I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Yutyrannus (Episode 128)

I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Yutyrannus (Episode 128)

In our 128th episode, we obtained an opportunity to speak to Thea Boodhoo, a Director on the Institute for the Research of Mongolian Dinosaurs (ISMD). You possibly can assist assist the preservation of Mongolian dinosaurs and their new museum by visiting mongoliandinosaurs.org/

Episode 128 can also be about Yutyrannus, a tyrannosauroid that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now northeastern China.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • French and British scientists have named the earliest Brachiosaurid, Vouivria damparisensis, from the Late Jurassic with titanosauriform options
  • A Quipalong was discovered exterior of China, marking the primary transcontinental ornithomimid genus based on an article within the new journal FACETS
  • A brand new paper investigates the biomechanics of Diplodocus feeding habits and fails to search out assist for the department stripping method
  • Japan has a brand new largest dinosaur fossil. The hadrosaur was discovered within the mountains of Hokkaido and is about 8m (~26ft) lengthy
  • The primary proof of an iguanodontid in western Canada was discovered within the type of an remoted footprint
  • A professor on the College of South Florida has begun creating digital animations of dinosaurs and viewing them in Digital Actuality
  • The fifth Annual Canadian Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology assembly is coming subsequent week (Could fifteenth–seventeenth, 2017) and the abstracts can be found right here
  • College Faculty London posted a specimen of the week, the 100 yr previous Proavis wax mannequin full with actually unusual feathers
  • 9News shared a function about Arthur Lakes in Morrison, Colorado, together with how the world was concerned within the Bone Wars
  • Earlier than Dippy was dismantled and being ready to journey, the museum used a laser scanner system to make correct measurements of the skeleton
  • Markie Massey, one in all our patrons, was the featured volunteer on the Institute for the Research of Mongolian Dinosaurs web site
  • Dinosaurs had been seen crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge within the UK to advertise the animatronic dinosaurs coming to Bristol Zoo
  • Peter Kulikowski is a one man dinosaur band and he sings songs about meteor strikes and dinosaurs in love
  • Two NBA gamers on the Toronto Raptors confirmed as much as a sport carrying the $800 Saint Laurent T. rex sweater
  • The Dinosphere on the Kids’s Museum in Indianapolis was listed quantity three as high locations on the planet to see dinosaur fossils, based on Forbes

The dinosaur of the day: Yutyrannus

  • Identify means feathered tyrant
  • Tyrannosauroid that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now northeastern China
  • Largest recognized dinosaur with direct proof of feathers
  • Just one species: Yutyrannus huali
  • Species title means “lovely” in Mandarin and refers to the great thing about the feathers
  • Described in 2012 by Xu Xing and others
  • Three almost full specimens (grownup, subadult, juvenile) discovered, all got here from one quarry in Liaoning Province, China
  • The biggest specimen is the holotype, and consists of an almost full skeleton with a cranium
  • The juvenile is estimated to be 8 years youthful than the grownup holotype
  • Holotype was 30 ft (9 m) lengthy and weighed about 3,100 lb (1,400 kg)
  • As Yutyrannus grew, it’s cranium obtained deeper and extra sturdy, and it’s decrease legs, ft, ilia, and forelimbs turned comparatively smaller
  • Bipedal predator
  • Grownup and subadult had “wavy” crests on their snouts, which had been most likely for show
  • The truth that an grownup was discovered with a sub grownup and juvenile makes some individuals surprise if Yutyrannus hunted in packs, nevertheless it’s exhausting to know for positive
  • Preserved feathers on Yutyrannus had been about 8 in (20 cm) lengthy and filamentous, and the feathers lined a number of elements of the physique (on the pelvis and foot of the holotype, one other specimen had feathers on the tail, and the juvenile had filaments on the neck and higher arm)
  • Attainable that feathers lined the entire physique
  • Feathers might have helped regulate physique temperature, or feathers might solely have been the place they had been discovered, and used for show
  • Yutyrannus lived in a local weather that was about 50 levels F (10 levels C) so the feathers might have saved it heat
  • First recognized feathered tyrannosaur was Dilong, named in 2004
  • Yutyrannus is 40 occasions heavier than the earlier largest recognized feathered dinosaur, Beipiaosaurs (a therizinosaur)
  • Yutyrannus is taken into account to be a basal tyrannosauroid, and since it had feathers, which means it’s attainable that later tyrannosaurids, whilst massive adults, had feathers. However, late Cretaceous tyrannosaurids, like Gorgosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, had scales on elements of the physique the place Yutyrannus had feathers, so it’s attainable that scales advanced secondarily
  • Most T. rex skeletons had been present in sandstone or siltstone, that are too coarse to protect feathers, so it’s attainable T. rex had feathers and the appropriate specimen simply hasn’t been discovered but (Yutyrannus was present in wonderful sediments)
  • Yutyrannus had three fingers on its hand (not like the two-fingered Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus), and was lacking a specifically tailored center toe that helped assist its weight, which makes it a basal tyrannosauroid
  • A part of the household Proceratosauridae, as a result of a 2016 research discovered Yutyrannus to be extra basal than Dilong
  • Can see Yutyrannus in The Land Earlier than Time XIV: Journey of the Courageous (two of them are Sharptooth opponents)

Enjoyable reality:

About 30 million years earlier than the Chicxulub influence, dinosaurs went by way of one other extinction occasion: the Cenomanian-Turonian extinction occasion

  • Brought on by an “oceanic anoxic occasion” a interval of low oxygen within the ocean
  • Probably by adjustments in ocean circulation or plankton variety
  • Could have worn out Spinosaurids
  • There have been no less than 2 different anoxic occasions within the Mesozoic
    • 1 in Cretaceous and 1 in Jurassic


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