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The acquainted title “Dactyloidae” is not any extra, as “Anolidae” is the taxonomically acceptable nomenclature for the household below the Zoological Code. Consequently, all anoles, such because the A. porcatus above, are actually a part of the household Anolidae.

In a latest paper in Herpetological Assessment, Kevin de Queiroz clarifies the household nomenclature of the clade containing Anolis lizards.

Kevin has kindly supplied the next summary to Anole Annals for his article beneath:

Underneath rank-based nomenclature, Anolis is presently assigned to the household Dactyloidae below the premise that Dactyloidae is the oldest title within the household group primarily based on the title of a genus included in that taxon (even when that genus is just not acknowledged by subsequent authors who acknowledge the household). The title Dactyloidae Fitzinger 1843 has been thought of to have precedence over Anolidae, which has been attributed to Cope (1864). Nevertheless, Cope (1864) is just not the unique writer of the title Anolidae, which was proposed some 28 years earlier by Cocteau (1836) in a publication that has been neglected by latest authors. Anolidae Cocteau 1836 has precedence over Dactyloidae Fitzinger 1843, and subsequently Anolidae is the legitimate (appropriate) title of the household that accommodates the genus Anolis. The publication by Cocteau (1836) additionally establishes that Cocteau, and never Duméril and Bibron (1837), is the writer of the species title Anolis loysiana (initially proposed as Acantholis loysiana).

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The Appropriate Title for the Taxon Ranked as a Household Containing the Genus Anolis below Rank-based Nomenclature and the Writer of the Title Anolis loysiana

Take a look at the complete article in Herpetological Assessment

de Queiroz (2022)

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