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Madison Wildlife Management: Skunk Mating Habits

Have you ever and your neighbors observed the presence of a number of skunks or smelled a robust, persistent, “skunky” odor in your space currently? When is skunk mating season, anyway? Try the next regularly requested questions to find out whether or not you should wait it out or name wildlife management for efficient, secure removing of your pungent associates.

When Is Skunk Mating Season?

For North American striped, hooded, and hog-nosed skunks, February and March is prime mating season. They’ll choose their mates (skunks may have a number of all through the season) and females may have their litters of skunk infants, or “kits”, in Could and June.

You’ll discover a rise in that attribute skunk odor throughout this time as a result of females use it to push back undesirable male consideration. When females spray, they’re basically rejecting potential suitors!

How Many Infants Do Skunks Have Per Litter?

Feminine skunks may have 4 to seven (although often extra) infants per litter. Although these tiny kits could not appear invasive or dangerous, they need to be eliminated and relocated with their mom to stop harm, together with musky odors, to your property.

How Do You Establish a Pregnant Skunk?

A pregnant skunk could appear intent on discovering a spot to create a nest and have her kits. She may have a rounder stomach, however you could not have the ability to get shut sufficient to see this via her fur.

In the event you discover a skunk digging beneath your fence, hiding in your shed, or burrowing beneath your porch, there’s an opportunity that she isn’t attempting to trigger hurt — she could merely be pregnant and searching for a secure place to provide beginning to her younger.

What Habits Ought to I Search for in a Mom Skunk?

A mom skunk shall be very protecting of her younger and shall be ready to defend them towards potential predators (together with you!). Within the spring and early summer time, when most child skunks are born, they aren’t capable of fend for themselves as they’re born with out having the ability to see or hear within the early weeks of their lives. They rely upon their mom to guard them.

Skunks talk by spraying — however in addition they have all kinds of communicative noises equivalent to growling, screeching, and hissing (much like cats). In the event you’ve discovered a skunk hiding in your property who’s appearing defensive or aggressive, you should definitely name wildlife management in Madison first and don’t method her. 

The place Do Skunks Have Their Infants?

Skunks, like different small mammals, make nests and have their infants in secure, heat, and dry areas. Naturally, this will trigger an issue for the home-owner. You could discover litters of child skunks within the following areas:

  • Below your deck: These infants could also be very noticeable right here if the deck doesn’t lengthen beneath the home. It’s greatest to name for humane removing reasonably than attempting to relocate them by your self.
  • Inside your shed: You could not discover these child skunks till it will get hotter and also you open your shed for springtime gardening and garden upkeep duties.
  • Below your porch: In case your porch extends beneath the home, these litters could go unnoticed till there’s a downside. You could discover a odor or noises brought on by the infants and mom.

Name Us for Skunk Elimination Help

In the event you discover a group of kits in your property, it’s vital to not contact them, transfer them, or startle the mom in any means. Bear in mind, these animals should not pets and they’ll attempt to scratch and chew you in the event that they really feel threatened. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Management for immediate assist in relocating a mom skunk and her infants!

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