Outdated English Bulldog vs English Bulldog: Variations & Similarities

The Outdated English Bulldog (Olde English Bulldogge) and the English Bulldog are sometimes confused for a similar breed. As a result of they’ve comparable names, it’s straightforward to imagine they’re carefully associated and really comparable. In fact, these two breeds are fairly completely different and even come from completely separate locations. The Outdated English Bulldog is definitely an extinct breed, changed by the extra fashionable Olde English Bulldogge (OEB).

Whereas each have some similarities, I’ll share every little thing it is advisable learn about what makes these breeds completely different. Whereas the untrained eye might imagine they’re merely completely different sizes of the identical breed, that’s merely not the case.

English Bulldogs are smaller, whereas the Olde English Bulldogge is extra muscular. Each have agreeable personalities and might make lovable household pets in the precise dwelling. Nevertheless, there may be extra to learn about bringing both of those breeds into your property. I’ll discover the variations and similarities between the Outdated English Bulldog vs the English Bulldog.

Breed Comparability

Olde English Bulldogge

  • Peak

    16 – 20 inches

  • Weight

    70 – 85 kilos

  • Coat Shade

    Brindle, Pink, White, or Black

  • Temperament

    Pleasant, outgoing, agreeable

  • Vitality


  • Well being


  • Lifespan

    11-13 years

  • Pet Costs


English Bulldog

  • Peak

    14-15 inches

  • Weight

    40-60 kilos

  • Coat Shade

    White, Pink, Grey, or Brindle

  • Temperament

    Cussed, pleasant, outgoing

  • Vitality


  • Well being

    Under Common

  • Lifespan

    8-10 years

  • Pet Costs


7 Key Variations

  1. OEBs are a a lot newer breed.
  2. English Bulldogs are smaller.
  3. Olde English Bulldogges are bigger, taller, and extra muscular.
  4. English Bulldogs are higher with kids and different pets.
  5. OEBs stay longer.
  6. English Bulldogs are more durable to coach with a cussed streak.
  7. OEBs are more healthy.

Breed Historical past

To grasp every of those breeds, let’s first discover their origins. Whereas these two have some widespread genetics, they aren’t the identical breed and have markedly completely different histories. One started as a preventing canine, whereas the opposite was purposefully bred to be a gentler model.

English Bulldogs

English Bulldog standing outside looking into the camera.
The English Bulldog is a well-liked pet in America.

English Bulldogs are an outdated breed, originating within the thirteenth century in England. They’re additionally known as British Bulldogs or just Bulldogs. The breed started as a mixture of a Pug-type canine and an historical Mastiff canine. These pups had been bred as fighters and educated for the game of “bull baiting.” These early Bulldogs had been stocky and powerful, with huge heads, making them a superb match to tackle a bull. This led to the Bulldog breed’s popularity for being aggressive canine. Ultimately, this sport was additionally outlawed, and the breed inhabitants dwindled.

As soon as they had been not used for bull baiting, the breed unfold to america and Germany, which boosted the breed’s numbers. In america, they earned a spot as working canine herding livestock. Ultimately, the breed grew to become common as companion animals because of their agreeable personalities and cute seems to be. They had been selectively bred to have very stocky our bodies, giant heads, and brief noses.

Whereas this breeding led to their cute look, it additionally created well being points, together with respiratory issues and backbone and joint issues widespread in brachycephalic breeds. The bigger heads led to many canine being unable to offer start naturally because of the mom canine’s slim pelvis. That is referred to as fetal-maternal pelvic disproportion. Even at present, the vast majority of English Bulldog births are by cesarean part because of the prevalence of start issues.

English Bulldogs are broadly recognizable for his or her muscular our bodies, flat faces, and melancholy seems to be. Regardless of their grumpy look, these pups are fairly sociable. They love individuals and sometimes make wonderful companions.

Outdated English Bulldog

Olde English Bulldogge face up close outside.
Olde English Bulldogges are a more moderen model of the Outdated English Bulldog.

The time period Outdated English Bulldog particularly refers to a now-extinct breed of canine. These pups are the ancestors of at present’s Bulldogs and had been bred particularly to be quick, aggressive, and cruel as they had been utilized in bullfighting, bull baiting, and canine preventing. It’s thought that the Outdated English Bulldog was a mix of historical struggle breeds, together with Mastiff-type canine and the now-extinct Aluant canine.

This particular breed not exists, although it was crossbred with different breeds, together with the Outdated English Terrier. It will definitely led to the creation of extra fashionable Bulldog breeds, together with the American Pitbull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Within the Nineteen Seventies, a Breeder in Pennsylvania labored to create a Bulldog breed that took all of the constructive attributes of an English Bulldog and tried to eradicate a few of the well being points the breed had developed. This breeder, by the title of Levitt, combined them with American Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs, and a number of other different breeds. Over the course of this breeding, a very new breed, the Olde English Bulldogge, was created.

These pups are bigger than British Bulldogs, although their heads are smaller proportionally. Their faces are longer, lowering the danger of respiratory issues and brachycephalic breed points. Moreover, they’re bred to be much less aggressive than preventing canine. The OEB is way rarer to see because of very selective breeding.


Olde English Bulldogge walking outside in water.
Olde English Bulldogges are considerably bigger than English Bulldogs.

These two pups have some bodily similarities, but nonetheless have distinctly completely different appearances. Probably the most notable distinction is of their dimension. OEDs are heavier, bigger in physique, extra muscular, and taller because of the Bullmastiff genetics of their bloodline. Their faces and snouts are much less compact, permitting them to breathe extra simply. Whereas each canine are fairly wrinkly, the Olde English has fewer wrinkles.

British Bulldogs have very flat, smooshed faces, and lots of have a really outstanding underbite, inflicting the decrease jaw and enamel to stay out additional than their prime enamel. The underbite offers them a notably grumpy facial features. Each pups have broad shoulders with stocky, square-shaped builds.

English Bulldogs weigh between 40 and 60 kilos when absolutely grown, whereas the OEB can attain 85 or extra kilos. OEBs stand between 16 and 20 inches tall on the shoulder. English Bulldogs stand between 14 and 15 inches tall on the shoulder. OEBs are much less stocky, their heads are extra proportionate to their our bodies, and their faces have fewer wrinkles.


Persona-wise, each breeds could make good pets in the precise properties however might not be an ideal match for everybody. Olde English Bulldogges are typically friendlier and extra outgoing. They’re individuals pleasers and get alongside nicely with human relations and different canine. OEBs have a excessive prey drive, so they could are likely to chase after smaller animals like cats. This breed was developed to mellow out aggressive tendencies, making them gentler and extra agreeable.

English Bulldogs have a bolder character and are slightly extra boisterous, which may generally make them appear extra aggressive. They’re additionally extremely impartial canine and develop a cussed streak. That stubbornness means the breed might be more durable to coach and sometimes develops separation nervousness. Contemplate crate coaching with this pup.

Each can do very nicely with kids and even different canine, however they should be educated appropriately from puppyhood. That stated, these Bullies might be fairly affectionate with their relations.

Coat & Colours

Olde English Bulldogge sitting outside in leaves.
The OEB’s coat is coarser than an English Bulldog’s, and each are available in numerous colours.

Each Bulldog breeds have positive, brief coats. The OEB typically has a coarser coat, whereas the English Bulldog’s coat is clean and positive. They will each have quite a lot of coat colours. OEBs typically are available in brindle, purple, white, and even black. English Bulldogs, however, are hardly ever all black, and their fur colours can embody white, purple, grey, and brindle.

These bulldog breeds require common grooming however don’t shed practically as a lot as different, longer-coated canine. Each breeds can have black noses, eyeliner, lips, and paw pads. Many typically have lighter pink, fawn, and white shades. Ears are normally shorter, pointy, and folded.


Each canine require common train, however neither are overly bodily breeds. With their bigger dimension, the OEB requires extra train. Each pups fare nicely with a few brief, brisk day by day walks. Neither breed is constructed for lengthy distances or extremely excessive speeds. They get pleasure from taking part in video games resembling fetch and frisbee, however neither has a variety of stamina.

The English Bulldog wants much less bodily train. You could take care they’re not overworked because of the greater threat of respiratory issues. Moreover, their brief, compact frames carry a variety of weight. You don’t want to place undue strain on their bones and joints. About quarter-hour of train twice day by day is an effective quantity for them.

Each of those breeds will do nicely with day by day strolling, interactive video games, puzzle toys, and day by day play periods. Neither sort of canine does nicely when left alone outdoors for prolonged intervals. Neither is both breed nicely suited to heat climate. You could take care in order that they don’t overheat.


English Bulldogs are fairly tenacious, cussed, and considerably sensible. They aren’t as fast to choose up on coaching as another breeds. These pups might be proof against coaching as a result of they wish to be the chief of the pack. Beginning obedience coaching and socialization together with your pet immediately is necessary to assist with correct coaching down the road.

OEBs are typically barely extra clever, making them more easy to coach. Nevertheless, they nonetheless have a cussed streak and will wish to problem you relating to coaching and conduct expectations.

Early coaching with each pups is necessary, particularly in case you are an inexperienced proprietor or unable to strengthen robust boundaries. Reward-based and constructive conduct reinforcement coaching works greatest for each breeds. The Olde English Bulldogge, particularly, could be very desirous to please.

Well being

Vet examining English Bulldog, close-up.
English Bulldogs are vulnerable to completely different well being issues because of their bodily construct and brachycephalic faces.

Well being-wise, the OEB is a more healthy breed due to the intentional breeding that corrects a few of the medical points the English Bulldog has.

OEBs are more healthy total and have an extended life expectancy, between 11 and 13 years on common. The OEB can also be in danger for some well being situations, together with bloat and hip dysplasia.

English Bulldogs are vulnerable to respiratory issues because of their flat faces and slim higher airways. Sizzling climate and train typically make their respiratory points considerably worse. They’ve an common lifespan of eight to 10 years and are vulnerable to the next well being issues:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Eye situations, together with cherry eye, dry eye, cataracts, and inverted eyelids
  3. Pores and skin allergy symptoms
  4. Joint accidents
  5. Pores and skin an infection
  6. Gastric torsion
  7. Bladder stones
  8. Weight problems
  9. Most cancers
  10. Coronary heart illness
  11. Bloat
  12. Hip dysplasia
  13. Dental illness

With the excessive threat of well being issues the English Bulldog has, it could be helpful to look into pet insurance coverage. Pet insurance coverage may also help cowl the price of care in an emergency and be a useful resource to assist preserve your pet wholesome so you’ll be able to give attention to their well being and never your monetary duty. We’ve additionally gone extra in-depth and lined the greatest pet insurance coverage for Bulldogs to assist pet mother and father guarantee they’re getting the precise plan for his or her breed.


Each of those pups want high-quality, wholesome pet food. You should be cautious to not overfeed them, as they’re very food-driven and vulnerable to growing weight problems. Keep away from free feeding both pup, as they’re each vulnerable to overindulge. You might have to feed them two to 3 small meals all through the day to maintain their bellies glad.

Each breeds can develop gastric torsion, or bloat, which occurs once they eat or drink too rapidly. Smaller meals at common intervals and puzzle and sluggish feeders will assist them decelerate and reduce the danger of gastric torsion.

As a result of they’re vulnerable to weight problems and love meals, each pups do greatest on a high-quality weight loss plan. Bulldogs are additionally vulnerable to meals allergy symptoms and sensitivities. In some instances, these canine might be allergic to animal proteins, together with rooster, pork, and beef. Bulldogs are sometimes delicate to corn, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, wheat, synthetic seasonings, dyes, or components. Meals allergy symptoms can even result in pores and skin sensitivities and itchiness, so it is necessary your pup will get an all-natural, high-quality weight loss plan.

A limited-ingredient weight loss plan or meals formulated particularly for canine with delicate stomachs could also be a great match. OEBs might do higher on large-breed pet food, relying on their dimension. As a result of greater high quality substances, you might also wish to contemplate including recent canine meals as a part of their weight loss plan.


English bulldog dog sit with a brush in his mouth isolated on white background.
Each of those pups are comparatively low upkeep relating to grooming.

As a result of OEB’s coarser coat, they could require slightly extra brushing to maintain their coat freed from particles. Light brushing just a few instances per week with a mushy bristle or pin brush will assist preserve their coats shiny, mushy, and in good condition. Each breeds shed often, however a lot lower than many different breeds. That stated, you’ll discover heavier shedding intervals when the seasons change.

As a result of further wrinkles, it is very important clear their faces often. You could clear out the wrinkles with a humid, mushy fabric not less than twice weekly. This cleansing typically must be completed day by day, relying on how wrinkly your pup is. Holding their pores and skin folds clear is crucial since you wish to forestall micro organism from build up, which ends up in pores and skin infections.

Count on a variety of drooling from each these breeds, which would require common cleanup and wiping of their faces. You could additionally brush these pup’s enamel often to maintain them clear and reduce the danger of dental illness.

Pet Costs

Olde English Bulldogge puppy outside.
Count on to pay a reasonably penny for each breeds.

Each these Bully breeds have excessive worth tags. You need to count on to pay wherever from $1,500 to $5,000 or extra for a wholesome pup with high-quality bloodlines. Olde English Bulldogges are a lot more durable to seek out, which can drive up the value tag. The upper price ticket is partly because of the issue it takes to breed these canine.

As a result of many English Bulldog puppies should be born by cesarean part, the additional degree of care wanted makes them very costly. The typical worth for a high-quality English Bulldog pet is about $1,500. You might discover puppies from a house breeder for about $500. Nevertheless, they doubtless won’t have the identical well being screenings carried out by an expert canine breeder.

Bulldog mixes typically find yourself in shelters and may have a cheaper price tag than these adopted from breeders. As a result of prevalence of Bulldog mixes in shelters, they’re a breed group in excessive want of loving properties. In case you are searching for a canine that doesn’t want as a lot coaching as a pet, a rescue canine could also be a beautiful possibility. You might typically foster the canine and spend time with them earlier than finalizing the adoption.

Have you ever had both of those Bully breeds as a pet? We’d love to listen to all about it within the feedback.

Different Bulldog Breeds To Contemplate

If you happen to love Bulldogs however can’t soak up one in all these bigger pups, there are just a few others to think about, together with combined breeds. French Bulldogs are a lot smaller however share the identical cute droopy faces and candy personalities. Frenchies have huge bat-like ears, giving them a really recognizable profile. Or, in order for you an even bigger pup, the American Bulldog and American Bully are different sturdy pups that may attain 100 or extra kilos. All of those pups could make loving pets so long as they’ve loads of consideration, correct coaching, a full stomach, and many love. Bulldogs require a variety of care however are 100% price the additional effort.

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