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Ostrich Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Ostriches are amongst planet earth’s most distinctive and weird birds. Belonging to the “ratite” group of huge flightless birds, which incorporates Emus, Cassowaries, and, oddly, Kiwis, the Ostrich is each the tallest and the heaviest hen on the earth. (1)

Like different ratites, the Ostrich has sacrificed the flexibility to fly in favor of a physique that’s massive, sturdy, nimble, quick, and really well-equipped to sort out the demanding circumstances of the deserts and savannahs which this African hen calls house.

They might look a bit goofy, and maybe much less formidable than raptors and different birds of prey, however Ostriches are extremely fierce. Actually, the Ostrich, alongside a number of of its fellow ratites, is taken into account one of the vital harmful and lethal birds on the earth. Ostriches are able to delivering highly effective kicks when threatened that are greater than sufficient to eviscerate an attacking predator equivalent to a lion or a human. (2)

The Ostrich is a placing instance of how numerous and unusual the avian kingdom could be. There isn’t any one “proper approach” to be a hen. The Ostrich demonstrates {that a} hen isn’t just a warbling songbird which delicately feeds off of yard feeders. Birds could be warriors, they are often lethal desert nomads, they are often flightless beasts of the earth. On this article, we’ll study the Ostrich in all of its rebellious glory!

Ostrich face
Photograph by Simon Infanger on Unsplash

Ostrich Symbolism and Which means

One significantly attention-grabbing piece of symbolism related to the Ostrich is that of the hen with its “head within the sand.” This symbolism is usually connected to the Ostrich and is used to reveal foolishness, cowardice, and obliviousness. In line with legend, the Ostrich buries its head within the sand when threatened as a result of it believes that if it can not see a menace than the menace can not see the Ostrich both. The one downside with that is that it’s by no means true. A threatened Ostrich will usually run or battle again with its highly effective legs. One doable origin for this fable is the truth that threatened Ostriches do generally attempt to hid by urgent their whole our bodies flat onto the bottom. This fable might also have arisen resulting from the truth that Ostriches nest in holes within the sand. They’ll sometimes decrease their heads to the bottom to show over their eggs with the intention to monitor their temperature. Ostriches might symbolize the concept of burying one’s head within the sand, however it might be extra correct to attach them with misconceptions or misjudgment. The Ostrich is just not almost as silly as this fable would have you ever consider. (3)(4)

Ostriches are recognized for his or her unbelievable velocity. Briefly bursts, Ostriches can obtain prime speeds which method forty-five miles per hour. The Ostrich holds the highest land velocity report for the whole lot of the hen world. For that reason, Ostriches could also be related with velocity and dexterity. Moreover, Ostrich racing has been a distinct segment sport for over a century and is well-liked in components of Africa, and even in a number of United States locations. Ostriches are a lot more durable to experience than horses and infrequently the foremost draw of Ostrich racing is the bizarre spectacle of watching jockeys attempt to handle these untamed birds. Ostriches might symbolize eccentricity, wildness, competitors, or spectacle. (5)

Ostriches dwell in small herds of round ten birds. They might generally collect into a lot bigger herds, however these smaller herds are way more frequent. Inside these herds, a dominant or “alpha” male and a dominant feminine take precedence. They nest communally, however the eggs of the dominant hen are positioned within the nest’s heart, permitting them the most effective probability of hatching. Ostriches might symbolize neighborhood or cooperation, however they might additionally symbolize hierarchy or social stratification. (6)(7)

Ostrich on savannah
Photograph by Catherine Merlin on Unsplash

Ostriches are the one birds in the whole world with simply two toes. They put most of their weight on one bigger toe, whereas the second smaller toe is used for steadiness. That is particularly spectacular contemplating the ways in which Ostriches maneuver at excessive speeds. Ostriches typically use their massive flightless wings as “rudders” for steadiness and turning as they dash by way of the desert. These wings are additionally utilized in courtship shows by the males. Ostriches might then symbolize steadiness, maneuverability, grace, and surprising skills. (8)(9)

Ostrich domestication largely happened because of demand for Ostrich feathers within the nineteenth century. As this demand died out, Ostrich farming diminished vastly, nevertheless quite a few farms nonetheless exist to this present day. Ostriches produce luxurious feathers, leather-based that’s supple and sturdy, meat which is in comparison with purple meat however is extra lean and thought of extra wholesome, and massive eggs. So, Ostriches might symbolize agriculture, luxurious, or subsistence. (10)

Ostrich Christianity Symbolism

It’d shock you to be taught that the Ostrich does make a number of appearances within the Bible. Within the following passage from Job, the Ostrich is used to reveal the inscrutable knowledge of God’s creation:

“Gavest thou the goodly wings unto the peacocks? or wings and feathers unto the ostrich? Which leaveth her eggs within the earth, and warmeth them in mud, And forgetteth that the foot might crush them, or that the wild beast might break them. She is hardened towards her younger ones, as if they weren’t her’s: her labour is in useless with out worry; As a result of God hath disadvantaged her of knowledge, neither hath he imparted to her understanding.”

— Job 39:13-17 (11)

On this subsequent part, from Lamentations, makes use of the Ostrich for example of a merciless wild beast:

“Even the ocean monsters draw out the breast, they provide suck to their younger ones: the daughter of my individuals is develop into merciless, just like the ostriches within the wilderness.”

— Lamentations 4:3 (12)

In each sections, the motherhood of Ostriches is used for example of merciless or unloving motherhood. The Ostrich represents wilderness and beastliness.

Ostrich in Goals

Dreaming of an Ostrich might symbolize quite a few concepts primarily based upon the context of the dream and the circumstances of the dreamer. Dreaming of a herd of Ostriches might symbolize one’s neighborhood. Dreaming of preventing Ostriches might symbolize feeling dissatisfied with one’s place on the earth or with the social hierarchies at play inside one’s life.

Dreaming of a lone Ostrich might point out isolation or vulnerability. To dream of an Ostrich with its head within the sand represents the concept that one could be ignoring one thing dire. Such a dream may additionally symbolize willful ignorance.

Ostrich trio
Photograph by Max Murauer on Unsplash

Dreaming of driving an Ostrich might communicate to the frustration that happens when one doesn’t really feel accountable for one’s personal life. Such a dream is usually a reminder to take the reins and take duty for the instructions wherein your life might go.

Ostrich Encounters and Omens

Encountering an Ostrich is usually a poignant reminder to not underestimate others. Ostriches could seem a bit foolish, however these birds are amongst the deadliest birds on the planet. It’s all the time sensible to deal with them with respect.

Ostrich encounters might also symbolize steadiness and adaptableness. Ostriches are quick and nimble, regardless of having simply two toes. They use each device that their distinctive anatomy gives with the intention to survive in harsh and unforgiving environments.

Ostrich in Mythology & Folklore

On this part, we’ll go over a number of African myths which function the Ostrich, in addition to one in all Aesop’s Fables.

African Mythology:

One piece of African folklore means that the origin of the Ostrich’s lengthy neck comes from a marital dispute. On this story, the Ostrich and his spouse comply with take turns sitting on their nest of eggs. As a result of his feathers are black, the daddy Ostrich sits on the nest at night time whereas his spouse runs and stretches her legs. One night time, the Ostrich was sitting on his nest when he heard his spouse laughing. He stretched his neck to look and noticed her enjoying a flirtatious sport of tag with one other male Ostrich. The Ostrich was so offended that he wished to scold her, however he couldn’t go away the nest. So, all night time lengthy, the daddy Ostrich craned his neck to look at his spouse’s conduct. When she returned to the nest at daybreak, he started to scold her. When he seemed down at her, although, he discovered that she was very distant. Over night time his neck had grown longer and longer due to all his stretching. (13)

Ostrich against sky
Photograph by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

In line with one other African story, the Ostrich as soon as hunted alongside the lioness as equals. The Ostrich may kill gazelle, simply because the lioness may. So, the lioness assumed that the ferocious hen should be a predator like her. In the future, the lioness and the Ostrich caught a gazelle and the lioness supplied the Ostrich the primary chunk. The Ostrich declined and stated that he would drink the blood however wouldn’t chunk the carcass. This puzzled the lioness’s cubs. That night time whereas the Ostrich slept, the cubs determined to research. They peered into the Ostrich’s beak and located that the hen had no enamel. After they instructed their mom, she felt that she had been tricked. She challenged the Ostrich to a battle. The Ostrich agreed and instructed the lioness to attend beside a tall termite mound. Then, the Ostrich kicked the mound over onto the lioness, killing her. (14)

Greek Mythology:

In line with one in all Aesop’s Fables, the pelican used to nurse her younger along with her personal blood. In the future, the Ostrich witnessed this and was shocked. She admonished the pelican and warned her that sacrificing her personal lifeblood was not value satisfying her younger ones’ starvation. She instructed the pelican how her personal chicks have been born in holes within the sand and introduced up by nature with out such tender mothering. The pelican was horrified and insisted that there isn’t any larger trigger for which to sacrifice oneself than motherhood. (15)

Ostrich Spirit Animal

In case your spirit animal is the Ostrich then you might be possible a fiercely distinctive particular person. The Ostrich spirit animal dances to the beat of its very personal drum. Folks with this spirit animal are usually assured, proud, and eccentric. The Ostrich spirit animal is commonly underestimated, however individuals with this spirit animal are each proficient and really strong-willed. This unbelievable will energy permits the Ostrich spirit animal to perform virtually something that it units its thoughts to.

Ostrich Totem Animal

The Ostrich totem animal is related with adaptability. Folks with this totem animal can change instructions on a dime, even at break-neck speeds. The Ostrich totem animal is able to rolling with life’s punches and all the time finds a option to come out on prime. Laborious occasions are not any large deal for the Ostrich totem which appears for recent paths and new options when confronted with a novel downside.

Ostrich Energy Animal

The Ostrich energy animal is related with perseverance. Ostriches are generally known as “camel birds,” as a result of they sport lengthy necks and eyelashes, similar to camels do, and since they’ve carved out a residing within the harsh surroundings of parched desert landscapes. Ostriches obtain all of the water that they want from their meals, permitting them to resist sizzling temperatures and punishing droughts. So, the Ostrich energy animal represents the flexibility to endure and to seek out methods to thrive underneath virtually any circumstances.

Ostrich in field
Photograph by Zoë Reeve on Unsplash

Ostrich Tattoo Which means

An Ostrich tattoo could also be chosen to symbolize braveness, adaptability, eccentricity, or ferocity. One may also select an Ostrich tattoo as a logo of the unbelievable wildlife of the African savannah. Ostrich tattoos are good for distinctive people who satisfaction themselves on their capability to sort out virtually any problem.


As we’ve seen, the Ostrich is just not a hen that one ought to underestimate. Fierce, highly effective, and record-smashingly quick, the Ostrich is a lethal pressure to be reckoned with in addition to an attractive and majestic member of the sprawling avian household tree. I hope that this text has given you a number of extra issues to like concerning the distinctive and spectacular ostrich!

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