Lovebird Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

With a reputation like “Lovebird,” it’s not arduous to think about why so many individuals are charmed and enchanted by these romantic little parrots. Lovebirds are parrots from the genus “Agapornis.” This identify comes from the Greek phrase “agape,” that means “love,” and the Latin phrase “ornis,” that means “chook.” They’re well-known for his or her seemingly romantic behaviors to which they owe their widespread identify. Lovebirds mate for all times and kind deep bonds with each other. That is true to such an extent that Lovebirds can undergo from opposed well being results when they’re saved by themselves. (1)(2)

Lovebirds are among the many hottest pet birds round. These pleasant little six-inch-tall birds are sometimes favored by individuals who get pleasure from parrots however aren’t ready to deal with among the bigger and extra demanding parrot species. They’re, in actual fact, sometimes called “pocket parrots.” One vital word for potential Lovebird house owners is that, whereas they could be decrease upkeep than an African Grey or a Cockatoo, Lovebirds nonetheless have advanced care necessities and shouldn’t be bought or adopted on a whim. They are often mischievous, damaging, or territorial, particularly if they don’t seem to be reared with correct care and socialization. (3)

Nonetheless, Lovebirds are identified for his or her general nice temperaments and distinctive and lovable personalities. Whether or not you’re a Lovebird proprietor or a fascinated birder fascinated about these pint-sixed parrots, learn on to study extra about the entire issues that make the Lovebird so beautiful.

Lovebird Symbolism and Which means

The best affiliation linked with Lovebirds can also be the obvious. Lovebirds are symbols of affection and affection. Even within the wild, Lovebirds start courting after they attain sexual maturity at ten months outdated. After discovering their mates, Lovebirds will stay monogamous and constant to their companions for the rest of their fifteen to 25 yr lifespans. It has been recorded that, each within the wild and in captivity, Lovebirds will start behaving erratically or self-destructively after being separated from their mates. When a Lovebird’s mate dies or is in any other case misplaced, the Lovebird might exhibit behaviors which resemble grief. Lovebirds not solely signify love, these birds signify dedication, devotion, and soulmates. Lovebirds are an animal which embodies the beliefs of a loving marriage. (4)

Three Lovebirds
Picture by James Lee on Unsplash

Many birds mate for all times, however Lovebirds are particularly identified for the affectionate behaviors which they exhibit. Lovebirds are identified to pine for one another. They preen one another’s feathers and are sometimes seen feeding one another. When mated pairs of Lovebirds are separated from one another, they typically feed one another as soon as they’re reunited as a method of reestablishing their bond. So Lovebirds can signify romantic gestures, affection, love languages, consideration, or thoughtfulness. (5)

Lovebirds could be saved in captivity as single birds, regardless of their fame for romantic conduct. It is because Lovebirds are particularly able to forming deep bonds with human companions. It’s ill-advised to personal a single Lovebird as a result of they should spend various time with their bonded human or they could develop depressed or in poor health. As a result of Lovebirds are able to forming such deep bonds with people, and since they make such good pets basically, Lovebirds are sometimes related to domesticity, friendliness, sociability, and the relationships between people and our beloved pets. (6)

Agapornis parrots are native to Africa. You may be stunned to study, then, that there are fairly a number of areas inside the USA the place you would possibly simply spot a Lovebird inside your individual yard. In Arizona, for instance, Lovebird populations are fairly strong and have been recorded utilizing man-made air-con items to remain cool and crevices in cacti to construct their nests. Because of this, Lovebirds could be linked with invasive species, pests, and the distinctive challenges and unintended effects that the pet commerce has delivered to the pure world. (7)

Lovebird Native American Symbolism

Lovebirds aren’t native to the Americas, although feral populations are present in a number of areas. Parrots are discovered within the Americas and are sometimes linked with prosperity, luxurious, and the summer time season. Parrots are sometimes considered symbols of shamanism or magic. (8)

Lovebird Christianity Symbolism

Parrots of all types aren’t sometimes used as biblical or Christian symbols.

Lovebird Celtic Symbolism

Lovebirds aren’t native to the Celtic world. Birds basically are usually linked with the Celtic “Otherworld.” A connection could be drawn between Lovebirds and the parable of Rhiannon and her supernatural avian choir. Based on legend, the Welsh goddess, Rhiannon, was linked with queenship, fertility, and regality. Rhiannon was mentioned to have a choir of birds which might sing so superbly that guests to the Otherworld might take heed to them perpetually with out noticing the passage of time. Listeners would spend years within the Otherworld with out realizing that their lives had handed them by. (9)

Lovebird in Desires

Dreaming of Lovebirds can sign the state of 1’s love life. Dreaming of a single Lovebird might signify loneliness, isolation, or longing. If romance is vital to you, then dreaming of a single Lovebird might sign a need to pursue love.

Blue Lovebird
Picture by Oleksandr Kuzmin on Unsplash

Dreaming of a pair of Lovebirds represents one’s relationships. A Lovebird dream might imply that the dreamer feels joyful or content material of their relationships. A dream that includes a Lovebird pair partaking in preening or courtship behaviors signifies that the dreamer is hungry for affection.

Lovebird Encounters and Omens

Encountering Lovebirds in captivity is an indication of domesticity. Such Lovebird encounters would possibly symbolize the state of 1’s residence life. Completely satisfied, wholesome, and outgoing Lovebird encounters signify a house life that’s harmonious, satisfying, and joyful.

Encountering feral Lovebirds within the wild in the USA might signify one thing that’s misplaced or uncommon in a single’s life. Lovebirds aren’t native to the USA and so Lovebird encounters in these areas might signify uncommon or surprising conditions.

Whereas non-native species forming wild populations is often an ecologically dangerous phenomenon, it’s nonetheless a testomony to the adaptability of the species concerned. Whereas Lovebirds are positively not supposed to be present in locations like Arizona or San Francisco, encountering them in such locations might symbolize adaptability, versatility, and fortitude.

Lovebird in Mythology & Folklore

I’ve not been capable of finding any myths which identify the Lovebird particularly. The next tales are myths and folktales which could be loosely linked to those birds.

African Mythology:

Though Lovebirds are native to Africa, I used to be unable to find any African myths concerning Lovebirds. As a substitute, I discovered an fascinating story concerning the African Grey Parrot. Based on one African fable, this parrot was as soon as white in colour and stunningly stunning. Someday, the birds of the world selected to have a magnificence contest which the creator would decide. The opposite birds had been aggravated that the African Grey didn’t attempt to beautify itself. It appeared to them that this parrot was far too certain that it might win. So, they doused the parrot in grey ash. This didn’t upset it. Subsequent, they threw pink paint on its tail, however the parrot was unbothered. Though its pure white feathers had been sullied, the African Grey received the competition because of its superior internal magnificence. (10)

Chinese language Mythology:

Based on an outdated Chinese language legend, a steward named Han Ping was as soon as wed to probably the most stunning lady within the land. The prince of the land discovered about this marriage and was extraordinarily jealous. He stole Han Ping’s spouse and took her as his personal bride. The lovers had been heartbroken and started corresponding with each other in secret. This labored for some time, however finally the prince discovered one among Han Ping’s letters. He was offended and swore that he would by no means permit the lovers to correspond once more. Han Ping was heartbroken and determined and killed himself in consequence. When his spouse discovered about this, she killed herself as effectively, leaving a letter behind begging to be married alongside her husband. The prince was livid and selected to bury them in separate graves a number of meters aside. He declared that if their love had been actually true then they’d discover a technique to deliver their graves collectively. When the couple was buried, a miraculous tree sprouted over their two graves, bridging the hole between them. Inside the tree had been a pair of colourful birds who preened and fed one another lovingly. The individuals of the dominion got here to imagine that the birds had been the souls of the star-crossed lovers. (11)

Pair of Lovebirds
Picture by Georgi Sariev on Unsplash

Lovebird Spirit Animal

In case your spirit animal is the Lovebird then you might be possible a romantic spirit who longs to be half of a contented pair. Folks with the Lovebird as their spirit animal typically really feel compelled to search out love. This need is well-intentioned, nonetheless it may well make the Lovebird spirit animal weak to being mistreated. Folks with this spirit animal could also be straightforward to govern or make the most of.

Folks with the Lovebird spirit animal are usually outgoing and sociable. They might, nonetheless, be possessive or territorial with regards to their family members. The Lovebird spirit animal is susceptible to jealousy.

In case your spirit animal is the Lovebird then you might be possible a giant believer in grand romantic gestures. Folks with the Lovebird spirit animal are usually dedicated to their households and love placing collectively considerate presents and gestures to point out their appreciation.

Lovebird Totem Animal

The Lovebird totem animal is linked with the well being and security of the house. Folks with the Lovebird as their totem animal are natural-born home-makers. The Lovebird totem animal takes nice pleasure in constructing a house atmosphere that’s secure, comforting, welcoming, and safe.

For the Lovebird totem animal, the house is sacred. It’s a labor of affection supposed to supply for the bodily and emotional wants of the household. The Lovebird totem values the house so extremely as a result of this totem needs nothing greater than to supply for its household. The house is a tangible expression of the Lovebird’s love for its companion and household.

Lovebird Energy Animal

In case your energy animal is the Lovebird, then chances are you’ll be particularly drawn to serving to others. It is because the Lovebird energy animal is deeply in tune with the wants and feelings of others. The ability of the Lovebird is empathy and thoughtfulness. The Lovebird energy animal is ready to learn and reply to the feelings of others with ease. Folks with the Lovebird as their energy animal aren’t solely glorious at understanding different individuals’s feelings, but additionally excellent at determining methods to deliver catharsis and therapeutic into the lives of others. The Lovebird energy animal is nice at making others really feel liked and secure.

Lovebird Tattoo Which means

A Lovebird tattoo is a logo of romance and love. One would possibly select such a tattoo to signify a specific relationship. {Couples} might even select to get matching Lovebird tattoos as a logo of their relationship and the devotion between them.

Picture by Steve Payne on Unsplash

A Lovebird tattoo might also signify versatility. Like Lovebirds which have efficiently constructed up wild populations in environments the place you wouldn’t count on them to be discovered, a Lovebird tattoo might also signify the tattoo proprietor’s means to adapt and thrive in new environments.


Lovebirds have clearly earned their romantic titles. These pocket-sized parrots are well-known for his or her affectionate natures, which have made them widespread each as pets and as symbols of affection and romance. For pet-lovers who’ve fashioned deep relationships with these birds, their loving and charming natures are greater than evident. From the wilds of Africa to town of San Francisco to the houses of the individuals who cherish them, Lovebirds deliver pleasure, mild, and happiness to the lives of human beings!

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