Our Favourite Fascinating Chook Behaviors from the 2022 Audubon Photograph Awards

Our Favourite Fascinating Chook Behaviors from the 2022 Audubon Photograph Awards

When photographing individuals, there’s a huge distinction between taking portraits and taking motion pictures. The identical is true of hen pictures. We like to see superbly composed portraits of birds at relaxation, however it’s additionally thrilling when a picture displays avian topics within the act of main their fascinating lives. To seize such views efficiently, crucial factor is a working data of the conduct of the species—after which predicting what the hen will do subsequent. High photographers typically start by watching their topics for so long as potential, studying their patterns of motion and seeing how typically they repeat. Fast reflexes assist, too, since many birds transfer with shocking velocity. And, as at all times, it doesn’t harm to have a bit of little bit of luck.  Get pleasure from these examples from photographers who introduced all these components collectively in these memorable submissions to our 2022 Audubon Images Awards.  

When you’re achieved, you’ll want to try the winners of final yr’s awards and our favourite High 100 photos. Lastly, should you’re really feel impressed, contemplating submitting your individual photographs to our 2023 photograph contest, solely open for yet another week! 

Face Stuffed with Feathers (above)

For Cactus Wrens, nest development is an enormous deal. The nest itself is substantial: a big, globular construction of twigs and dry stems, with an entrance on the facet, and lined with an abundance of feathers. Cactus Wrens make nests not just for elevating younger, but in addition for roosting in at night time, so every particular person could also be concerned in constructing a number of nests yearly. Pairs can normally discover supplies for the outer construction very near the nest website, however they could need to vary a lot farther to search out the comfortable lining, so it’s common to see a Cactus Wren flying via the desert with its invoice stuffed stuffed with feathers.

Flirty Birds 

The feathers of Nice Egrets are pure white in any respect seasons, and the birds put on lengthy, flowing plumes for a lot of the yr. For these egrets, courtship colours are expressed of their faces: The naked pores and skin between their eyes and invoice turns vibrant lime-green on the peak of breeding season. Courtship shows between members of a pair are normally carried out at or close to the nest. These might embody odd stretching postures, bowing, exaggerated preening, fluffing out the feathers of the neck and crest, and plenty of extra. At shut vary, the birds might also interact in a delicate mock dueling with their payments, or crossing their necks, just like the people on this portrait.


Owls are legendary for his or her capacity to find prey by sound alone. Their asymmetrical ears, with the ear openings positioned and sized in a different way on either side of the top, enable them to pinpoint the supply of a sound in three dimensions with exceptional accuracy. In fact this capacity is helpful for owls searching at the hours of darkness, however it’s additionally of nice worth for searching small prey hidden below layers of snow. The Nice Grey Owl hunts voles, mice, and different rodents in winter by listening for his or her actions after which plunging feet-first into the snow, greedy prey as a lot as a foot and a half beneath the floor.

It’s a Steal

Most birds, after they’re constructing nests, select supplies with care—however not at all times with good outcomes. Orioles, for instance, want lengthy, sturdy plant fibers to weave their hanging nests. After they stay close to people, they typically seize on colourful strands of plastic or different synthetic supplies, and generally they get trapped in loops of those unyielding objects. Unhealthy judgment is contagious, although, and after the orioles have completed nesting and departed, different species might steal these supplies to make use of in their very own nests. Right here, a Cedar Waxwing tugs at a string from an oriole nest. As a result of waxwings begin breeding later in the summertime than most songbirds, they typically raid provides from nests lately deserted by different species.

Dune Dispute    

Northern Harriers are among the many most widespread hawks in winter throughout North America, and since they hunt largely by flying low over open areas, birders typically get to look at them in motion. It’s common to see aggressive encounters amongst harriers or between harriers and different species. When one of many raptors has captured prey and one other is making an attempt to steal it, these skirmishes could also be intense, however in any other case they’re normally transient. Right here, a harrier swoops at a Snowy Owl on a dune. It’s not more likely to assault—the owl weighs about 4 instances as a lot because the harrier—so that is largely only a show of perspective between predators.

Mud Up  

Common bathing is a crucial a part of the self-maintenance routine of many birds. Bathing in water is the same old method, however water isn’t at all times straightforward to search out—particularly within the desert habitat of the Larger Roadrunner. Nonetheless, roadrunners benefit from what’s accessible. They take mud baths regularly, flopping down in free, dry grime, then shifting their toes and fluttering their wings to spray effective mud up over their our bodies. After they preen the mud out of their feathers, it helps to take away grease, flakes of dry pores and skin, and maybe a number of lice or different exterior parasites. Mud-bathing appears to fulfill their wants, and so they seldom bathe in water even when it’s accessible

Indicators of Affection  

The nest, a big flat construction, is the focus for romantic actions by Nice Blue Herons. These huge birds have all kinds of courtship postures and shows, a few of them surprisingly sensible. Massive sticks are the principle nest supplies, and the adults proceed so as to add them all through the breeding cycle, utilizing them to bolster the pair bond in addition to the bodily construction of the nest. Usually the male brings a lot of the sticks, and the feminine does a lot of the exacting work of putting them in simply the suitable spot. The members of the pair make a ritual out of passing sticks to one another, only one extra transfer to maintain romance alive.

Thoughts Video games 

Bald Eagles are extensively admired, however in some ways the Widespread Raven is a extra exceptional hen. Categorized as a songbird however close to the scale of a hawk, it’s considered some of the clever avian species; it’s tailored to all kinds of habitats all around the Northern Hemisphere, from the Arctic to the tropics. Ravens are sometimes scavengers, feeding on kills left by wolves, bears, or Golden Eagles. Their interactions with Bald Eagles—that are additionally scavengers—might contain competing for carrion. On this photograph, the raven could also be merely enjoying, taunting the bigger raptor, whereas deftly staying out of attain.

City Aerialists 

Rock Pigeons are native to the Previous World, however they’ve established thriving feral flocks in lots of North American city facilities. Peregrine Falcons initially positioned their nests on cliffs in wilderness areas, however they’ve tailored to metropolis life additionally. Tall buildings there present cliff-like nest websites, and there’s a prepared meals supply: flocks of Rock Pigeons. Peregrines are famed as among the many quickest flying birds, each when plunging from the sky and in stage pursuit. However the pigeons are additionally swift and agile, their flocks splitting and sweeping broad when chased, and so they typically evade the falcons. This lethal dance between predator and prey is usually watched by alert observers even in our largest cities.

Tying the Knot(s)

The weavers are effectively named. These songbirds of Africa and southern Asia are famed for his or her capacity to weave inexperienced grasses collectively, tying intricate knots within the stems, to create sturdy nests. Some weavers kind very giant colonies however on this species, the Southern Masked-Weaver, a “colony” might consist of 1 male and several other females with a handful of nests in an remoted tree. The male builds the outer shell of the nest—a dangling ball with the doorway close to the underside—and does a singing, wing-waving show there to draw a mate. If it really works, the feminine (peering out of the doorway on this photograph) will full the nest by including the inside lining.

Sociable Siskins 

Courtship feeding is a standard conduct in a number of sorts of birds. Because it normally performs out, early within the breeding season the male begins providing meals to the feminine, typically as a part of a ritualized courtship show. This occurs with birds as various as hawks, terns, cardinals, and finches. For Pine Siskins, nevertheless, there’s a twist: They might interact on this conduct at any time of yr, and it could contain two males or two females, not essentially a female and male. They might merely contact invoice suggestions, reasonably than passing meals. For these extremely social birds, the ritual might assist to advertise cohesion inside the flock.

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