropod dinosaur mannequin measures 22.5 cm lengthy and stands 6.4 cm tall.

To view the vary of PNSO dinosaur and prehistoric animal fashions in inventory at Every part Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Animal Fashions.

Theropod Dinosaur Mannequin with an Articulated Jaw

PNSO has already launched fashions of Yangchuanosaurus. There’s a small determine of Yangchuanosaurus, and it options in a 1:35 scale diorama with the stegosaur Chungkingosaurus. That is the primary Yangchuanosaurus determine made by PNSO that has an articulated decrease jaw.

The Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated jaw.
The PNSO Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur mannequin has an articulated jaw.

Yangchuanosaurus Equipment

The mannequin is provided with an A3-sized Sci-Artwork poster together with a totally illustrated, 64-page color booklet. A QR code on the packaging hyperlinks to a product video. Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus can also be provided with a clear assist stand.

Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus poster and accessories.
The PNSO Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur determine is provided with a full-colour, 64-page illustrated booklet, a Sci-Artwork poster and there’s a QR code that hyperlinks to a product video.

A spokesperson from Every part Dinosaur commented that the Albertosaurus, Megalosaurus and Gorgosaurus PNSO figures had been due into inventory in a number of days. The Yangchuanosaurus can be following in a second cargo together with one other new PNSO determine.

Yangchuanosaurus in the landscape.
Yangchuanosaurus within the panorama.

To go to the web site of Every part Dinosaur: Every part Dinosaur.

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