Is his tail damaged??? ‘Limp Tail,’ ‘Limber tail,’ ‘Useless tail,’ ‘Swimmers tail”, and ‘Chilly tail’ in Labradors

Query: My 5-year-old Labrador roughhoused with a youthful canine all afternoon. Tonight his tail is limp, and he can’t transfer. I feel he might have damaged his tail. It hurts as a result of he walks away from me once I contact it. Did he break it whereas taking part in? What ought to I do?

Reply:  Each time these traits are noticed, make an appointment instantly with a veterinarian to get them checked out.

Diagram by Canine Works

He might have strained a muscle, tendons, or ligaments that really assist his tail and make it wag!

This difficulty often seems instantly as a flaccid tail hanging straight down, or is held out just a few inches, then hangs down. The bottom is often tender and could also be swollen. The canine might act torpid from ache.

As well as, the situation often happens in sporting and dealing breeds (Labs are within the Sporting Group), after a tough exercise, extended swimming, prolonged time in a crate, or publicity to chilly, moist climate.

Therapy:  Relaxation and an anti-inflammatory. Restoration takes a couple of week. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to see your vet. The tail harm might be extra severe and may have a distinct prescribed remedy to hurry up the restoration course of.

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