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Oriole Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Orioles are beloved songbirds discovered in lots of areas all through the world. In Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, orioles are brightly coloured songbirds which belong to the “Previous World” Oriole household, Oriolidae. Within the Americas, the birds that are generally known as Orioles, resembling the ever-present Baltimore Oriole, are members of the Icteridae household which incorporates “New World” blackbirds in addition to meadowlarks. Orioles from each households share a bent to eat fruit and spend most of their time excessive within the tops of bushes. Each teams of Orioles are additionally acknowledged for his or her brilliant orange or yellow plumage. New World Orioles are, in reality, named for his or her obvious similarity to Previous World Orioles. (1)

In a lot of the world, Orioles are acknowledged as brightly coloured heralds of springtime and sunshine. In a lot of the US, they’re treasured yard favorites which come to feed on ripe fruit bushes and shrubs, their whistling tune performing because the cheerful theme tune which signifies their presence.

On this article, we’ll have a look at a few of the distinctive options of each Previous World and New World Orioles. We will even discover a few of the myths and folklore traditions which join to those brightly coloured birds. Learn on to find a few of the many fantastic issues that the Oriole has to supply!

Oriole in tree
Photograph by Carrie Stary on Unsplash

Oriole Symbolism and Which means

One of many strongest connections related to the Oriole is with the town of Baltimore, Maryland. Many individuals with out as a lot curiosity in birds may acknowledge the identify of the Baltimore Oriole solely by way of its well-known function because the mascot for Baltimore’s Main League Baseball staff. The Baltimore Oriole is just not truly named for the town of Baltimore. As a substitute, like the town of Baltimore, this birds is known as for Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore. Lord Baltimore was the primary Proprietor of the Province of Maryland and the county wherein the capitol metropolis of Maryland is discovered, Anne Arundel County, is even named after his spouse. Lord Baltimore’s brightly coloured yellow and black household crest resembles the yellow and black plumage of the Baltimore Oriole. As such, the Baltimore Oriole was named in Lord Baltimore’s honor. The Baltimore Oriole stays deeply linked with each the town of Baltimore, which shares its namesake, and the state of Maryland on the entire. The Baltimore Oriole is Maryland’s state chicken. (2)(3)

As a result of Orioles are “frugivores,” or fruit-eaters, they’re usually linked with the nice and cozy, fertile circumstances below which fruits ripen. They’re considered, in a lot of the world, as springtime birds. Typically, Orioles are handled as pests as a result of they are going to eat fruit crops, particularly in orchards. This sells the Oriole quick, although. Whereas Oriole chicks are younger, their mother and father usually feed them an insect weight loss program. The bugs that Orioles eat might be dangerous pests. In some settings, Orioles are an indispensable type of pure pest management. Sadly, they’re additionally very susceptible to the dangerous results of pesticides due to this. The Oriole might signify cooperation or symbiosis. They might additionally signify the significance of not judging a guide by its cowl or performing too unexpectedly. Whereas the Oriole’s fruit-eating methods may appear dangerous to the farmer, look a little bit nearer and also you’ll see that they have an inclination to do far more good than hurt. (4)(5)

One attention-grabbing quirk of the Baltimore Oriole is its attraction to dark-colored fruits. Orioles are likely to get pleasure from fruit that has develop into fairly ripe. Apparently, although, Baltimore Orioles present little curiosity in ripe fruits which might be gentle in coloration. For instance, ripe inexperienced grapes and yellow cherries are ignored in favor of darkish purple grapes and berries. It’s believed that the Oriole has come to acknowledge darkish fruits as ripe and, as a quirk of that adaptation, fails to acknowledge ripe fruits that lack this function. So, Orioles may signify single-mindedness, unintended penalties, or surprising options. (6)

Oriole eating orange
Photograph by Patrice Bouchard on Unsplash

Some Orioles, just like the Orchard Oriole, get pleasure from nesting alongside a number of different species of birds together with different Orioles and birds of fully completely different households, resembling kingbirds. Orioles might select to nest close to extra aggressive birds than themselves with the intention to profit from the safety that this gives in opposition to nest parasites, such because the ever-threatening cowbird. So, the Oriole might signify group, and the protection {that a} robust sense of group can present. They might additionally signify assist methods, friendliness, and sociability. (7)

Oriole Native American Symbolism

Native American traditions join the Oriole with industriousness and humility. In some cultures, the Oriole is regarded as the directional guardian of the north. The Pima folks consider the Oriole as a consultant of the solar. (8)

Oriole Christianity Symbolism

Whereas the Oriole doesn’t function within the Bible, its reference to fruit and fruiting bushes might be tied to the next verse:

“Be not afraid, ye beasts of the sphere: for the pastures of the wilderness do spring, for the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree and the vine do yield their power.”

— Joel 2:22 (9)

The Oriole could be a nice reminder of the wonder and bounty of the earth.

Oriole Celtic Symbolism

Celtic mythology connects songbirds with the Otherworld in addition to the Welsh goddess Rhiannon. Rhiannon is a goddess of sovereignty, fertility, queenship, and magic. She is claimed to be the proprietor of an unimaginable otherworldly choir of songbirds. (10)

Oriole in Goals

Dreaming of an Oriole might signify one’s efforts bearing fruit. An Oriole dream might imply that you’re near having the ability to benefit from the scrumptious rewards which is able to outcome out of your laborious work. Persevere by way of the laborious instances and you’ll count on the fruits of your labor to be all of the extra candy!

An Oriole dream can also signify misunderstandings. Orioles are generally mischaracterized as pests, however they really function pure pest management in relation to dangerous bugs. An Oriole dream could be a nice reminder to look deeply at any state of affairs earlier than harshly judging others.

Oriole Encounters and Omens

Encountering an Oriole is an indication of each springtime and the fertility and fecundity that accompanies this. Orioles go the place their most well-liked meals are plentiful. A panorama filled with Orioles can be a panorama wealthy in fruit, teeming with insect life, and crammed with flowers bearing nectar. Encountering an Oriole could be a actually improbable reminder to pause and respect all of those blessings.

Oriole on blossoming branch
Photograph by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Oriole encounters can also remind us of our blind spots. Just like the Baltimore Oriole which can ignore completely tasty fruit that’s lighter in coloration, we frequently maintain biases and preconceived notions which hold us from judging conditions precisely. We may match tougher than crucial just because the plain answer lies simply outdoors of our viewpoint. An Oriole encounter can function a reminder to “zoom out” and attempt to see issues objectively.

Oriole in Mythology & Folklore

Orioles aren’t generally featured in world mythology, nevertheless there are a choose few Native American tales which spotlight this chicken. On this part, we’ll summarize two of those tales.

Native American Mythology:

Based on one Mayan legend, it’s due to the Oriole that hummingbirds sport such radiant plumage. Based on this story, the hummingbird, Tzunuum, was as soon as a colorless little chicken. She didn’t thoughts being plain and colorless, although, as a result of she was very happy with her acrobatic flying skills. When it got here time for Tzunuum to marry, nevertheless, she was abruptly fairly unhappy that she would look so plain on her wedding ceremony day. The opposite birds noticed this and felt unhealthy for Tzunuum. They thought of her a good friend and needed her wedding ceremony to be particular. So, all of them agreed to make a particular wedding ceremony costume for her. Every of the birds gave up a little bit little bit of their brilliant plumage to share with Tzunuum. The Oriole, Yuyum, was the best tailor among the many birds, so she took all of those feathers and sewed them into a stunning wedding ceremony robe which they gave to the hummingbird. Tzunuum was so happy and so grateful for her robe that the Nice Spirit was touched and decreed that she may put on the robe that the Oriole had made for her perpetually. (11)

Oriole at hummingbird feeder
Photograph by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Based on a Tejas legend, the Orchard Oriole turned nice pals with the pecan tree thanks to 2 acts of kindness. The primary act occurred when the Oriole constructed his nest within the pecan bushes’ branches. The nest quickly turned dwelling to a household filled with tiny little Oriole chicks who had been too small to fly. The Oriole and his spouse had been very proud. At some point, although, they might sense a chill wind bringing a ferocious storm to the sphere the place the pecan tree stood. They wept, as a result of they knew that their infants couldn’t fly to flee and their nest wouldn’t survive. The pecan tree noticed this and pitied the younger household. He provided to assist them by permitting them to dwell in a gap in his trunk till the storm had handed. The Orioles had been grateful, their nest was destroyed, however their entire household was protected from hurt. They vowed to return the favor sooner or later, however the pecan tree informed them to not fear. He was blissful simply to have them proceed consuming the bugs with bit and irritated him. At some point, when the Oriole household was down south for the winter, the bushes began releasing their spring buds. It was unseasonably heat, so that they thought it was protected. Sensing a late season chilly snap on the way in which, the Oriole rushed again up north to the pecan tree and warned him to not put his buds out but. The pecan tree listened and was capable of survive the chilly due to the Oriole household. From then on, pecan bushes and Orioles have remained nice pals. The Orioles eat the bugs and the pecan tree shares its shelter with them. (12)

Oriole Spirit Animal

In case your spirit animal is the Oriole then you might be probably agreeable, outgoing, and sort. Folks with the Oriole as their spirit animal are usually easy-going, optimistic, and resilient. Laborious instances are not any downside for the Oriole spirit which at all times remembers that the solar will shine once more quickly. Folks with this spirit animal are nice at cheering up others by way of robust conditions.

The Oriole spirit animal is sincere and expressive. Folks with this spirit animal don’t hold their ideas to themselves. They’re unabashedly distinctive and unafraid to share their choices with the world.

Oriole Totem Animal

The Oriole totem animal is linked with group, cooperation, and reciprocity. Folks with this totem animal are nice at community-building. They perceive innately that with the intention to profit from a assist system, one should contribute what they will to make the group more healthy and stronger. The Oriole totem is beneficiant and blissful to offer what it will probably to uplift these members of its group which want it essentially the most.

Oriole Energy Animal

The Oriole energy animal is related to fertility. Be it a backyard, a relationship, a profession, or a household, the Oriole energy animal helps carry one’s efforts to fruition. Folks with the Oriole as their energy animal radiate vibrancy and vivaciousness. They carry this full of life vitality into all the things that they do.

Oriole with blurred background
Photograph by Patrice Bouchard on Unsplash

Oriole Tattoo Which means

An Oriole tattoo might signify a connection to Maryland or Baltimore. Baltimore Orioles baseball followers may select this tattoo to signify their favourite staff.

An Oriole tattoo can also signify optimism, fertility, positivity, or group. Orioles are particular birds which remind us of the bounty of nature.


Whether or not you’re a fan of Orioles or a fan of the Baltimore Orioles, it’s virtually unattainable to view the brilliant colours of the Oriole or to hearken to its whistling tune and never really feel a way of peace and pleasure. The Oriole is a consultant of most of the issues which make our world stunning: fruiting bushes, the sunshine that comes with springtime, nectar-rich flowers, and the singing of birds. IT isn’t any surprise that the Oriole is beloved amongst gardeners, yard birders, and baseball fanatics alike!

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