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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Rugops (Episode 108)

Episode 108 is all about Rugops, a theropod with a wrinkled face.

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On this episode, we talk about:

  • The dinosaur of the day: Rugops
  • Title means “wrinkle face”
  • Theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Africa
  • Found in 2000 in Niger by Paul Sereno and a staff, and was an enormous breakthrough in understanding how theropods developed in Africa
  • Named in 2004
  • Sort species is Rugops primus (“first wrinkle face”)
  • Solely a cranium has been discovered, but it surely was first estimated to be 20 ft (6 m) lengthy, primarily based on comparisons to kinfolk (now estimated to be 14 ft (4.4 m) lengthy)
  • Cranium had arteries and veins, which gave it a wrinkled look
  • Blood vessels could have given Rugops some show options not seen in different theropods (make it look scarier/extra threatening), or allowed Rugops to blush in its snout
  • Cranium had two rows of seven holes, could have been spots for a crest or horns, although it’s unknown for certain
  • Cranium had scales on it (armor), and Paul Sereno mentioned it could be a scavenger “It’s not the sort of head designed for preventing or bone-crushing”
  • Rugops is an abelisaurid, which are inclined to have weaker chunk forces, and Rugops enamel appear to be weaker than different abelisaurids
  • In all probability had quick arms, in all probability to assist steadiness it’s massive head
  • First abelisaurid present in Africa (different abelisaurids present in South America and India); Rugops exhibits that South America, India, and Africa have been as soon as linked
  • Earlier than Rugops, scientists thought that Africa cut up off from Gondwana a lot earlier (120 mya)
  • Now they suppose it didn’t drift aside till 95-100 mya
  • Can see Rugops within the first episode of Planet Dinosaur, a BBC sequence (depicted as a scavenger)
  • May see Rugops in Monsters Resurrected, a Discovery Channel sequence
  • Rugops was one of many species whose DNA was used to create Indominus rex in Jurassic World
  • Abelisauridae means “Abel’s lizards”
  • Clade of ceratosaurian theropods that lived within the Jurassic and Cretaceous in Gondwana (Africa, South America, India, and Madagascar)
  • Jose Bonaparte and Fernando Novas named Abelisauridae in 1985, once they described Abelisaurus (named after Roberto Abel, who found Abelisaurus)
  • Bipedal and carnivorous
  • Had quick hindlimbs and ornamentation on the cranium bones
  • Skulls have been typically tall and shallow
  • 4 digits on the hand
  • Abelisaurids are additionally a part of the group ceratosaurs (Limusaurus and Ceratosaurus had quick arms within the Jurassic, like abelisaurids)
  • Enjoyable truth: The Jurassic World sequel gained’t be popping out till 2018, however there are a minimum of eight dinosaur associated motion pictures scheduled for subsequent yr: “My Pet Dinosaur,” “Thugs vs Dinosaurs,” “Iron Sky: The Coming Race,” “Absolution,” “My Jurassic Place,” “Dinonauts,” “Z/Rex: The Jurassic Useless,” and (hopefully) “Kong: Cranium Island.”

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